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Branding and Marketing for Restaurants Special Blend Exposed!

I’m going to let you in on how the special
blend of branding and marketing works best for restaurants and how to do it in a way
that wins you repeat customers while leaving your competition slack jawed! Let’s get into Branding and Marketing for
Restaurants (Special Blend Exposed!) right now! Hey, what’s up everybody, it’s Stacey
Storino from Restaurant Shortcut, with another video that’ll help you grow BOTH your restaurant’s
social media AND its profit margin! Welcome back to the channel. For the new people here who have no idea who
I am, over the years I’ve worked with multiple six figure and seven figure food service establishments
to help them grow their businesses via social media. My work has led to features in the Wall Street
Journal, ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox News and more. If this is your first time here, and you want
to learn the tips and tricks of commanding diners’ attention—which is ever more focused
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that subscribe button and clicking the bell notification so that you don’t miss a thing! OK, let’s dive into Branding and Marketing
for Restaurants (Special Blend Exposed!). Now as a Restaurant Owner, you may already
know that branding really boils down to an experience that you’re promising to your
restaurant’s ideal customers. I call those people your Taste Tribe. So, perhaps, you may also know as a Restaurateur
that your eatery’s brand, to be really effective, should have seven different elements fleshed
out so that it will actually demand your Taste Tribe’s attention when they encounter your
restaurant’s social media posts online. I’ve done a playlist covering all seven
branding elements, one video at a time, so make sure you check them out. That said, I’m pretty sure, from a restaurant
owners’ specific perspective, you may NOT have known that you really shouldn’t start
a marketing campaign for your business until your branding is properly established OR anything
you do, from live streams to pre-produced videos, still images of your restaurant or
its delicious dishes or even seemingly simple Tweetables and quote cards…will likely just
fall flat with your intended audience. Why? Your seven branding elements, once fleshed
out, should suffuse every bit of your marketing to make it—and your restaurant—distinctively
different. Otherwise it’s going to get lost in the
digital sea of sameness when it comes to content today. Therefore, you have to have a blend of both
marketing and branding to be successful. If you’re treating branding like some two-dimensional
thing that comes down to a logo, a color scheme and a décor you select and that’s it, because
you think your food should speak for itself…well, no wonder the ads you run and the other marketing
that you do is bringing in lackluster results. That’s why the proper Branding and Marketing
for Restaurants involves a special blend of all seven branding elements that informs every
piece of organic and paid content that you put out on social media, and will, over time—when
blended properly—give you all the organic and paid reach that you were expecting you
might get for your money, time, efforts—or all three. As a restaurant owner, though, you may find
this next piece of advice surprising. Your restaurant’s brand rituals, one of
the seven branding elements I mentioned, are a great difference-maker in terms of increasing
the KLT Factor that you have with your Taste Tribe. I call the KLT Factor the Know, Like and Trust
Factor. The greater this factor comes into play, the
better your brand will do. Even though you may be a mom and pop restaurant
with a single location, you’re still a brand. Today, there’s no getting away from that
fact. And if your target audience doesn’t get
to know, like and trust your restaurant brand, you’re done! See, if your Taste Tribe doesn’t feel excited
about your restaurant to start with, your posts showing pictures of your food alone
somehow might NOT entice them to give your place a try, as there’s a ton of other fish
in the sea of content that’s already gracing their feeds—they’ll move on from anything
your restaurant just throws up on their feed when they come across it, and fast! So, you want to do anything that you can to
make your Taste Tribe feel like they would be part of a big, happy community if they
came to know, like and trust your restaurant brand and everything it stands for…and then
actually become a customer and a regular part of that big, happy community. Restaurant brand rituals can help you do that. Rituals are activities that occur where your
Taste Tribe members can enjoy them at your food service establishment and possibly nowhere
else. And at this point you might be scratching
your head going, “But I’m a restaurant. People come, eat good food, get good service,
in a nice clean location and that’s the ritual, right?” NO. Boring! That’s what everybody does. To stand out from the competition today, you
need to establish a ritual that’s related to just your restaurant and the overall brand
experience that your Taste Tribe will have when they patronize your place. Let me give you a non-restaurant example and
then we’ll tie in an actual client of mine to see what they do, so that you can understand
how this ritual-backed branding and marketing blend of activity can work for your restaurant. Apple, at least twice a year, will launch
an iPhone or some other product, and Apple will limit the supply, at least in the beginning,
so that a sense of urgency is created. They know that Apple fans will line up outside
their stores to get involved in the excitement and to brag to everyone they know that they
got the next hot new thing. Something like this equals a fun ritual for
Apple’s target audience, because they’re connected to the overall brand experience
that Apple’s audience wants delivered to them. And for sure, Apple’s taken the time to
research that target audience enough to know the exact way in which they want their tech-driven
needs to be met. For Apple, tech geeks love to be the first
to the table on what’s cutting edge while simultaneously enjoying the company of their
fellow nerds on Product Launch Day. But wait. You’re a restaurant, not a tech company. So what do YOU do to create your own ritual
for your Taste Tribe? Well, remember, rituals are behaviors that
