Big Changes You Didn’t Know Fast Food Restaurants Are Making

You probably swing through the drive-thru
at your favorite fast food joint without really thinking about what’s going on behind the
scenes. But fast food chains are always looking for
the next big thing to stay relevant, increase profits, become more socially or environmentally
aware, or become more efficient. There’s a lot of changes on the horizon
for some of the world’s biggest fast food chains, some with global impact. Here’s what you can expect to see in the near
future in the world of fast food. Wendy’s and allergy risks Everything in fast food is highly regimented
to ensure consistency and guarantee that a person on vacation is going to know exactly
what they can expect when they pull into their favorite chain. Sometimes, companies overhaul their procedures
and in 2018, Wendy’s made what could be an allergy-inducing change. According to the non-profit organization Food
Allergy Research & Education, or FARE, Wendy’s changed how employees apply ketchup to some
of the chain’s burgers. Now, the utensil used to apply ketchup touches
the mayo, which is potentially dangerous for anyone with an allergy to eggs. FARE now recommends asking for ketchup packets
if there’s a danger of any kind of allergic reaction. Starbucks and the environment The world consumes a ton of coffee, which
means a ton of non-recyclable coffee cups, and that’s led to some big problems. Starbucks wants to change that. USA Today says Starbucks is offering $10 million
to the person who comes up with a design for an environmentally-friendly coffee cup that
can be composted or recycled. At the time of the announcement, Starbucks
cups were only 10 percent post-consumer recycled material, a drop in the bucket as far as being
environmentally conscious goes. Starbucks is trying to go green, and in order
to encourage their customers to bring their own reusable cups, the coffee giant is experimenting
with implementing a surcharge for using disposable cups. This campaign started in London to see if
it will ultimately make an impact and, if it does, you’re likely to see it happening
at your local Starbucks. Arby’s and Buffalo Wild Wings In 2017, Roark Capital Group bought Buffalo
Wild Wings. The group, who already owns Arby’s, paid $2.9
billion for the chicken wing chain and made it clear from they would be running the two
chains independently under the umbrella of Inspire Brands Inc. Just what’s going to change remains to be
seen, but the powers-that-be have already said the two chains are going to start operating
off the same resource base and with the same business practices. A lot of that probably won’t be seen by consumers,
but it’s entirely possible there will be major changes that will impact the final product. Business Insider says one of the things we’re
likely to see is product partnership, and it’s already started with the creation of
a new sauce that’s half Arby’s Horsey and half Buffalo Wild Wing’s Asian Zing, carried
at both locations. Buffalo Wild Wings might get curly fries,
and Arby’s might start serving beer. We can only hope! Papa John’s and beer delivery What’s better than pizza and beer? Papa John’s knows how you feel about that
question, and the franchise has started testing beer delivery on a very small scale. According to VinePair, the company kicked
off the first stages of the experiment in April 2018 in Jeffersonville, Indiana, offering
six-packs of Coors Light, Coors Banquet, Yuengling, Miller Lite, and Dos Equis. If you’re wondering why Jeffersonville got
so lucky, it’s because that’s where the chain first started way back in 1984. Papa John’s actually delivered beer back
then, and it looks like the chain is finally revisiting it, though there’s no word on what’s
going to happen if it’s a success. Taco Bell and training procedures Taco Bell’s menu is huge and changes a lot. That means keeping things consistent is a
challenge, and in April 2018 the chain announced it was making some major changes behind the
scenes to help improve consistency, communication, and training. According to workforce training publication
Chief Learning Officer, the company is going to be investing in the technology needed to
create a massive online database of everything Taco Bell. Everything from procedures for new menu items
to customer insights, on-the-job training activities, and operating procedures. Everything any Taco Bell employee needs will
be accessible from a single database. Not only is it going to make it easier to
standardize the restaurants, but it will also save the chain about $2 million a year on
the new-hire manuals alone. While there were a ton of technical difficulties
that needed to be sorted out, it may just revolutionize the back-end of other fast food
chains as the idea spreads. Chipotle and drive-thru windows There aren’t too many fast food restaurants
that don’t have drive-thru windows, and Chipotle is one of the last holdouts. It doesn’t seem like its made-to-order menu
is conducive to a drive-thru, but that might be changing. In 2017, Business Insider reported Chipotle
testing drive-thru windows at one of its Ohio stores, and that’s not all. Founder and long-time CEO Steve Ells has stepped
down from the company, opening the door to other things Chipotle has always said they’d
never do. Analysts say the drive-thru is likely to stay,
the menu will probably get a complete overhaul, and you’ll probably see them start serving
breakfast. That’s a huge deal, especially considering
the menu has remained almost exactly the same since Chipotle opened in 1993. McDonald’s and going green McDonald’s sells an insane amount of food,
and that means a lot of wrappers, cartons, and other waste, so it’s a huge deal that
the iconic fast food brand is going ultra-sustainable. According to Inc., the first part of the plan
is to get rid of all foam containers by the end of 2018. Then by 2025, the company says it’s going
to be using only packaging that’s 100 percent recycled, certified sustainable, or renewable. By the same year, it plans to put out a system
that recycles 100 percent of customer-used packaging. Straws are also a pretty shocking problem
when it comes to the environment. The Plastic Pollution Coalition has estimated
500,000,000 non-biodegradable straws are used in the US every day. McDonald’s has announced it’s getting rid
of plastic straws starting in all UK locations, changing to paper straws. McDonald’s also aims to cut its greenhouse
gas emissions by 36 percent by 2030. If those goals are met, that would be the
equivalent of taking 32 million cars off the road each year. Most of the cuts are going to come from energy
use, sourcing, beef production, and waste materials, as well as sustainable agriculture,
updating restaurants with energy-efficient equipment, and LED lighting in all locations.

