100 Replies to “Behind Bars: Rookie Year: Top 8 Most Terrifying Fights & Intense Moments | A&E”

  1. A&E says:

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  2. ShayPeee says:

    The first “fight” was so unnecessary.

  3. Mike Bryden says:

    8 min 18 sec – I'll just say now…I'm Sorry you got assaulted. ( for past/current and or future tense) – You Sir and or Kiddo ( based on how old you look) Chose the wrong career.

  4. Mark Moton says:

    He call me beach

  5. Jack Ciraolo says:

    The first CO can’t fight for his life lol

  6. Jack Ciraolo says:

    2:40 it sounded like he said “I LOVE HOTSAUCE” lmao

  7. Global Gaming says:

    Inmate: "Hey rookie."
    Rookie: "Sir?"
    Inmate: 😶

  8. Cindy Ortiz says:

    That young girl brave to work at a jail

  9. Stephanie Ruelas says:

    3:43 are we just going to ignore the fact that he slammed his head into the pole😂😂

    The pole wanted to be in on the fight too😂😂

  10. lucas Santos says:

    Is this man screaming " all ak bar"

  11. Vukasin Meseldzija says:

    It's disappointing that those dangerous inmates can't hit with proper form

  12. Lipton T , says:

    That last one 😂😂🤣🤣 what in the world

  13. -- says:

    Too bad yall cant c psych facilities

  14. Abraham Aguilar says:

    What is that poor girl doing working there? 5:09

  15. joshua vargas says:

    fire that kid!

  16. Free m4nn says:

    we helping you out hahahaha, aaaah poor kid

  17. Oscar Chavez says:

    just foe movin

  18. Boy Lopez says:

    That dude with the phone deal should have taken off on that c.o. if you arent going to smash then dont say anything

  19. Lilly Hawkins says:

    Me in class: "These guys are being annoying"
    like he said it like his entire soul was drained from his body and he was so over everything

  20. Peter Donohue '21 says:

    Lmao i like how the guard hits his head with the music. They some fools for doing that to him lmaooo'

  21. Guitar Youssef says:

    this is the weakest show ever

  22. E Shep says:

    Legend has it he still hasn't hung up the phone.

  23. c ellison says:

    How many times is he going to ask him to get off the phone.

  24. hungry money says:

    These guards are weak it took 11 of them to control a inmate with restrains on WTF… Lol

  25. Llewlyn Cason says:

    Old boy needs to get his weight up

  26. stefan1132 says:

    3:45 lol

  27. sylviah kinyangi says:

    Even in jail they continue to be snitching on each other,be careful iut there

  28. Spencer B. says:

    All I gotta say, these male officers got some SERIOUS cake man 🎂

  29. Daniel OShea says:

    Most cops especially jail deputies are the biggest pieces of garbage in the world

  30. Mark Johnson says:

    That last kid was beyond pathetic 🤣

  31. Nina . G says:

    No officer should say let’s take this outside right now Regardless of the issues occurring

  32. michael fox says:

    Take off your badge is a cop out!

  33. michael fox says:

    At 8 mins..he looks like a little boy!

  34. Yusuf Hussain says:

    10 men on 1 black guy .embarrassing

  35. Stonedallday Jedi says:

    Always glad that the second dude quit. He was disrespectful and way out of his league

  36. Robert Caballero says:

    Rookies gettimg punked? Lmao ok but they still get to go home at the end of the day

  37. Chris T. says:

    Just watching this is making me nervous 😳EVERY rookie seems like their in DANGER

  38. Marquise Thomas says:

    2:40 gets dragged around yes "allahu akbar" at the camera

  39. Liam says:

    2:40 did he say aluacbar

  40. cocababy59 Alma Delia Marcial Nava says:

    I would never work in a prison I hate violence and the prisoners are criminals but the guards also enjoy enforcing violence and love the power structure they have in there.

  41. Therealityoftoday says:

    Wow… that little Mexican kid looks 14 years old.. The little Mexican girl in the tower looks maybe 15 years old. Inmates would easily crush these small kids. It’s hard to understand that this is the best people the state can find to work in a dangerous prison. They will never earn respect simply because of their appearance alone. They are both 100 pounds soak and wet. Not “if” but “when” a fight breaks out these 2 will be tossed around like a rag doll. They are both a huge liability to the state because they have no chance of defending themselves from these guys locked up. A riot could easily take place with these kids being the line of defense.

  42. AG Films says:

    Prisoner escape
    Guard hold on let me get the camera

  43. John Rider says:

    They need to send that boy walking. He is going to get hurt.

  44. whitewalker mike says:

    I dont miss this life… but it's a part of my past and sometimes I watch these and still hate the co's. Been out for 11 years and all my dreams are still of being locked up. It dont go away.

  45. Bradeley Castro says:

    Yooo 😭😭

  46. Diana Cadena says:

    I don't agree with women being CEOs versus men

  47. Tom G says:

    4:17 I swear I’ve heard that audio in another clip, are they recycling audio or am I tripping, probably I’m tripping lol!

