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Time spent with family and friends
is one of the many things that make skiing and snowboarding a
favorite winter pastime. Nowhere is that more evident than
at Bittersweet Ski Resort, located in Otsego, a southwest Michigan
community, northwest of Kalamazoo. As we walked up to the base of the
mountain, the smiles on faces of snowboarders and skiers of all ages
told a story: this community loves to ski. We hopped on Sweet Express –
Southwest Michigan’s first detachable high-speed quad, whisking skiers and
riders to the top of the mountain to experience Bittersweet’s 20 runs
on over 100 acres of skiable terrain. Today we got to enjoy Columbine, winding
its way through the treelined terrain, Columbine is an intermediate run that
keeps things interesting for everyone. When the sun goes down and the lights
come up, the atmosphere changes into a night skiing wonderland. Skiing it under the lights was a blast, and
the skiers and snowboarders that joined us clearly agreed. When it’s time for aprés ski, relax on
the heated slope-side patio where friends and family gather around the bonfire
with panoramic views of the slopes. Visit to
see other episodes in the series and visit to discover
more winter attractions in the area.

2 Replies to “Bittersweet Ski Resort | Ski Pure Michigan”

  1. Robert King says:

    Fun fact: This hill was man made with a bulldozer. The back side of the hill is a steep drop down
    Another Fun Fact: You can see the lights from a good distance away and if you are in a clear area you can see people going down the hill. This is from 10 miles way. Very bright lights.

  2. Caleb Staufer says:

    Did the drone pilot get necessary clearance to fly above people?
    I've seen pilots get their Part 107s revoked for stuff like this.
    Regardless, nice footage, and great video overall!!

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