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  1. MegaBytes says:

    Taco hell training good

  2. MegaBytes says:

    Mcy D’s paper straws. GTFO

  3. Dylon says:

    Think all this video did was show me how much I really just don't care.

  4. tomj528 says:

    Fast food is so horrible and expensive that I gave it up over a decade ago…what a wonderful change. Now we cook every meal at home from scratch for the best food at the best price. Coincidentally tonight I'm making tacos. They beat any restaurant especially fast food and at a fraction of the price. We save so much money each year it's not even funny.

  5. thnksno says:

    Get rid of those stupid double lanes at McDonald's! Never fails, I get behind someone more concerned about their stupid phone. Or worse yet, some goof that wants a special order that nobody can understand. So, what do I do? Go inside, WHICH IS EVEN WORSE! Watch the last car pulling into the drive through as you make your order. THAT CAR AND 3 OTHERS ARE PRIORITIZED OVER ORDERS IN THE STORE! That's why they now give you a number and want you to sit down. So you don't see how they DEPRIORITIZE you! Problem is, that also screws with the flow of getting a tray, then condiments, napkins and drinks. When they have you sit down, you need to get up anyway to get this stuff while your meal sits on a table. So, I avoid McDonald's now at all cost.

  6. Chuckster CEC says:

    You forgot to mention Chuck E. Cheese's new and improved remodel taking place all over the country. Along side a new menu, new games, and even the removal of it's iconic animatronic band, things are changing drastically for the company in the coming years.

  7. Arizona girl says:

    How about making McDonald's food less disgusting?

  8. HW2800 says:

    Many Starbuck shops throw the recyclable items into the garbage! LOL!

  9. tina andersen says:

    My mom works for McDonald's. That is why I am watching this.

  10. Mike G says:

    The new kiosks at McDonald's suck. They're really slow and the UI is terrible.

    I ordered 20 chicken nuggets, but it made me select which sauce I wanted, three separate times! Then I added a sandwich and used a $1 mobile app coupon, but it didn't automatically apply the discount to the sandwich already in my cart. I had to select a new sandwich and then delete the other sandwich.

  11. Gerald Brienza says:

    All this food sucks……….

  12. Moose92411 says:

    Why are coffee cups not recycleable? Aren't they cardboard?

  13. Paris Roam says:

    All of these female narrators sound the same!

    Are you the same lady in every video?!

