100 Replies to “Behind Bars: Rookie Year: What’s Your Problem, Bro? (Season 2) | A&E”

  1. A&E says:

    Like Behind Bars: Rookie Year? Check out our new series 60 Days In: Narcoland, premiering Tuesday, July 30th at 10/9c!

  2. The Dude says:

    I wonder who was the very first person that was in jail

  3. SNAG 619 says:

    A bunch of rookies could have been killed or hurt if it wasn’t for the A&E crew weren’t there

  4. Nicholas Roux says:

    They're seriously acting like children, wow. How old is this guy supposed to be?

  5. zB Matt says:

    Inmate clearly didn’t want to do that, it was too awkward to be intentional. He was most likely doing it because the gang wanted him too, and he has to do what they say.

  6. Engel Cepriano says:

    too many bros

  7. Trevor Harris says:

    Why do they have pride being in prison?😂

  8. Josh Digrazia says:

    This is super cheesy

  9. Elijah Davidson says:

    Would free up a lot of space



  11. LeJon Brames says:

    Guards were giving homeboy a hard time, for trying to be romantic with his boyfriend, that's sad

  12. Ano Nym says:

    It's funny how triggering it is to hear inmates talk about how COs are to do their job, what's included in the job and what is not. Rookies lack the experience to not go by the book and the majority do exactly what they've been taught to do in the role that they have.

  13. coffee cures79 says:

    D'Angelo wont last 5 years!!! Probably going to be stabbed or accidentally fell down the stairs.

  14. Ron Whitehorse says:

    Should nev put 2 rookie officers together at once

  15. Randy Flores says:

    Bro I don’t even like watching this it’s all staged

  16. Mike Miter says:

    Bruh wtfff he didnt do anythinggg

  17. hshdux6cykekzjcjcyysid hc6vidlfjycuc says:

    This feels real. Just the opposite from the other program where they had normal people to test jail

  18. king luwee 2 BOXING says:

    I'm stealing on 12

  19. JJmoto says:

    Shoutout to the people in 2021 that saw this because of youtube recommended

  20. Craig's Restoration Yard says:

    Hoping D'Angelo isnt a CO still. Dude doesn't know how to handle his emotions like a man and do his job.

  21. J B says:

    Gotta be a tough job to learn on the inside – be safe!

  22. Preston Spears says:

    Co said the first words to him to begin with

  23. Luis Rangel says:

    U did a perfect job CO
    U don’t wait for them to cheap shot u

  24. Cesaro iS The Name says:

    this guy has heart… so aswell as the police officer giving advice… this show rocks my socks.

  25. XxaLexiiSsxX says:

    not worth the pay lol

  26. Tray Gambino says:

    This is like a school 😂

  27. ramrod132 says:

    That's a thoughtful inmate at 2:55. He ducks down so he doesn't block the camera man's shot. 🙂

  28. D West020 says:

    Is this a real jail of just fake?

  29. David Diaz says:

    D’Angelo you was in your feelings , that’s weak you reacted on fear and anger , even you got checked by your boss , you lame foo inmates are right you tryna prove something to your co workers or sumn

  30. Cesar Leon says:

    Did he get locked up????????

  31. RAIDER 12105 says:

    Love these post more !! Like if u agree

  32. Mr incredible says:

    This guys my hero

  33. Isaac Rodriguez says:

    You giving there gang more clout by putting it out there

  34. Lul Glo says:

    First of all, he only had trouble out of him THAT day cause he saw cameras and wanted to put on a front for television. 😐

  35. Chris Mustang man Stephenson says:

    Seems some scenes are set ups.

  36. J C says:

    I dont understand why they dont just euthanize the people who cant follow the rules.

  37. L Vi says:

    Estos dos vatos son puñales!

  38. Belgian pride says:

    Change those co's with some fine 40's german boys and those inmates wouldnt even dare breathing the wrong way

  39. Ava Awesome says:

    Hi boo I’m a drinker well I drank once I’m 200 years old lol woke

  40. Van Roachling says:

    Thank God felons separate wheat😂chaff.

  41. Steven Mick says:

    Nothing is worse than seeing almost 30 year old men act like this…just mind boggling

  42. TayTay HearMeOut says:

    Grown men playin like that smh y’all not lol kids wtf lil dumbassssesss

  43. step child says:

    Dude acting like a kid bro

  44. v montclair says:

    Plot twist: this was staged for one item off the commissary list

  45. v montclair says:

    2:42 lost look because the officer never said you better stop he said you better stand back it took him like 2 seconds to process he had the wrong remark ready.

  46. High Emi says:

    this finna pop up in 2022 👀 see y’all then when it gets recommend

  47. Princeton P says:

    Officer D'Angelo, you was picking en HIM

  48. Erik Martinez says:

    Wtf the cop provoked him?

