BoardWalk Joe’s Marvelous Margaritas – Holiday Drink Review – BoardWalk Inn – Walt Disney World

Hello everybody! Princess and the Bear here and today we are walking on the boardwalk and decided we’re gonna stop at one of
our favorite drink stands, Marvelous Margaritas looks like they have some holidays options so we’re going to go check
those out and we will see you soon. Be sure to imbibe. You heard the girl they have some specialty margaritas at
marvelous margaritas, one of which had Pina Colada so we didn’t get that one
but the other one is supposed to be like Oogie Boogie’s insides, it’s called
the Oogie margarita of some sort there’s pineapple juice in this. I don’t
like. It mostly tastes like pineapple juice. I don’t like that but I have a feeling Bear’s gonna like it though. I love that little worm in there, yes I got a for the gummy worm. No shame. there’s a lot of pineapple I like it ooh this is different mostly but it’s so
sweet it’s almost like a liquid Jolly Rancher so I’m going to give it 3 out of 5 claws for trying. I got like a top-shelf Disney patron
margarita hmm mr. standard lime margarita the
absolutely delicious has a little bit more of a bite to it
from a skill but it’s really really good I I think that’s probably my favorite
margarita I’ve gotten here and I really like their watermelon margaritas so it’s
my new gym after this Disney select tequila
margarita which aka you put Disney anything in the name of the drink it’s
going to be expensive it’s like 17 hours for this – what’s our when identified laws do not like walking with our drinks I love this
margarita stand it’s super great it’s usually cheaper even growing in Epcot
you stay away from the seasonal stuff right alright well that was our lovely
adventure or that was our adventure around the boardwalk and be sure to subscribe! you heard the girl

3 Replies to “BoardWalk Joe’s Marvelous Margaritas – Holiday Drink Review – BoardWalk Inn – Walt Disney World”

  1. DansVideoMosaic says:

    2019 for me has been the year for discovering the BoardWalk for some reason and I love it. Can't believe I've been going to WDW all this time and only really started to discover and explore that property. Happy New Years and a great 2020.

  2. Princess and the Bear says:

    What's your favorite margarita?

  3. TripN With Red says:

    Love the ears. The Boardwalk area is so serene so we try to escape there whenever possible. Thanks for the review. Sounds like they were not really on their game for all of the drinks. Thanks for sharing the info. Happy New Year.

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