  14. MonsterDrool says:

    Starbucks has always offered .10 cents off any drink for those who bring in their own cups, it's not much so not many people do it!

  15. Stephen Multiverse says:

    McDonalds = Good
    Wendy's = Food that tastes burnt
    Burger King = Trans fat
    Jack in the Box = Cool
    In-n-out = Lacking variety
    Chick-fil-a = Overrated
    Sonic = Hard to find (at least for me)
    Dairy Queen = Nothing bad nor good

  16. jamesdagmond says:

    The ketchup touching the mayo thing doesn't usually happen. Also, if you're that allergic to something, you're better off packing a lunch.

  17. anoldcrow says:

    I thought Papa's big change was no more John

  18. hike oganessian says:


  19. lester b says:

    Who ever said no is a liar lol

  20. Eddieisherenow says:

    I got an idea stop making my vanilla ice cream and milkshakes from beaver anal glands (castoreum) .😡

  21. iVirtualPlays says:

    Fast food needs become more like Japan and other Asian countries. More healthier/quality food readily available. But instead we get trashy food because people would rather pay for those and as a result more problems like diabetes, Obesity and heart disease.

  22. El Trollio says:

    The Ketchup touches the Mayo!! Damnit, I knew there was a reason I was still tasting mayo when I specifically asked for none.

    You had one job Wendy's.

  23. therasheck says:

    The source for how many straws used per day? A survey done by a nine-year-old. True story look it up!

  24. originalresqme says:

    B-Dubs is disgusting now. I got sick the last two times I ate there… violently sick.

  25. peanutbutterlover jr says:

    I just farted lmao🤣🤣😂

  26. MrGrombie says:

    You don't bring your own cup? Let's go ahead and charge you more for this overpriced coffee… ok. 😂 White women everywhere are still crying about the lack of Christmas? Can their base take it?

  27. Frances Brooks says:


  28. Hug Savage says:

    Isn't this the same video uploaded yesterday?

  29. A Keeper Of Odd Knowledge says:

    All those changes to help the environment or cut costs or increase efficiency. Nowhere was it mentioned about improving food quality or flavor. Or reducing prices for the consumer.

  30. Boosted Daily says:

    Now a days the advantages of fast food are slim to none compared to Diners or other restaurants. Cheap food. Fast. Health. Cleanliness. Efficiency. Much better to visit a different restaurant.

  31. amanda Derp says:

    Whatevs just bring back berry bronco sauce

  32. Davina Missick says:

    I hate plastic straws .They feel horrible on your teeth and go soggy

  33. Silver Scale Productions says:

    I know how to solve the coffee cup problem, most people buy the same size of coffee and most major coffee shops sell marketed mugs so just require people to bring their own mugs. Yes that will be inconvenient for drive through customers but it would yeild next to no waste for the cups. Or give a discount for those that bring their own cups…

  34. Herman L says:

    Yeah in my country, only fast food company’s are sub-way and McDonalds.

  35. Candi Soda says:

    Paper straws? Hmm wonder how that works

  36. Nathan Douglas says:

    I work at taco Bell. Ignore the training procedures they're just videos that we skip through until we get to the questions and guess until they're right

  37. NELOPES7 says:

    Arby's is shit

  38. Karl Striepe says:

    I bring my own thermal to Starbucks and they given me a 10 cent discount … thanks … how about upping that discount, maybe?

  39. nxedgt says:

    I have a slight Allergy to eggs, It Makes My Throat Itch.😢I Can't Eat Eggs Without Having An Itchy Throat.

  40. Doug Priceless says:

    Papa John embezzled hundreds of thousands of dollars to feed his addiction to jet black hair dye and eyebrow growth cream

  41. Grizzly BƎAR says:

    Once you get a drive-through the quality of food might change…

  42. crimson90 says:

    The straw number is way out of proportion. Look it up. The effect of straws is negligible.

  43. Full Nelson says:

    Some pretty good facts to know here… although I would love to see more done on the recycling front of things …. we could do so much better! 🤔

  44. Ashley N says:

    Oh but they are still serving us cancer? Ok.

