Benefits of lodging with myTax

Let’s be honest, there are plenty of things
you’d rather be doing than your tax return. So when it comes to doing yours this year,
keep it quick and keep it easy with myTax. MyTax is our online product that makes lodging
your tax return a breeze. MyTax is for everyone regardless of your circumstances
or how complex your tax affairs are. How does it work?
It works on any smart device with an internet connection for starters.
MyTax will guide you through the whole tax return process, and will generate a return
that is tailored to your situation. It pre-fills information wherever possible, so there’s
less for you to fill in. Plus, with integrated calculators and links
to useful information, tax deductions have never been simpler, while built-in checks
will catch mistakes. You can even save your progress and come back
to it later. MyTax is the smart, efficient way to lodge
and could reduce the time and effort it takes to do your tax… letting you get back to
things you’d rather be doing. This year, try myTax. You’ll find it at

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