Bouncers Share Secrets About Getting Into Bars

– I would safely say, yeah, my bull(beeping) detector
is pretty good by now. (laughing) (upbeat music) Telltale signs of an underage person, typically you get the
person who is very edgy when they show up and
they really don’t know exactly how things work, and they’re kind of just
anxious for no reason, and then, of course, they
hesitantly hand your their ID, and they kind of just sit there and smile. – Oh, their body language. Most people are pretty good at lying, but their body isn’t. – When they’re walking up, they’re, uh, here, and no eye contact. Usually, I find that people
will stand up straight and they’re like, yes, that’s me, and they’ll look at the card, whereas the other one will be like, hey, yo, and kind of look away, so I mean, those are
just some of the signs. (upbeat music) – There’s certain things
on one ID that’s real that you won’t find on a fake ID, and vice versa. – Some of the things we look for, when we’re looking for a fake ID would definitely be
laminated pieces of plastic or pieces of paper that
have absolutely zero traits of an actual ID. – Most IDs do have a special actual tag that you can see in certain lighting. – Here in California
is if you have a light, you have the California
bear outlined in the back, and if you hold it up, you can see that outline, whereas the fakes tend to not have it. (upbeat music) Well, actually, at my first
job, in 2011, a couple, either blatantly not
recognizing their surroundings, or deliberately not caring, and starting to get it on
while other people are around, so I had to politely tell them, “Hey, look, this is not the spot for that. “I feel you, have a good time. “Just move it on, take it elsewhere.” – I’ve seen a lot of people hook up. Pretty much wherever they can it in, seen that on, I would
say, an everyday basis. It’s not really crazy anymore. It’s just the norm to me now. (upbeat music) – Starting a fight,
and probably stripping, just getting naked. – Undermining the fact that we’re here, and we’re doing a job, and
we’re here to do a job, and making sure that you’re
allowing us to do so. – Get out of line, and try
to be aggressive with you for no reason. It does happen. You get macho people, whether it’s women or men, who just have a bad attitude, and wanna take it out on you. – Someone not having their
forms of ID like they should, and just trying to talk me up. Oh, you’re so handsome! You’re so cute! It’s like, um, appreciate the compliment, but you know, I still
need that form of ID, if you don’t mind. – Honestly, pet names and things like that are probably the easiest
way to piss me off. Oh, things like big boy, big John. Accurate. (laughing) – First impressions,
coming up to the door, it’ll always make a huge statement. – Being polite. You actually don’t have
to say much to a bouncer. Just make sure you have your ID card. – Probably just being
prepared and not having a bunch of assholes that you’re with. – Don’t be getting out of line. Just have a good time, and don’t be destructive or disruptive and causing a scene. (upbeat music) – The best excuse I’ve ever gotten for forgetting an ID was definitely they said their dog ate it, which we all know is a crock of shit. – Literally the worst excuse you could say is I forgot my ID. There’s no excuses for forgetting it. Just bring it. (jazz music) Most likely not, but
depending on the situation, every situation is different, and sometimes, it can be reevaluated and possibly be let back in, but in most instances,
if you’re escorted out, you’re not coming back in. (upbeat music) I would say the bull(beeping)
detector that I have is pretty on par, and you’d be lucky if you get away with something. – I would safely say, yeah,
my bull(beeping) detector is pretty good by now. (laughing) – I’m working on it! I’m working on it, but I’d like to think it’s pretty good, probably about a B+, A-, but that’s why we got my
other security officer, who’s here for to help me, when I may miss a certain thing, they’re here to pick me back up. (jazz music) – You could get to the front of the line, as long as you had a pretty
good standing relationship with the person that was
actually at the door. – I plead the 5th on that. (laughing) – Any way to get to the front of the line is if you know the owner. That would pretty much be the only thing. Everyone else is treated
the exact same way here. (upbeat music) – For me, one of the best parts of the job is the fact that I get to be around music, people, I do like to
dance and sing myself, so being around the environment is always good for me. – Getting to meet new people in here, and having them kind of trust in you as a security guy, to say they that trust that you’re there to protect them, you’re gonna do the right things. – Definitely the social
interaction part of it, making sure that you’re
meeting plenty of people from all around the world, but also being a part of
keeping them safe, as well. (upbeat music)

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  1. Fat Idiot says:

    How is the bald dude a bouncer, he doesn’t look like he could beat my sister in a fight 😂😂

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    Even the vip bouncers couldn't tell my I'd was fake.

  15. Trinity Livingston says:

    I have a baby face, always nervous, short and stuff. I probably won't be let in even though I'm 19.😂😂

  16. Katie Runyon says:

    Okay but say I just turned 21, and I got my license renewed for a 21 y/o accurate license, BUT the laminated license hasnt arrived yet and I still have the paper temporary one….
    1) could I still be admitted?
    2) can you tell easily of those are fake?

