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‘Blue Mai Tai & Italian Paninis’ Stress Test | Bar Rescue S6 Highlight

is customer service
first and foremost. Everything else is secondary. That Bloody Mary
that went out last night,
Jimmy, was pretty gross, and you basically
just poured the mix, – God knows how old
that was, over some ice.
– That’s what we had. You could’ve thrown in
some lemon or lime, or at least checked
the expiration date. That in itself is something that we can actually
tackle as a team here, because we should
elevate our bar, and thereby
inspire our customers
to want to try something new. This cocktail I’m gonna
show you guys today is called Blue Mai Tai. In a mixing glass,
add one ounce of lime juice, half ounces
of almond orgeat syrup, pineapple juice,
and blue curacao. Next, add one and a half
ounces of vodka, ice, then shake and strain into
an ice-filled Collins glass. Garnish with a skewered
maraschino cherry, lime wedge, and nutmeg. This is a Blue Mai Tai. – Serving this with…
– Both: A smile. – I’ll take that.
– Right? Again, we drink with our eyes. This is a beautiful cocktail. So you guys know
what lies ahead tonight– our stress test. I’m going to be back here
looking for three things– attentiveness, effectiveness, finally,
I want you guys to care. – This is on you.
Thank you very much.
– Thank you. – How you doing?
– Great, thank you. All right, you had
to go cool off earlier. I get it. But you’re back. – Okay?
– Yep. Bob and Graham
now get to meet me. They got no direction,
they got no goal, they got no principle,
they got nothing. And I’m going to give them
something today. So, I want to get
right into the food, man. Real simple goods
for stress test. Let’s just make it right. Now we’re gonna do
an Italian panini. We’re gonna butter our roll.
Face down. And we’re gonna
grab our ingredients. A bit of ham.
Pieces of salami. Let’s throw some
turkey in there. Let’s grill it up. Take a little provolone,
little bit of honey mustard. The bread is toasting.
Same thing. We’re gonna put it together,
squeeze it down, and again, you have another
three-minute sandwich. And there it is.
You don’t have a panini press, but you got yourself
a nice Italian panini. Let’s get back
to wanting to do it,
because we know you can. Get the food out fast,
be in sync with each other, and we got this. Hi. You guys ready?
You see the crowd out there? Why don’t we all get together?
Let’s talk for a couple
minutes before we open. Al, what are you looking for
tonight from the team? I would rather you guys
take an extra couple seconds
to make the cocktails right, than just sling something out
that the customer’s
not going to love. Chef, what are you
looking for tonight?
Consistent good food, man. If we could put
that all together, we’re headed in
the right direction. So, let’s tough up,
let’s work together,
and let’s make this happen. Now listen to me,
you’re gonna get
slammed in ordering, you’re gonna get
slammed behind the bar. Go where the pain is greatest. The whole point of this
is to show what we’ve got
and what we don’t. Why don’t you go ahead
and let them in? Hello, everybody.
We are open for business. – Come on in!
– ( cheering ) – Hello.
– How you guys doing? Here’s our drink menus.
Please have a look What up, guys? – What can I get you?
– I’ll do a mai tai. I made the first drink
wrong already. Soft smoosh. Doreen: Soft smoosh. – Thank you, young man.
– Not a problem. Um, you got to
make it in the pint. No, not with this.
You shake it. – Doreen, how we doing?
– Not good. – Why not good?
– We haven’t got
a drink out yet. – Are y’all ordering food?
– He will. – I’ll take that, too.
– Two of those. Let me see that right now. – Beef on weck.
– Get ready. Here we go. – Good?
– Beauty. Did you remember? Looks good, man. Sold. What’d you forget? – Oh.
– Those are wrong. Redo. Redo. – Anybody have a drink
on this side?
– All: No! No! Angel, let’s go.
Hurry up. They’re going right now. By the way,
you’re about 3-to-1 ahead
of the other bar. – He’s fast, isn’t he?
– Yeah! Did you get everybody’s order
and give it to her? Did you? – No.
– She’s sinking over there.
Get both sides. Oh, my goodness. – Doreen. Come, please.
– Yes? – You’re not managing this.
They have food, don’t they?
– Mm-hmm. – Do they have any drinks?
– No. – Doreen:
I’m slammed on this side.
– I gotta take– Half the room hasn’t
been taken care of and most
of these people have. No, I gotta get my food in,
and then I’ll come that way. Where are the next two at? So how long has this
been sitting here? You wanted simple food
fast and easy. No problem. The guys have it.
But it sits here so long. You got one person running it,
and it’s just building up
and building up. So less food orders
are coming in,
so we’re just stuck. They’re fine,
but this little situation
is what’s killing us. See it sitting there? It’s been sitting there
for eight minutes. What’s the point of good food if they don’t come pick it up? Doreen is oblivious. She’s completely lost,
and in two minutes we’re gonna have
to throw that food out and start over again. We’ve got to get this
food out or we’re gonna
have to remake it all. Some of the tickets
aren’t coming up,
so I have to pull it– – It’s right here.
– We got to pull it up
on the computer. Oh, wow. It’s been almost
24 minutes and no drinks. That’s great. I love that. – So were you here when
we first opened?
– Yeah. – So you’ve been sitting
here 20 minutes. Doreen!
– Yes? Nobody’s ordered
from this table at all. So the money is here.
We’re not getting it! Lindsey, I don’t know how
to work this machine. Just hold on.
You gotta do it yourself,
though, because I can’t. – I can’t. I don’t know how.
– Yes, you can. What do you need?
Pay attention. – How do you start it?
– Just calm down. Who have we given drinks to
and not collected money? Did you pay for that drink? – Did you?
– Not yet. Did you? Did you? Who has actually
paid for a drink? Jimmy’s side of the bar
paid for the drink. Angel! We haven’t taken
any money for any drinks.
What are we doing? – Oh, yeah, cash is on the bar.
– I put cash here. Come on. ( chattering ) Didn’t even give us a bill. I just put my cash
on the table. So, hopefully they’ll
know what it’s for. Who has food, but no drinks? Who has drinks,
didn’t get their food? – Man: Here, here!
– Who didn’t get anything?
( all shouting )

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