  45. Ferrit Rat says:

    Chipotle should sell churros

  46. PureAwkwardness says:

    The surcharge probably won't encourage me.

  47. Ron Goro says:

    Bcb at taco bell 8/13/18

  48. Blaque Link says:

    Getting rid of plastic straws is great but,how are paper straws going to work? I’m very interested

  49. Blaque Link says:

    Good on McDonald’s for getting rid of plastic straws.

  50. Ben says:

    Some of these changes are fantastic but only if they can do it without burdening the consumers. More often than not, the cost of these changes will be pushed to the consumers and that isn't something i want.

  51. The Great Cornholio says:


  52. Aaron AshCaster says:

    Well …. bwws is going to get worse now.

  53. mogie54 says:


  54. Babbleplay says:

    More people pushing the straw issue. Tsk. Sure, straws add to the issue, but they are a drop in the bucket compared to others, and the study mentioned in the video here had no real scientific investigation, and the whle thing was based on a grade schooler's project.

  55. Tynrova says:

    Who cares about the eco stuff? Was hoping for actually interesting changes.

  56. The legendary YEET says:

    What the fuck is going on 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

  57. Cyrus Takem says:

    I don't understand how starbucks is so famous, it is just diluted coffe

  58. Emily Lavielle says:

    Fuck Starbucks.

  59. mixwell1983 says:

    I have a great idea for the starbucks cups.. Brew your own coffee at home and drink it out of a mug. Wheres my money ?

  60. Usmaan Zabair says:

    Pizza Hut pepperoni pizza for the win.

  61. Plant Fuelled says:

    Starbucks aren't green. In Hong Kong they served me a takeaway cup, when I asked to stay in. When I complained they said they don't have china cups min Hong Kong despite China the world's biggest manufacturer being on their doorstep. Got my money back and left.

  62. DjAlonDevil says:

    3:11 Taco Bell China

  63. EustaZZ says:

    Taco bell should Open chains in germany

  64. The Shadow Master says:

    Please think of a different solution I hate paper straws I just can't fuckin stand them

  65. Juliett A says:

    A surcharge for non-recyclable cups is ass-backwards purely for psychological reasons. A tiny discount for customers bringing their own reusable/recyclable cup would be INFINITELY more successful.

  66. Daniel Johnston says:

    Domino's delivers! Yeah? OK then, take it right to the landfill!

  67. Sage Oldmann says:


  68. Misty EJ says:

    the starbucks thing is already happening in my town! (in england) you get a discount of 25p when 7 use a reusable cup, they are also only £1!!!!!!😱😱😸😸😸😂😂❤️

  69. D Redman says:

    9yr old kid straw facts lol

  70. Dylan White says:

    The plastic straw 500 million data is from a 9 year old boy! The real number is about 175, and they make up a incredibly tiny amount of the total waste of the US, which is 1% of global waste

  71. Devine Massage says:

    Regarding Starbucks. In my town various coffee shops offer a $0.50 discount for bringing your own reusable coffee/travel mug. Not only is Starbucks coffee nearly double (or triple) the cost of the other shops (which also have excellent coffee), Starbucks only gives a $0.10 discount for bringing your own reusable/travel mug. Even if that same mug was purchased at Starbucks & has the Starbucks logo. I think a better policy would be to give a better discount off bringing your own mug rather than charge more for not. (Smh)

  72. B Hughes says:

    Every taco Bell is getting self check out kiosks soon

  73. Pepperoni pizza man says:

    0:55 come on, get real only like 5% of the population has a allergy to egg anyway.

  74. nick lloyd says:

    fuck off

  75. Noah William says:

    OMG YESSSSS australia is getting tacobell yay im so happy:)

  76. Paolo Furfaro says:

    in brazil all pizzarias serve beer, exept dominos or pizza hut, but they dont serve real pizza so who cares

  77. Bagsy says:

    Papa Johns is disgusting. Their sauce tastes like armpits.

  78. Adam Mcgrath says:

    There is a reason we started using plastic straws and Styrofoam. Going to paper straws and having people bring in their own coffee cups….is going backwards. Liberal policies are regressive….not progressive.

