100 Replies to “Being In Love With Your Best Friend”

  1. Stewart Fletcher says:

    They look so alike I forgot which one was the best friend

  2. Michelle Balderas says:

    Being in love with ur best friends Is bad because they ever are straights

  3. Hanna Joudi says:

    Just in case no body knows this, they are now married and pregnant with a baby girl

  4. Cloud 9 says:

    I have a massive crush on my Bff but I don’t know if she is straight but she is single I’m usually jealous of a boy who is kinda our friend but they used to like each other and it hurts me seeing how she has to go through a terrible life and it pains me seeing her with guys cause I know….she will never love me in the way I love her

  5. Erin Curran says:

    That’s gay

  6. Petro Petto says:

    HOW CUTE 😍😍😍

  7. Stacy 0101 says:

    Sam and allysa!!!

  8. Krazy Kittu Shenanigans says:

    Aww this hits home

  9. ImAnAwkwardPotato says:

    At least it has a happy ending.

  10. Kayla B says:

    Hnnggg I felt that ouch

  11. Sara Shr says:

    And now in 2019 they're going to have a baby together :)))

  12. Born In The Wrong Planet says:

    the fact that they are expecting a child makes this video even more precious

  13. Random Non says:

    That jacket pull was adorable.

  14. Random Non says:

    That jacket pull.

  15. Xcaliburz Storm says:

    this is why i am single cause a lesbians damn 27 years i been a single man cause girls don to want a nice guy like me

  16. Em Ma says:

    I fell in love with my best friend in seventh grade she was in a relationship that seemed perfect but she was dying inside and I was in a relationship where I was contantly abused one night we were walking around and I got enough curage to kiss her she's my fiance now and I couldn't be any happier I'm glad I took a chance when I was terrified she has shown me there's always a rainbow after a storm.

  17. Lala Lili says:

    Sam & Alyssa ❤️ just in love with them personalities . They're matured couple . Nothing to say , they're amazing ! ❤️

  18. Ellie Grindley says:

    The first couple are now expecting there first daughter

  19. Deadly Venom says:

    I might like my best friend and I don't know if I should tell her… I know that she likes girls too tho so that is already A LOT

  20. Yumely Sánchez says:

    its funny because if you ever fall in love with your best friend this actually never happens, everything becomes so awkward and both end up taking distance from each other

  21. Third Echelon says:

    Waiting for the pt 2 where they have a 3 some

  22. Megan Praveen says:

    I’m actually dating my best friend now 🙂

  23. blackbeltgrl413 says:

    Both me and my best friend were proclaimed as straight until we both had a crush on the other without telling eachother for months then i told her how i was in love with her and she paused and said "… me too" it hit me HARD! We have been together for over a year now 🙂 <3

  24. LexiI will die for Twin XL/ I’m yeemo Ł says:

    50 likes and I’ll send this video to my bsf

  25. ariana marie says:

    Why do they look like twins

  26. Cherry Cheese says:

    If this was realistic it would end with one of them being straight and the other one crying for weeks

  27. Klara_Hansen8 says:

    1:43 Sam’s jawline and 1:44 Alyssa’s cheekbones 😍😱🔥🔥❤️😫😝🔥😂

  28. Charlotte Pototsky says:

    This is kinda relatable

  29. Admire M says:

    It looked more like twin incest 🤷🏾‍♀️

  30. Respect My Dad says:

    Me and my gf met in a festival (straight guy) she told me she was bi and to be honest it didn't matter to me I love her still

  31. Malzie World says:

    nasty, i would never even consider falling for my bff

  32. Thorns Artimatic says:

    Well, same

  33. Sirius Edits says:

    The way I would describe being in love with your best friend is like the free Netflix trial. It’s great when it’s there (when your best friend isn’t in a relationship) but after a while you have to go back to the way things were before (when your best friend finds a partner) and then it’s gone forever (your chances of ever being in a relationship with them).

  34. X_ Chase_X says:

    I’m going to try to say this in a positive attitude…

    My 2 friends that are both 12 years old and, they like like each other.. They started to date last week and they were going to keep it a secret from, me… I don’t think they trust me i guess… But i still remember that I introduced my Best friend (Her name is Seyanna and ive been friends with her for 9 years), to Paige. (A friend of mine, the one that’s dating Seyanna) I know i might sound like I’m judging how lesbians have their rights and all that, i know true! But then again, they are still learning about subjects.. Loads of them. Ever since ive known Paige, she says dating is so disturbing. The reason why i might not be a huge fan of supporting lesbians is because at the start of the month this year, well around there… Paige kept hassling me to get a “support lesbians” wrist band. That was too far. I supported them enough.. Now i was getting forced..