  48. Frankie2Gats says:

    1:20 Fear in your eyes. You're not cut out for this type of work. Find an office job.

  49. Forg0tin says:

    Lol dude wearing magazines as armor case he gets stabbed in the stomach.

  50. Tyler Whitney says:

    Last kid got booted same day

  51. Tony Kilcollins says:

    8:25 the main reason you don't want an inmate in control is because of state documents?!?!?! W.T.F.

  52. John Smithllc says:

    New mexico… Shocking

  53. Raymond eppich says:

    I will say that inmate u wish taken off my badge

  54. STS TST says:

    Why tf are all these co’s reaction to not intervene when they’re fellow guards are in a fight with an inmate 😂

  55. dingle mopper says:

    at 7:20 the why tf did the guard just start smashing the brains outta the inmate?

  56. Preme abdul-Jabbar says:

    jesus christ take the wheeeeeeeeeel….lmao……

  57. ben rios says:

    This sound effects leading up to that security guard hitting his head on the pole had me 😛🤣😜

  58. J. Antonio Hidalgo says:

    Man that kid got punked smhh😭😂

  59. Crystal Alaize says:

    For a scrawny guy to take down that big dude..

  60. Jorge Ortiz says:

    That man was going no where in that chokehold GG

  61. Flying Bravo says:

    3:41 that dude ran into the pole lmao

  62. Delia Liade says:

    3:44 lmao

  63. Mackpoor Marco says:

    4:52 Homie came prepared with his magazine armor so he doesn’t get injured by shanks.

  64. lil Ghost says:

    so we just gonna ignore the guard or cop that bumped into the pole😂 3:43

  65. Kiki R says:

    That cop was kind of slow to help the dude in the first fight 😂

  66. Alex Blaze says:

    Lol. Such losers.

  67. Alex Blaze says:

    A .22 caliber round to the base of the skulls of these menaces to society would be so much cheaper.

  68. Ka/Te/tie/i/T Parker says:

    1:44 the officer should have handled that differently?

  69. Mister Me Too says:

    You’d be surprised how many 18 year old kids are guards in this country


    Lmao he has the wrong occupation 😂

  71. dolfin lithe says:

    If we institute torture procedures for these animals, they might respect the prison system. Torture and kill inmates and force the others to watch. THAT will be effective. Believe me.

  72. Yeet Nabla falbat says:

    btw that big black guy saying allah akbar (Antion long)was charged with 3 charges of penetration of a thirteen year old girl

  73. atotheg1991 says:

    8:17 When you put an ad on Craig's List, seeking prison guards.

  74. Courtney Saunders says:

    Not worth it. Not worth it!

  75. X-gamer Pro says:

    2:41. Did he say Allahu Akbar?

  76. MakeSh00t says:

    if they were real maffia all off tthose securityy pppolicement would be afraid to sleep in the house… why? Real mafia kills ur family than you. They just call and its over.

  77. Joseph Hinojosa says:

    Man when that cop walk into the pole😂😂

  78. zen veto says:

    Anger triggers my episodes which include hallucinations, emotional fatigue, anxiety, depression, violent urges, nightmares, atypical stress, restlessness, suicidal thoughts, and amplifies my physical pain to nearly 100 percent due to the emotional exhaustion of being innocent, which is experienced exponentially during any illicit activities as these produce social anger. I have nothing to say to you.

  79. vicespin says:

    How many bad life choices = job as a prison guard.

  80. AL REID III says:

    they need personal alarm devices

  81. AL REID III says:

    Dang it He just got burnt! Control your area.

  82. Avtomat Kalashnikova says:

    6:27 I'd punch him till his head crumpled in

  83. Allen Narvaez says:

    The ending was so fake! Those Camera Guys would of flipped out.

  84. Jose Rivera says:

    3:44 lmfao!!

  85. Sarah P says:

    3:43 when he runs into the pole lmao

  86. Jdot Hernandez says:

    Lil mex at the end… "oh no, these are my fellow co-workers"

  87. Amodeos 1 says:

    3:43 😂😂😂cop walked right into the pole

  88. Chino R says:

    Last sucka is a Winnie I can smell his fear

  89. Armi Singh says:

    CO: breathe Long!
    Long: im emotional! lol

  90. dejan baso says:

    3:43 😅

  91. miles schwartz says:

    those guards are like 150lbs lmaooooo

  92. Sub to me plz im sad says:

    2:40 LeBron after losing the finals with the Lakers

  93. Corey Promo says:

    Why did they have to deploy phase 4 with 30 COs on him lol

  94. John Castle says:

    These Officers are out of line slamming inmates and being abusive

  95. Xander Hyde says:

    Who else saw the guard hit his head on the pole 😂

  96. PeterF12 says:

    CSGO in real life with the flashbangs lol

  97. Neecibaby says:

    this man in the beginning is literally lighter than the inmate- LOL

  98. ANDREW SENITA says:

    No it’s not his fault – why would they hire someone so young and little for a position like that

    What else is he supposed to do lol

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