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Best Pool Resort in Iloilo?

September 27, 2019 No Comments

She did not even bother to change. The towel will do for her. Hey, hey, hey Paps! We are on our way to SeaGarden. Jill and I are going swimming as part of our exercise. We are ready. I bought Gatorade.. to replenish our electrolytes… NAKS! Here she is… driving. We are so ready to SWIM-cercise! Turn here! Swimming is a very good exercise because it is good for the joints. Your whole body moves but it is LOW IMPACT. There is no sudden or hard impact like in running. … where your joints gets… uhm… impact!?!?! There’s also resistance. Because the water produces resistance against your movement. It’s good for cardio and you also have resistance training. It’s complete! You are also training your coordination and breathing. Am I right Mums? YUP! Look at her attire. I feel hot.
ID: Are you going to go for a jog? Hopefully, we can do this weekly… but the pool rate is expensive. But what is important is that we have exercise… especially mommy… I really need her to get fitter. Honestly, I’m a bad swimmer. Shoutout to my sister for finishing a triathlon. … in Canada. My sister is a much much better swimmer…. She knows the fundamentals well. … so she joined her local triathlon event. Her first… only a sprint tri event. She did well. Congrats [Eunice]! Hoping that I will improve and swim just as well as my sister. I’m learning. Slowly but surely. My problem is that I sink like a brick. I do not float well. But I’m moving when I swim. So that’s one thing going on for me. We are now approaching Seagarden. – Good morning. – Good morning Chief! -Just go forward . -Thank you! They have animal sculptures. fake animals, fake horses… [mumble pa more] [Mommy’s so fast] [VICE GANDA] let’s park first There… there… park at the shade. Jill: I’ll practice my “backing” [parking skills]. – Good morning!
– Going for swim, sir?
– Yes! [you think?] Of course. Pay first before swim. Why Seagarden?
Because for me, it has the best pool for swimming exercises. It is also not crowded… especially in the mornings. – 2 adults?
– Yes. – How much is it?
– 180 sir. Thank you! So this is the pool! op… Tsep… You again huh! thanks man! One of the best features of Seagarden… is their poolside view. They are along the coastline… so they have this view. [Sea and Guimaras Island] This why it’s nice here. The Island of Guimaras! So how’s the effort? – My legs are tired. We are ‘trying hard’ swimmers. I tried to minimize my rest. – Really? – Yes – Well, good for you! Okay, so we’re done. That was a good workout! That was a tiring one. She did not even change her clothes. Towel will do for her. … Me too… LULZ! I’ll just put them here… These are not that wet. … except the towel. … nope not even the towel. She’s sexy [hot]. [poor attempt for whistle] [better whistle this time] We’re all good! So everything good? How’s your swim? Did you improve your strokes? I’m sinking better. Are you moving faster in the water? – a bit… How’s your sciatica? It hurts a bit but manageable.

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