    So hear me out, i sound really rude.. all I’m trying to say is, My friends shouldn’t be dating…Last year they hated each other.. Something changed in them though. But they lie so much to eachother 🙁

  35. The Three Pineapples says:

    Lol they look like twins

  36. Raven -The Mess- says:

    Who's watching after they're married and pregnant with a baby girl? <3

  37. Savanna Pfetzer says:

    this hits too close to hommmeee :((

  38. ami na says:

    هذه ليست الصداقة بل تحريف لها إتقوا الله 👌👌👌

  39. Jasmine Houston-Burns says:

    Ah, yes, the classic shirt tug, universally sexy

  40. I suck at cooking says:

    Yaaayy happy and cute ending!

  41. Book Lover says:

    The girls are cute!! 💙💙💙

  42. Ele Arias says:

    Alyssa and Sam
    They are my favorites ❤️🌈🙏

  43. LazyChezPotato :3 says:

    I can relate so much!

    (Other than to falling in love part sadly 😖 BC most my friends straight)

  44. Golden Zerow says:

    One fact I don't like lesbians, is that they turn straight women into gay people

  45. shani says:

    i really wish it was that easy:(
    im in love with my best friend for a year now (ever since we met at a new school) and ta daa- it's June 20th and i still can't tell him 😅

  46. K Shafer says:

    And now they are having a baby

  47. Kim Mochi says:

    Can i just have a kiss from my best friend before i die?

  48. ميم says:

    They are having a baby now wow

  49. steel heart says:

    Tattoos? GAY! Low cut tank top? GAY! Skateboarding while looking deeply in each other's eyes? GGGGGAAAAAYYYYY!

  50. seo_ yom says:

    Damn don't fall for straight people!
    I am a victim of that.

  51. Wide Variety Angelina Lapomardo says:

    I was like oh this is my life so relatable.

    Then they actually got together.
    Oh I guess not

  52. Mary Morehead says:

    I am with my best friend for 20 years now. We were best friends for 8 years before we realized we were in love.

  53. Vana Vana says:

    Are you afraid to fall in love ?
    I’m afraid of being the only one who fall 💔

  54. Kavita Singh says:

    Its not that easy

  55. Ipshita T says:

    And now Sam and Alyssa are having a baby 😍

  56. Açucena Caldeira says:

    Cadê os brasileiros kkk

  57. Raissa Gonçalves says:

    I'm not in love with my best friend but dude that's must be rought AND THIS IS SO DAMM CUTE AAAAH MY BI HEART

  58. lifeispink626 says:

    Are they twins?

  59. Severus Snape says:

    Ok, this is long, but I just can't remove some details from the story.. So here it is..

    I'm in love with my best friend. We've known each other for about 5 months now and I've liked her since day 1 and not sure when I just fell in love with her.. Neither of us have ever been in a relationship before. I always wondered, like everyone does with their crush, if she liked me back. There was a part of me that thought for a long time that she does; but I didn't wanna ruin what we had by telling her I love her as I wasn't really sure how she truly felt about me..

    But lately I had started realizing that she sees me no more than just a best friend… Sometimes you just know it.. So I just gave up… I decided to never tell her how I felt about her.
    Then, last week she tells me that she has something to tell me but isn't sure if she should.. After a lot of asking what it was, she tells me that she loves me more than just a best friend. I WAS ON CLOUD NINE AND I COULD FEEL THE BLOOD RUSH TO MY HEAD AND IT JUST FELT SO AMAZING TO HEAR THAT FROM HER … I did not expect her to say that and all that doubt about her not liking me just went away in the blink of an eye.. I don't remember the last time I was so happy.. I was just beaming with joy..

    But hey, guess what, life happened and it turns out, it isn't a fairytale like in the video after all.. All of this lasted for no more than 2 minutes when she told me she was just kidding, and the thing that she actually wanted to tell me is that she actually has been in a relationship before and that I remind her so much of her ex; the way we talk about everything, the way I care about her so much.. At that moment, to realise that she isn't even over her ex in the first place, let alone like me, and that I actually remind her of her EX , it felt like she delicately ripped my heart out of my chest and successfully stabbed it a couple hundred times.. To go from having some tiny hopes creeping in my heart, to cloud nine and get thrown back to no hopes, it all feels like I was hopping on a trampoline and on one jump I just touched the clouds but then gravity did its wonders to pull me back, but only this time, there wasn't a trampoline anymore to fall back on.. Its just plain hard cold ground..
    I feel like crying watching this video.. Oh how I wish she liked me back..

    P. S. Sorry about the ending not being like a fairytale you expected

  60. matthew forbes says:

    Now they are married and are expecting a baby

  61. P Craze says:

    i have a bestfriend
    we have a weird friendship which is well weird but its amazing
    well okay two years ago i left abroad and i had a dream about us being affectionate towards each other do you get it?so well even after i came back i had that kind of dream more two times and i don't really know what to do cause i never saw her that way and i would never do something intentionally to
    ruin us us so like any advice?
    im in a dilemma

  62. Sophie snow says:

    Yall help me im staight and just got a boyfriend but ne and my bff gave alaways been extemly close. And now im getting the feeling she is lesbian for me??? But if she is she,s in the closet..what do i do?