  17. Esteban Flores says:

    I’m older than 21 and I never know what to do when I hand my card to the bouncer lol

  18. im hungry says:

    16 yo: Aight, time to write all this down.

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    They are so handsome wtf

  21. whoyouare94 says:

    Truthfully my most annoying bouncer story was when they tried to call my real id a fake id. Now generally I don't snap, but they are required to confiscate fakes. And so he's trying to put it away and not hand it back and I'm like "my id is not fake and you are going to give me back my id." And he's like telling me that it's definitely a fake and asking if he needs to get the cops involved and points at the cop car cross at the street. At this point I'm at the stage right before yelling like "I don't care what we have to do. We can walk across that street right tf now and you are going to return my id. I have a flight in a few days and I need my id to fly. Idk who taught you how to identify fakes but clearly they didn't do a good job." Anyway, he decides to hand back my id without involving the cops and told me I just couldn't come inside.

  22. Jonathan G says:

    Buzzfeed’s gotta chill with this stock footage

  23. Anabell Gonzalez says:

    Lol my ID is real and I’m 23 yet I still get just as nervous walking up to a bouncer. I once almost I got my ID taken away because I got so anxious I couldn’t remember my real legit address

  24. Lenny Pepperidge says:

    Gay bouncers?

  25. Zur says:

    Some bouncers are really cool but some of em are straight assholes bro like im going into your bar to have a good time with friends and you just gonna ruin everything by being rude asf asking for my id with no smile like chill dude you’re probably having a bad day which is understandable but i’m not responsible of that

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    I fell off the upstairs of a bar onto the dj and still got back in.

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    now how do i cure my anxiety to make myself go in

  52. Angie Lilu says:

    Anyone that lives in Arizona KNOWS that if a bouncer doesn’t want to let you in…they won’t let you in. With or without ID

  53. Alehks 9 says:

    I wanna work as a bouncer ! Dress nice … Look good.. be asertive… Talk to the guys <3

  54. JHLman 1 says:

    Bouncers in north east England are nowt like this

  55. Andy Garcia says:

    Bouncer are usually dicks and usually are in a bad mood I come up with good vibes and they send back bad vibes but I get in and live my best life while they work the door on a Friday – Sunday 🤷🏼‍♂️

  56. Laay says:

    Never been that serious

  57. Andrew Garcia says:

    This was clickbait af

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    ‘They normally be anxious’

    Jokes on you, I’m drunk before I get to the club. I show no fear

  62. Timothy Youngmann says:

    I bought a fake id from China bouncers can still tell that it’s not authentic, just fold up a $5 or $10 under your fake when you go to present it

  63. Lewis Jones says:

    Every bouncer thinks they're good at spotting underage kids and fake IDs but all you gotta do is look in the club to realise how shite they actually are at theyre job

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    How to get to the front of the line ? Money lmao

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    What happens if you get caught with a fake

  68. dragon411 says:

    Why use a fake?? You made it this far in life, you'll be 21 at some point. I get it you wanna live life and have fun. I understand we were all kids at one point, BUT you can have fun at home too. Call me a buzzkill, (no pun intended) but why risk a felony or worse getting hurt?

    Like every man in that bar thinks you're over 21. See where this is going? Be smarter.

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  76. Darion William says:

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  77. Drew S. says:

    This was the least Informative video I have ever seen. Can’t get that 5 minutes of my life back

  78. Chris H says:

    1:07 the fakes have holograms too

  79. Sharifa Ford says:

    I like to point out when I turned 21 I was looking a way a bit and nervous 😬

  80. FR1ZZ1E 0_0 says:

    I used to hand my fake id and then immediately turn to my friend and start talking about tom brady and my id had a birthmark on my left eye so id use makeup and then wipe it off inside

  81. Caolan Kelly says:

    The bouncers in my town are hella mean

  82. Vicki Pate says:

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    I snuck into a bar by walking backwards through the doors so it looked like I was walking out but I was really walking in

  84. SGN K says:

    Should get uk bouncers nothing like that 😂

  85. Jake Landsbury says:

    That bald guy is 100% a dickhead you can just tell

  86. spacey hippie says:

    thanks for the tips now I know what not to do

  87. William Rice says:

    thx for telling me how to get into clubs underage

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    The black guy is a bit more humble lol

  97. Greg says:

    Uk bouncers>>>

  98. Ethan Coyne says:

    I’ve been kicked out for being within the vicinity of a fight before. Not even involved. It has happened several times. Also been turned away for speaking in Irish in the queue (apparently it seems like I was too drunk?) (that was the genuine reason they gave, sounded like my speaking was slurred, when that’s kinda how gaeilge sounds)

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