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BFFs Try One Of The Best Salvadoran Restaurants In California

I never had like uh-huh whatever you know one curly be sure to Sally I brought ready all the way from LA to San Diego to eat at this restaurant called accelerate for me I believe it’s the best Latin restaurant in Santa de we’re gonna try three different dishes which are so far apart our casamento and finish it off with empanadas I’m so excited you know I stayed atop a durian foods online hmm oh boy Arriba yo me llamo Maria Constanza is a la una de este lugar love Remos singing Nino a center no anti Cinco yeah yeah come here Segura a nest area no way la primera persona pero para ESO do squadron nadie sabe acara pupusas in San Diego – yeah hua PO socket for force is here ahem that you can open us your revered with MMS apprendi Africa muchachita informally token to go Rita very I am only for you know that I PCC one when are they on awake as economy say appear now el khazzani fo going to let a platinum burrito and common flat 40 people Dominican yes delicioso professor a sexual moment a formal theory is this how you pictured it ever or I can reek of the rain oh my mouth is watering so hard la SOPA de prata is a given process on our gizmo Danica Penelope little Enzo el menú Dasaratha syllabic on vinaigrettes le kita tall fellow Kate Ryan yo lo que algo Calloway focus in and oh oh la la noche look at that that’s a hole that’s my shit you eat the carne adovada la pata is there another one in this beer you need to have that one but you just kind of like Swami see ya they make it really good they spent hours cooking they didn’t tell you I found a flattened yeah that’s right son you don’t want to try some foot and then look at TM on dongle oh wow this is the stomach of the cow the stomach lining in it it is so good there’s a hundred times better in menudo you heard it here first it is and it is so good if we had a version of like what Salvadorian so food it would be somebody papa and she did a phenomenal job they’re doing an amazing job back there I only have one field I could make this [Laughter] or if you have bravado let me buy another salad Saturday queasy so be honest with you I never thought that me living in California whatever to taste a mondongo that’s good I want meat okay and Kissimmee and Oh too late of your burrito my favorite this is what we eat for breakfast right here usually casamento se tiene que hacer lo frijoles primero saccharin Lassa pile of regalo para poder hacer el arroz stones and arrows cocina con el calvario frequently cuando yo cosiness si young a Fernando Lopez siquiera come to Metacom despair for your asada love Ellen accompany our con carne okand aquavit acai Estrella dovey and Rico como tú quieras some tract am weary pimento – Letta and the Platinum in the case of all of them [Music] I love it it’s so good oh my gosh in this hour it’s really well-seasoned and it’s not some stuff because sometimes like people will avoid the salt and the seasoning is just right it’s perfect Jill you pull my thumb and I feel like I’m in my mom’s kitchen you can feel the love like the years the traditional are here and our people who do what our people eat and I’m really proud that you like it to be honest yeah thank you for like bringing me here right and this is the Agua they got an idea good I know here is passion fruit so good really good enough everything is so good it’s so fresh everything is raw it’s made here first nothing is like far everything is all fresh it’s not being alone it’s family-owned you come over here but what comes you like you’re part of their family when they went to Dominican Republic they brought by my wanna coming I went to that kid that the daughters quinceañera for me this be police before family there so you can tell you can surf it when you walked in they showed you all this love they were so happy to see you you knew the kids you know everybody as somebody who does eat Salvadoran food I grew up in it I eat it on weekends it’s bomb if you can get San Diego you get your ass it’s super good but we have more especially the carne open Odyssey poner be red platinum primero say cocina con agua still be Alamo lemmas Yas a moonlit or fajita a lemon la an effect on developing Marivic a problem on empanadas he may well be loco Popovic italian HLN through a lot of mundo la tavola lady it’s the money shot right they stopped no matter what you’re doing with Bobby food there’s gonna be loving there a lot of love in there usually we share I’m not sure this is good cuz like it’s crispy on the outside too and when you get on the inside is super stock I went the who came up with this our people yeah people always think about Salvadorian food as like solamente pupusas and that’s fine you know that’s cool not so we love but there’s more to us that’s the reason why I wanted to make this video the Salvadorian food is more than four pulls us and when I come to this restaurant I don’t really equal pulls as I eat everything else and everything else is so delicious if you come through try different things don’t be afraid to try something other than a pizza but definitely whatever you do finish it off and have you something fun awesome you’re not gonna regret it it’s gonna be so good Los Angeles para que no solo trata la comida esta tarde para para que tengan experiencia the camara key in the corner sur la gente aquí que lo que piensa I loved it I love this so much am I gonna sell it on yeah of course right and I always say that when I’m at home I’m in a little El Salvador and when I walk out I’m in the United States see but it’s always so nice to see our people doing the thing going out into the community were more than like gangs we’re more than violence we’re more than like war trauma people want to give Latinos a different idea of what we are who they think we are look like for entrepreneurs and then we make delicious food if you’re in San Diego you have to contrive those come check it out I thought I saw be myself a stamp of approval on it it’s so good we gotta come back only for this only for this and then go back to LA I panic to eat I did my job they say ya curly some dope-ass Salvadoran food I’ve kids on the ice right on over everybody I mean yes we’re so happy it’s so good everything is perfect so [Music] and she also said that I was really stuff we’re doing too so I got my scam [Laughter]

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