  63. psychopathic maniacs says:

    This reminds me of girls like girls like boys do

  64. Veronica Jauregui Cabello says:

    Y saber que ellas dos tendran un bebe ♡

  65. Megan Banda says:

    I’ve never had an actual best friend. So she’s lucky to even see her. The girl I like is someone I found on TikTok and we talk sometimes, but I have no idea how to tell her and I’m afraid to because usually when I tell my crush I like them, they pull away. Also, I don’t even know how she feels about me.

  66. AegyoElkie says:

    Ok so, I’m screwed. I’ve completely fallen for my best friend and she is straight. I will never let my feelings get the better of me and act on them but I cannot stop thinking about her, advice?

  67. Allison Sankbeil says:

    Why is this me, like for real.

  68. Rcket Rocket says:

    Their face look the same, so confused

  69. Kat Kissass says:

    Christ I never knew these two were in buzzfeed

  70. Everything Left Turns says:

    How to spit the damaged woman, she has sleeves on tattoos

  71. XxDefender Xx xxx says:


  72. Julissa Valencia says:

    I fell in love with my best friend in 8th grade I am 22 and married with my husband. And I promise you she still in my mind, in my heart and in my soul. It kills me knowing that we don't talk anymore and we live in the same city. Love is such a strong and powerful emotion

  73. wild wølf says:

    Still find it nostalgic that they are married and parents to be

  74. Mack69 says:

    at least no children

  75. Hello. How you do. says:

    I always get confused with anything
    Even if one was short had green hair and white hair with tattoos everywhere

    I even get confused with my siblings 😂

  76. Anita Coccar says:

    im not crying you are

  77. anola lobo says:

    Who is here in 2019, after Sam and Aly got pregnant?

  78. buffy455 says:

    I saw it again! I love this couple and thinking that they’re moms now ❤️

  79. Ethan Prescott says:

    I’m a straight guy and a devout Christian, through out my childhood my pastor and parents always told me that being homosexual or lgbt 🏳️‍🌈 stuff are evil. And now during my late teenage years I have finally come to the realisation that it’s totally normal being in love with the same gender isn’t a problem as long as they love each other, and financially support each other. Love has no border,religion,skin colour, and Gender. To anyone who reads this comment I have to say. God bless you all.🏳️‍🌈❤️✝️

  80. Jéssica Maria says:

    Não entendi nada pq tá em inglês e eu não sei falar inglês kkk

  81. Sabrina Wang says:

    Well they’re married and about to have a baby now😂

  82. Forest Puma says:

    White people: All Asians look the same
    White people:

  83. Pasta Jendeuki says:

    They look like sisters… Almost twins

  84. Maddie G says:


  85. Maddie Singz says:

    I'm in love with my best friend but she's straight😔

  86. Noor Fatima Ahmad says:

    I've got goosebumps

  87. Lost Girl says:

    Dear ex best friend
    You are my last, I will pass my rest of the life without any friend,, because without you I can't imagine anyone,,, I will be okay,,,,,fortunately we are mortal,,, if life was immortal then it would be more painful to forget you,,,

  88. Debashree Das says:

    Well am bi…mostly gay….and my best friend is straight….and she was kinda homophobic too….but i really worked hard to change her perspective towards genderless love….and i think am kinda falling for her….like that's like one of my biggest nightmares….i don't think i will ever own that much courage to confess it to her…..

  89. zoe cevallos says:

    ♥️so beautiful

  90. Your Dad says:

    I dated my best friend, and it was amazing. But when I lost him, i lost my best friend too. We’re best friends again after a while, and even if i do have feelings for him it’s okay, because at least i still have him. We were in love and that can never be replaced

  91. Autumn Wright says:

    so… basically shes just In love with herself??

  92. Bosh says:

    First time BuzzFeed served good endinh

  93. leah stangard says:

    They're both so attractive. I can't pick ffs..

  94. Amythyst says:

    i feel like they copied off of buzzfeed's videos…

  95. Xavi Xiang says:

    “Asians all look the same”…yeah sure.

  96. anabeth chase says:

    What about being in love with your homophobic Friends best friend you know but your homophobic friend is like your sister and you’re kind of afraid of what would happen if you actually did start dating her friend even if her friend likes you which is unlikely

  97. The Kataang Princess says:

    For me I fell in love with my best friend who is a guy ( I'm a girl BTW ) and he was also in love with me and we've been together for two months now and I'm super happy

  98. sanket patra says:

    Girls are gorgeous !

  99. Anamika Poudel says:

    And now they are having a beautiful baby girl.

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