29 Replies to “‘But I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express’”

  1. Perry Marks says:


  2. Ken Coasts says:


  3. Ken Coasts says:


  4. Ken Coasts says:


  5. Kacey says:

    CNN found that one bad tweet, lol. What a bullshit channel.

  6. Adrianna Valdez says:

    copying the pope in the Eco friendly car

  7. Konner Hodges says:

    Why is this news?

  8. Don Quixote says:

    How is this news worthy?

  9. BigDaddyBen says:

    At my holiday express..Hillary told him to get out of his castle ,so he stays at HIS Holiday express.

  10. superstar1732 says:


  11. Brock Jones says:

    reporting this is worth cnn's time?

  12. Because it's current year says:

    Ok so any one who stays at a holiday in express is unqualified now?
    CNN are such trolls.

  13. Nathan Wayde says:

    Anything Trump is money for the mainstream media.

  14. Dream says:

    Better Trump to start getting used to the holiday inn lifestyle, the White House will be luxury downgrade for him also

  15. Jeani Beani says:

    tRump is a pompous piece of shit

  16. hmph says:

    Clinton News Network has lost their mind lol. Shaking in their little corporate boots. Is this supposed to be news?

  17. Roziku Nooriza says:

    Not sense donal trumps

  18. Christopher Rowe says:

    It was the best hotel in town. He was probably tickled to get a close up look. He is a hotel guy…

  19. Mike McGlock says:

    Is Jeanne Moos her real name?

  20. Mike McGlock says:

    Hillary flies home using a private jet to her estate in Chappaqua, NY. Can CNN do a story about that?

  21. Riyanna Williams says:

    What people fail to realize is that Donald trump is a normal human being just like everyone else. He should just be grateful that he has a place to sleep because some people do not. All that money waisted on irrelevant objects could be used for more important task to improve our country.

  22. Chris Bates says:

    No bedspreads

  23. 1misanthropist says:

    I love Trump's sound bites.

  24. SnappyPenguin566 says:

    I think the news is totally relia-

  25. Keinlieb says:

    Love watching CNN eat their words on failed news stories about Trump.

  26. This was the best says:

    I'm not watching this video but I did stay in a holiday inn express last night

  27. holiday inn express london, OHIO experience says:

    I reported an issue with the water quality to the Staff of the Holiday inn Express London, OH.

    I was berated, harassed, and abused by the hotel's owner, Chirag Patel for reporting this issue. He gaslighted me by stating I was the only person to have ever reported this issue — however, further investigating shows there is a LOT of reviews regarding this hotel's brown water/smell of the water. The Ohio health department needs to step up and do something about this hotel.

    I notified Rebecca of the front desk that I would be making a recording of the water coming out of the faucet and reporting it to the health department. Rebecca from the front desk told me I COULD NOT RECORD THE WATER ISSUE. I told her I would have to so that I would have some evidence.

    She then came towards my room and told me I would need to leave in which I recorded this extremely unprofessional interaction. I went to gather my belogings and she called and said I only had a couple minutes to get all my stuff. I had initially planned on staying for 20 days and I had a ton of things in the room. I began gathering my items as quick as possible when I heard a knock on the door.

    Rebecca had called the police and lied, and said I was asked to leave 5 hours ago and was refusing to leave.

    When I reported the issue to IHG Corporate, the hotel owner lied to IHG and said I was kicked out for running around the hotel. There are cameras ALL over this hotel, yet IHG has not asked them to provide any evidence of their false claim. They also have not refunded me what I paid or returned what I had to leave in the room and could not retrieve due to them kicking me out.

    Chirag and Rebecca are extremely abusive, they will harass and abuse hotel guests. — The state of Ohio should shut this hotel down. Chirag Patel threatened that if I wrote the health department, he would contact my employer and lie as retaliation.

  28. John M says:

    Perhaps that's why is is the Best President in 100 years.

    Trump 2024 for 3rd Term.

    Ohh CNN you are Real Fake News.

  29. Jeffrey Yoders says:

    Who got the last laugh, Jeannie Moos! Hahahaha!

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