Burger Restaurant Flyer Design – Photoshop Tutorial

What You’ll Be Creating. Like The Video NOW to Help Us These are the tutorial assets After downloading you’ll get something like that Let’s create our document We’ll create a flyer 6*8 inch with Resolution: 300 & Color Mode: CMYK Press CTRL+R to show Rulers if they’re not Grab 2 horizontal and 2 vertical Now, it’s time to add bleeds Go to Image>Canvas Size and add 0.25 inch to both Width & Height Make sure that the Anchor is as it seen, and the extension color is White Now as you see, that extends the area outside the rulers (bleed area) The bleed if you don’t know is simply the area that will be trimmed in the printing process. So, we add 0.125 inch to all document sides to avoid adding important information in it. Click on lock to unlock the layer Double-click and add gradient overlay Here you can select a 16 icon and download them After downloading drag and drop them in Photoshop Press ENTER multiple times Select all layers and free transform with CTRL+T Make sure that Auto Select is checked Start arranging them like a pattern Let’s speed thing up Select all and Convert to Smart Object CTRL+J to Duplicate, then, CTRL+T To free transform and flip Select both layers and duplicate again And again Now it’s time to add Burger, Cola & Fries. All from File>Place Embedded Adjust the size & position of each element if needed Let’s add some shadow Control Brush Size with both [ & ] Add a black spot to the center of the layer you’ve created Then CTRL+T to free transform it Create a new layer below the shadow layer Let’s add white spot in the back Control Brush size with both [ & ] Now, we’re going to create the price badge Choose a dark red first Make sure that out of gamut alert is not here If it there click over it to let Photoshop picks the most near color Let’s add a little shadow CTRL+J to duplicate, then, Clear Layer Styles Go to Window>Properties to show up the Properties panel Select the duplicated ellipse to view its properties, then remove the fill color and add a dashed white stroke Click anywhere to apply a value CTRL+T while holding ALT+SHIFT to resize proportionality around the anchor point Hide all and grab a ruler guide to the middle Change the position of each element if needed. Select all and group them with a name “Main” Write “Burger” Change its color to black Choose Boulevard font Change its size to a proper size CTRL+T to free transform and to easily center it Add the restaurant name the same way Adjust Position if needed Grab the Polygonal Lasso Tool and select the chilli logo CTRL+J to take a layer via copy from the selected Add a text “Spicy Available” CTRL+R to view the rulers Right-click on it to change dimension to mm Grab 3 vertical rulers 8, 16, 24 mm to guide me to draw a ribbon
NOTE: I’m Holding SHIFT to move the ruler with interval 1 or 0.5 mm Grab also 2 horizontal rulers Pick the Pen Tool and start drawing the ribbon Hold SHIFT then click to make a straight line Copy the price ellipse layer style Paste it to the ribbon Add a drop shadow to the restaurant name & “Burger” text Select all new layers and group them with name “Header” Add a placeholder text Change its size, color and position Grab the rounded rectangle tool Change Corner Radius to 40Px Click anywhere to apply the value “Order Now” with Bold Arial font & The number with Regular Arial Make sure that you are away enough from the bleed area Draw a rectangle to paste a lorem ipsum text in it Go to Type>Paste Lorem Ipsum Type a site placeholder Make sure you’re away from the bleed area Wrong position Right position CTRL+T to Free Transform and easily to align it to the center

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