  49. snd 1326 says:

    These co’s are pushovers

  50. cpgone says:

    Hire more CO;s .. Pay them more

  51. JJ BEATZ says:

    Nobody cares what y’all inmates say low life bums

  52. Dat nigga Roger says:

    That ese was drunk like a 4 Loko 😂

  53. Simon Yip says:

    You don't act like this everyday.
    Probably because the cameras are not filming him everyday..

  54. MICHAEL MURPHY says:

    Every minute of every day, inmates (attempt) to manipulate staff, & they pull every trick known to to man, to mess w/ rookie staff

  55. 1970harleybike says:

    Homeboy Broke This CO..

  56. Zach Dorei says:

    That guy trapped that inmate.

  57. Michelle W says:

    So is that convict saying the old C.O.s would let them do what they are doing? No they would not.

  58. Stanley Bonilla says:

    The co shouldn’t of took him out and confronted him like that. Then again that guy was being hostile for no reason. You can’t let the give inmates get to you that easy, he lost control of the situation pretty much.. too much pride sometimes.

  59. Jacoby Lee says:

    Throw him in the bubble for a month. Should take that smile right off his face 🙂

  60. Nick Owens says:

    dangelo is the next statistic

  61. Vince Condello says:

    What a chicken

  62. Woodcock Johnson says:

    That was hilarious! No respect for that cop what so ever. Haha!

  63. Equinox says:

    CO D'Angelo looks a lot like Gabriel Jesus from Manchester City.

  64. Jaytheshootah says:

    So inmates can wear silver watches now ?😩

  65. aSpoonAnd2Forks says:

    Someone while being arrested: moves half an inch

    Officers: breaks shoulders Stop resisting!!

  66. OMAR says:

    Vatos Locos.😎

  67. F1amisismatt1 says:

    Ok first off how do the inmates have jewelry in prison? This has to be staged

  68. John Q Public says:

    Why don't they just have a sergeant with them for their first few weeks to let them know what is ok and what is not and how to handle the situation? You're setting them up for failure otherwise.

  69. Tech Views says:

    Seems staged a little

  70. Isacc Wilhite says:

    2:57 the most stereotypical word a cop can say😂

  71. Bon Bon says:

    Tell me why the inmate at 0:41 is mad cute the one with out the chain🥵 papi come through!!!!!

  72. Flying Mixtape says:


  73. Dorothy Castañeda says:

    what season and episode is this one?

  74. KY Greig says:

    Notice how he didn’t cuff him till he had back up

  75. Kyle 253 says:

    Lol. Black guard shouldn’t have done that. He gonna end up dead watch

  76. Darlin Bpeaceful says:

    Omg there are so many C.O's that are handsome! Wow

  77. Shah Channel says:

    Inmate just a trash.. Kill them all

  78. Arturo jr Contreras says:

    You can’t just get

  79. Pretty Boy Pete. says:

    These dummy inmates need to communicate better and use less of their fist. Bird heads.

  80. xXALLMIGHTYSoSa _ says:

    Only trynna show out for the camera

  81. Sin ! says:

    that inmate or cop who y’all got

  82. B B says:

    Imagine being an inmate and thinking your opinion matters

  83. Eklypised says:

    Luv this dam show

  84. Love Life says:

    Shouldnt let inmates wear baggy clothes

  85. Shamz says:

    this was so unnecessarily dramatic he was just playing around the CO was doing too much

  86. Juan Galvan says:

    100 22 for a monthFor unprofessionalism and disrespecting the k9

  87. Tobin Burchett says:

    It’s a respect thing! Been there done that. He better stay on his toes for real, cause it’s Sheep among Wolves. Trust me I know. A#525433

  88. This Is Us says:


  89. king of the swing. says:

    Is everyone in these videos eating royds for breakfast??💪💪💪

  90. MISTER NICELY says:

    break his face

  91. Mike Gates says:

    These Rookies were former boy scouts!!!

  92. John Harvey says:

    The message in this video is dont go to jail or prison

  93. Beto G says:

    Some lil kids can act better then these men, it’s a shame

  94. Amanda Banks says:

    I know this is wrong to say but i would enjoy working at this prison, i love mexicans. Id be in heaven, then probably fired.

  95. Matter Daddy says:

    Cuff up?huh
    Cuff ☝

  96. sean Bishop says:

    I call fake show, just based Ong this encounter.
    Or maybe it was just staged for the rookie.

  97. Dan Hardy says:

    He acted tough until the CO put hands on him,then he threw himself on the wall lamo

  98. Skate and Destroy260 says:

    Bro was like I can use oc spray, cool 😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  99. James Franklin says:

    Create an altercation than blame the inmate. Abuse of power.

  100. WRECK 215 says:

    I thought they were going to rumble.

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