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Black Man Pisses Off Elderly Bosnian Woman At Restaurant! ((BONUS LEVEL UP))

((MANDARIN)) Are you from Fuzhou? ((MANDARIN)) I haven’t been there ((FUZHOUNESE)) I haven’t gone ((MANDARIN)) You haven’t been there? Then how come you can speak Chinese? ((FUZHOUNESE)) Because… ((MANDARIN)) I’ve already studied Chinese for a long time ((MANDARIN)) More than 10 years ((MANDARIN)) How come you learned and haven’t been to China? ((MANDARIN)) Because I don’t have time. I’m too busy ((FUZHOUNESE)) I’m also learning Fuzhounese now ((MANDARIN)) That means ‘now” right? ((MANDARIN)) The meaning of ”jiaong” is ‘now, right? ((FUZHOUNESE)) I’m learning Fuzhounese now ((FUZHOUNESE)) I can speak a little Fuzhounese ((MANDARIN)) Of course ((MANDARIN)) Have you already been working here for a long time ((MANDARIN)) I have a question ((MANDARIN)) This…let me show you ((MANDARIN)) Is there meat inside of this? ((MANDARIN)) No ((MANDARIN)) What’s inside of it? ((MANDARIN)) Fish…vegetables ((MANDARIN)) Are you from Fuzhou? ((MANDARIN)) Yes ((MANDARIN)) You guys close at 10? ((MANDARIN)) What time do you guys close, at 10? ((MANDARIN)) Yes, at 10 ((MANDARIN)) Have you worked at this restaurant for a long time? ((MANDARIN)) Have you worked here for a long time ((MANDARIN)) A bit over 6 years ((MANDARIN)) a bit over 6 years? ((MANDARIN)) Yes ((MANDARIN)) Do you like it? ((MANDARIN)) I like it ((MANDARIN)) Yes hahahahahhaha ((MANDARIN)) You can speak to me in Chinese ((MANDARIN)) Where did you learn it? ((MANDARIN)) Self-taught ((MANDARIN)) You learned by yourself? ((MANDARIN)) You don’t believe it? ((MANDARIN)) Have you ever been to China? ((MANDARIN)) No ((MANDARIN)) No? ((MANDARIN)) No ((MANDARIN)) Perhaps….I can go with you ((MANDARIN)) Let’s go together ((MANDARIN)) I haven’t went back yet ((MANDARIN)) Not yet? ((MANDARIN)) Do you want to go with me? ((MANDARIN)) I’m just joking ((MANDARIN)) Oh, I know ((MANDARIN)) You don’t even know me, so how could you go with me? ((SPANISH)) We’re both Americans ((SPANISH)) Brother ((SPANISH)) I speak Spanish and other languages ((SPANISH)) She can speak also? ((SPANISH)) Chinese? ((SPANISH)) Yes ((SPANISH)) Chinese is my second language ((SPANISH)) Chinese is your second? ((SPANISH)) Yes ((SPANISH)) It’s very difficult to say, because I’ve studied a lot ((SPANISH)) You speak Spanish very well ((SPANISH)) Yeah? ((SPANISH)) Very good ((SPANISH)) Are you teaching? ((SPANISH)) good luck ((SPANISH)) Nice to meet you ((SPANISH)) Nice to meet you ((SPANISH)) Take care ((SPANISH)) My name is Moses ((SPANISH)) A little here and there ((SPANISH)) Good ((SPANISH)) Take care ((MANDARIN)) We’re ready ((MANDARIN))You’re finished eating? ((MANDARIN)) Thank you ((MANDARIN)) Here you go ((MANDARIN)) Thank you ((MANDARIN)) He wants to practice Chinese with you ((MANDARIN)) He wants to practice Chinese with you ((MANDARIN)) What’s your name? ((MANDARIN)) Nice to meet you, Jennifer ((MANDARIN)) I’m used to doing this ((MANDARIN)) I’m not used to it ((MANDARIN)) I do this at all the restaurants ((MANDARIN)) You are self-taught? ((MANDARIN)) I’m self-taught, right ((MANDARIN)) This is my brother ((MANDARIN)) Can you speak Mandarin as well? ((MANDARIN)) He knows a little bit ((MANDARIN)) It’s impossible to learn by yourself ((MANDARIN)) Impossible to learn by yourself!!?? ((MANDARIN)) Why would you say that? ((MANDARIN)) How come? ((MANDARIN)) You speak very well ((MANDARIN)) I speak well? ((MANDARIN))’s not possible for you to have learned by yourself ((MANDARIN)) You don’t believe it? ((MANDARIN)) No, I don’t believe it ((MANDARIN)) Take care ***LOOK HOW SHE WAS LOOKING AS WE WALKED IN** ***NICE ACCENT*** ***I’M ABOUT TO LEVEL UP*** ((BOSNIAN)) How are you? ((BOSNIAN))You speak Bosnian? ((BOSNIAN)) Because… ((BOSNIAN)) I’m studying Bosnian now ((BOSNIAN)) Really? ((BOSNIAN)) Yes ((BOSNIAN)) Bosnian and other languages ((BOSNIAN)) Where? ((BOSNIAN)) At home ((BOSNIAN)) Where do you learn Bosnian? ((BOSNIAN)) At home ((BOSNIAN)) At home ((BOSNIAN)) At home? ((BOSNIAN)) I have to practice more ((BOSNIAN)) I have to practice more ((BOSNIAN)) If… ((BOSNIAN)) I have books.. ((BOSNIAN)) Moreover, I like to practice with Bosnians ((BOSNIAN)) Really? ((BOSNIAN)) Yes, really ((BOSNIAN)) Where are you from? ((BOSNIAN)) I’m from Montrego ((BOSNIAN)) OK ((BOSNIAN)) Thanks a lot ((BOSNIAN)) Thank you very much ((BOSNIAN)) Do you speak any other languages? ((BOSNIAN)) Any other ones? ((BOSNIAN)) No ((BOSNIAN)) That’s all? ((BOSNIAN)) Yea, that’s all ((BOSNIAN)) I like to learn other languages.. ((BOSNIAN)) What else do you speak? ((BOSNIAN)) Chinese ((BOSNIAN)) Really? ((BOSNIAN)) Japanese ((BOSNIAN)) and Russian ((BOSNIAN)) Conversation is important, right? ((BOSNIAN)) Yes, it is ((BOSNIAN)) It’s important, so I try to practice.. ((BOSNIAN)) You speak well ((BOSNIAN)) Really? ((BOSNIAN)) Thank you ((BOSNIAN)) Here’s the pizza for you ((BOSNIAN)) Thank you ((BOSNIAN)) Nice to meet you ((BOSNIAN)) Thank you ((BOSNIAN)) See you next time ***THAT COGNITIVE DISSONANCE WAS IN FULL EFFECT*** DECEPTION STOPPERS

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