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Buckhorn Baths Motel | Arizona State University

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, There’s 62 mule deer, 26 javelina, 22 whitetail deer, 9 pronghorn antelope – Oh my God, I didn’t say that right – 9 pronghorn antelope and even
the jackalope. My name is Charlotte Johnston; I am the
manager for the vertebrate collections here at Arizona State University, and I am currently
in charge of dispersing the Buckhorn Baths collection which has over 300 specimens. Ted Sliger, who was the owner of the property,
was a taxidermist himself, so portions of this collection were actually
created by him. One of the people who often visited the Buckhorn
Baths was the manager of the New York Giants, and some have attributed the fact that we actually
have the Cactus League today to his affinity for the Valley and the Buckhorn Baths Motel. I think the first reaction when people walk into
the mammal and bird collection is, “Wow!” Yeah, most people are pretty impressed
that there’s just that much of it. One of the main challenges when you have this
many heads is actually having wall space for it, and there’s plenty of people who just don’t like looking
at the heads period. I know that there are a lot of people that have
a special place in their heart for the collection, so our goal is to take the collection and use it as
a tool for education for children and students.

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