  79. John Harbin says:

    Everyone should start buying their coffee at a place that not charge you $5 a cup and give you a cup with it. It's nice to see how some people can turn their greed into green.

  80. Polish Mob says:

    Fun fact, paper that s recycled requires a great carbon footprint than a new sheet of paper

  81. iconoclast says:

    Recycling also means reusing. I always have several paper drink cups and straws that I saved when I bought soda or coffee at a fast food place. I reuse them at home or in my car because they're so handy to drink from while driving, and they perform their task better than any tumblers or cups you can buy at a store.

  82. PLANET X says:

    Someone on here said there is only a 10 cent discount for bringing your own mug. Wow, how ridiculous!! They should be ashamed.

  83. Blake NoLast says:

    Fuck all of these companies. They exploit animals and destroy the planet and human health.

  84. upside downdog says:

    I ride past a McD's twice a day. It smells like a chemical refinery! Plastic straws and paper wrappers will do nothing to solve THAT problem!

  85. 10 Hammers says:

    Now that it is legal to grow hemp can we have hemp straws?

  86. Chandly W says:

    I had my reusable Starbucks cup in my room with me while I'm watching this😂 the future is pretty great

  87. Graham Crichton says:

    Don't Costa already recycle cups?

  88. KbagnellArtwork says:

    Serious question….is TacoBell better in USA than Canada? Because in Canada it's gutter Trash…. I've had far supior food at 7-eleven .. yet people rave about it somehow :/

  89. Miso Mama says:

    starbucks should give discounts to people who bring their own mugs. this would cut down on waste overall as well as draw in more customers to balance out the discount.

  90. Miso Mama says:

    mcdees going green is a joke. you cant recycle containers that absorb food and food odors. this one of those phony feel good lies made by companies.

  91. Ozansmh says:

    I thought it said big chungus

  92. Paul Wayne says:

    Am I the only one that honestly gets upset when reading some of the comments……. Then realize that it's mostly kids. 😂 I'm grown (I'm in the wrong, I should be reading them)

  93. Anthony Bruno says:

    Starbucks you suiuuck

  94. Justise Lasley says:

    Taco Bell on line training??? McDonalds have been doing that for about 8 years now. Everything you can learn is in an online database.

  95. iMarc89 says:

    McDonald's UK has now implemented paper straws, and they're awful. Firstly, it puts a time limit on how long you have to drink your soft drink. Within 15 minutes, the straw has almost completely disintegrated and you can taste the paper as you drink. So you either need two or three straws, or not to have taste buds.

    Secondly, you physically cannot drink a McDonald's milkshakes through a paper straw. If you try to drink it cold, the straw collapses under the pressure and the inside sticks to itself or it folds and the liquid can't pass through. If you wait until the milkshake has thinned a bit, the straw disintegrates as with sodas, only it happens faster.

    Third, the problem with plastic straws is not, and has never been, the environmental cost of production. Rather the problem is people not disposing of them responsibly. If people recycle both the straw and the cup, it doesn't actually matter what they're made of since they'll be made into something else eventually.

    Lastly, using paper might actually be worse. If people continue just to throw their paper straws in the trash like they do their plastic straws, then the problem shifts away from manufacturing new plastics to manufacturing more paper. The manufacture of paper necessitates the felling of trees. If you consider the number of straws that McDonald's uses globally in a day, that's an hundreds of additional trees being felled every day just to produce straws for one fast food chain. How is that more environmentally sound than producing new plastics?

  96. Travis Nelson says:

    3:42 is that taco bell serving alcohol??

  97. sloaches lee says:


  98. TheOrangeCreeper says:

    Chick Fil A has converted 80% of their chicken supply to No Antibiotics Ever and will convert 100% of their chicken supply to No Antibiotics Ever by the end of 2019.

  99. Makayla Ludwig says:

    When they remodel fast food stores they make the seats and aesthetic uncomfortable and less family friendly because they don't want you eating in the restaurant.

  100. Michael Ashcraft says:

    Oh no, not the Capital Group, no wonder Arby's prices are goin' up so fast. Stop with the holding companies already!!!

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