people perform regularly. For you as a restaurant, that part’s easy. People need to eat on the regular, right? So the correct branding blended into your
marketing strategies, both free and paid, will of course play off of that. You’ll also weave into those marketing strategies
the specific branded experience that your Taste Tribe is looking for that your cuisine-related
competitors either aren’t providing or aren’t doing a great job of providing. So you’ll market yourself as either the
only choice or, at the very least, the better choice for a given experience involving certain
behaviors. Here’s an example to flesh this out. Joe’s Dairy Bar and Grill’s brand experience
is for families, especially busy moms who are overbooked and need to feed kids while
somehow finding quality time to be with said kids as they otherwise run them around to
after school activities, etc. Joe’s creed says, “Joe’s Dairy Bar and
Grill—over the top food for over the top memories with the ones you love.” By the way, need help creating your own catchy
creed for your restaurant? I’ve made a video on that which you can
access right—here. But back to Branding and Marketing for Restaurants
(Special Blend Exposed!). Here’s the deal. One of Joe’s Dairy Bar and Grill’s rituals
includes having a ten piece, limited time, seasonal menu of dishes that’s only around
for a few weeks. They’re family friendly, definitely Instagram-selfie-worthy,
so both moms and kids are excited to eat the offerings and take pictures and videos with
them to brag that they get them TO everyone they know before the limited-time menu was
gone. The marketing efforts of Joe’s Dairy Bar
and Grill weaves into it all seven branding elements simultaneously AND, when a limited
edition collection is around, will definitely stress that the fabulous foodie fun will be
here and gone in a matter of weeks…so Taste Tribe members, get in on the action before
it’s too late! And Joe’s tells them to brag it up to their
other busy mom friends so that THEY aren’t left out in the cold! And they do. The lines at Joe’s can be ridiculous nowadays,
which is unbelievable for a place that was lucky to make six figures at ALL only a few
short years ago. Now…it’s a super profitable dining delight. But that only happened because Joe’s Dairy
Bar and Grill blended its branding and marketing efforts and, where applicable, cashed in on
the ritual of people dining on limited-time dishes that also were dialed into what Taste
Tribe members of Joe’s want in the first place: over the top food to create over the
top memories with loved ones. So be sure that you’re encouraging your
audience to consume your food regularly in a ritual-based way. And make those marketing efforts fun and communicate
it in a way that speaks specifically to the wants and needs of your Taste Tribe alone. So if you did your target audience research
properly, you’ve got all this information on lock. You totally can make a ritual that your Taste
Tribe will love. What if you’re struggling with coming up
with a ritual though? Once you’ve got the other six out of seven
elements of your branding solidified, I bet you’ll be able to circle back around and
successfully brainstorm the proper ritual for your restaurant brand. Here are a few additional tips to help you
out. First, make sure that you’re delivering,
through your social medial marketing, your overall brand experience on a regular basis. If you’re NOT doing this, no one is going
to know, like and trust your restaurant enough to care that it has one or more rituals going
on. Second, do whatever you can to encourage your
Taste Tribe to join your community. In fact, use the word “community” whenever
you can. Give them easy to click on links to join your
email list, your Facebook Group and more. Rituals have better staying power when there’s
a community around to enjoy them. Third, make sure that you have a strong reason
why someone should choose your restaurant over any other one out there. Are you more fun? Do you give more information about your ingredients,
how they’re sourced and how that’s reflected in the price and the bigger picture that’s
important to your Taste Tribe? Are you better priced than the competition? Is your quality higher than that of your competitors? What makes you different AND what makes you
better? Make sure the words you use in your ritual
and in your community blends these concepts in to reinforce them. That drives up the KLT Factor even more. Fourth, remember that ritual is about the
people who do it…it’s NOT about your restaurant itself. Pushing your restaurant alone feels salesy. Pushing a fun or exciting ritual doesn’t,
because the accent mark is on your audience, and let’s face it—they care about themselves
more than your restaurant or any other brand, per se, out there. Fifth, rituals should be done regularly. It won’t feel like a ritual if you don’t. So Joe’s Dairy Bar and Grill will come out
with a 10-piece product line of dishes every few weeks. But they’ll definitely retire one and have
a slight break before the next limited menu is launched. Sixth, your ritual should be easy and fun
or people won’t do it. Remember, when it comes to sales: facts tell
but emotions sell. Make your ritual fun or otherwise make sure
that it involve people’s emotions, tugs at their heartstrings and gets them excited
in a way that speaks to their specific wants and needs. Finally, your restaurant ritual should be
something that’s easy to share. In the case of Joe’s Dairy Bar and Grill,
encouraging their followers to post and share pictures of a limited edition dish and use
a certain hashtag while doing it on Instagram and Twitter fits that bill. Want my Restaurant Shortcut Quick Start Guide
that’ll cover some of my most effective tips and tricks to build your restaurant brand? You can find it at the link below this video. Check it out and you’ll learn tips on how
you can be efficient and effective with your restaurant’s social media content so that
it acts as free advertising AND so that you’re constantly building your list of customers
while ALSO building your restaurant’s fan culture that’ll support you no matter what
the economy looks like. And learn even more ways to grow your restaurant’s
social media by hitting the Like button below, smashing the subscribe button and clicking
the bell notification so YOU don’t ever miss a thing! Thanks so much for watching and I’ll see
you next time my Restauranteur-Entrepreneurs!

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