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September 29, 2019 8 Comments

it’s amazing it tastes like ice cream
and then you get a bacon kick at the end hey everybody today we’re gonna take a
break from real estate topics and I’m gonna introduce you to some of my
favorite places to eat here in Tampa Melanie Atkinson here realtor with Smith
& Associates in beautiful Tampa Bay Florida and I’m very excited to talk to
you today about some of my favorite restaurants in Tampa the food scene here in Tampa is growing
and changing all the time it can be hard to keep up today I’m gonna go through
some of the most famous Tampa restaurants and they’re famous for a
reason because they’re amazing and then I’m gonna introduce you to some
restaurants that I love that aren’t as famous but just as good if you’ve been
researching restaurants in the Tampa Bay area you’ve probably already heard of
some of our most famous ones Bern’s Steak House leads that list it’s an
amazing experience you definitely need to try it and you definitely need to
make reservations early after you’re done eating make sure you leave time for
the kitchen tour and the wine cellar tour it’s definitely worth it and you
have to go to the dessert room upstairs for a true Bern’s experience another
super hot restaurant right now here in Tampa is you Ulele it’s located at
the northern end of the Tampa Riverwalk and not only has beautiful views but the
building itself is gorgeous it serves native Florida cuisine and it’s amazing
make sure you try the charbroiled oysters and for dessert
try the maple candy bacon ice cream trust me it’s amazing so just down the
street from Ulele is Armature works within Armature works is the height
public market which can best be described as an upscale and hip food
court there are food and drink choices for every different palate and the
building is gorgeous so make sure you look around whenever you’re there
there’s also a high-end sit-down restaurant at our mature where it’s
called steel Bock that’s a great memorable dining experience the other
restaurant that Tampa is already known for is the Columbia restaurant in Ybor
City opened in 1905 it is Florida’s oldest restaurant
there are also some smaller locations of the Columbia around the state of Florida
but the one in Ybor City is the one to go to for an authentic experience
everything on their extensive menu is delicious but you can’t go wrong with
the original Cuban sandwich and the 1905 salad it makes me hungry just thinking
about it so now I wanted to highlight some of the lesser-known restaurants
here in Tampa that you should definitely try out if you’re spending some time
here this list could be a hundred restaurants long so I tried to
down to the ones that I personally love and that I think are really interesting
in high quality first we have On Swann this amazing restaurant is located in
Hyde Park Village it’s a great place to go with friends to try some craft
cocktails or enjoy their seasonal menu the shareable boards are awesome and I
also love the fig tarts for an appetizer my favorite entree is the scallops and
for dessert you can’t go wrong with the daily cobbler on Swann has a social and
fun vibe it’s not necessarily my first choice for a quiet romantic date but
it’s perfect if you’re meeting up with some friends so now if you do want that
quiet romantic and kind of sexy vibe I have a great recommendation for you it’s
Ciro’s speakeasy on Bayshore Boulevard Ciro’s is spelled Ciro now this is a
true speakeasy and you should call ahead to make reservations and you need to
call the day of to get the password to enter the entrance the Ciro’s can be a
little tricky to find so hopefully you have a good knowledgeable uber or lyft
driver or when you call to make reservations have them give you a little
bit more specific directions so here’s the key to a true Ciro’s experience
you’re gonna want to get a private booth but you need to call ahead far enough in
advance in order to reserve one of those Ciro’s has a great menu in a Prohibition
themed cocktail menu but for me series is more about ambiance and less about
the food and drinks even though they’re all fantastic now staying on the retro
theme for restaurants cw’s gin joint is my next recommendation and that is
located on Franklin Street in downtown Tampa you don’t need a password to get
into this one but you will appreciate the throwback vibe of the staff and the
decor the bartender’s are super friendly and knowledgeable if you can eat dinner
at the bar and talk to them it’s a lot of fun and it’s really interesting to
watch them make the drinks again an amazing menu overall but if I had to
recommend two things at the gin joint it would be the short ribs and the lobster
mac and cheese it is amazing now we’re gonna switch gears completely
and I’m going to introduce you to my favorite casual off-the-beaten-path
lunch spot here in Tampa and that is big raised fish camp on InterBay mostly
outdoor seating here so go when the weather is nice
the grouper sandwich is ridiculous and recently I tried the hot chicken
sandwich and it is just as good definitely get the French fries on the
side and definitely expect to eat more than you were planning on only open from
11:00 to 3:00 go there check it out you won’t regret it my next recommendation
is pretty famous if you live here in Tampa but not as talked about Donatello
is located on Dale Mabry just north of Kennedy and serves authentic Italian
food I literally dream about it sometimes and I’m not even kidding this
is the place that you take people who want authentic Italian food served by a
staff that makes you feel like family it has a piano bar and plays live music
daily it’s a fantastic date spot now if it’s breakfast you’re looking for I have
some great recommendations for that too I’m gonna go through them all pretty
quickly here for that down-home breakfast experience if you really like
bacon and sausage check out Jimbo’s BBQ on Kennedy just down the street from
Jimbo’s is Metro diner they have a great breakfast too they just opened a Tampa
location here recently daily eats on South Howard has some amazing breakfast
balls and cheese tots that are totally worth the calories and finally the
Oxford exchange on Kennedy just before you get downtown is a beautiful place
for a higher-end breakfast during the week or brunch on the weekends if you
miss the breakfast hours at the Oxford exchange you can still check them out
for a great lunch or afternoon tea so now that I’m good and hungry I’m gonna
go find a place to eat lunch thank you so much for joining me on this episode
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  1. Melanie Loves Tampa Bay says:

    From the most well-known to hidden gems, I'm sharing recommendations for some of my favorite restaurants from casual to fine dining. What are your favorites?

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    God bless you Melanie

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    The very best brownies anywhere are at Rise Diner, Seminole Hard Rock Casino, 🎰💲… I want to eat at 🥩 Berns… 😉

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    Great video Melanie, thank you. Are there any good ethnic options that you could share?

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    Very informative!

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    for those that can afford it

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