18 Replies to “Behind Bars: Rookie Year: STIU Finds Mystery Substance (Season 2) | A&E”


    They Tryna Build RICO Cases Over Small Substances In Prison IVE HEARD IT ALL

  2. ilovejewelyn says:

    Please! New season!!! I love the show…. waiting for a new season and updates on the COs. Not repeat parts from the full episode. Please and thank you 😩😁

  3. CurlyG65 says:

    Purto's like a little Pit Bull, he would dish it up to those mouthy inmates..

  4. xSteph says:

    "Disappointed i didn't find anything" umm there inmates.. you should be proud of em for legit not having anything or hiding it so well

  5. Jerrid Beesley says:

    I work at a prison and cringed when that guy was just running his hand underneath that counter. One day he's going to get stuck with a needle.

  6. LukaVP - FIFA says:

    Calfreezy cool

  7. Chris Yangello says:

    this is like the third time this video has been posted

  8. Deana Rupe says:

    When did Purto become an expert. All of the sudden he teaching other rookies the finer points of shakedowns. I didn't think super cop would be around this long. I thought most of the inmates would of taken him out by now.

  9. ricky arellano says:

    I was going to be a CO but unfortunately they wanted to send me to pelican bay they were out their mines lol

  10. bombfirst157 says:

    Israel sucks and needs to be eliminated from the force

  11. Christopher Nieman says:

    It's ridiculous how ignorant they are and how unreliable the information they use is. Ibuprofen is the exact same thing as Advil. Ibuprofen is the generic name and tons of manufacturers make the 200mg pills with a brown coating on the outside to mimic "Advil". With a lot of them you can see the picture of the brown circular pill on the packaging. What sucks about this is that they went and asked a nurse what the powder was and her saying it wasn't ibuprofen and that he shouldn't have anything but that quickly becomes fact. No matter what he says, it will be wrong according to them. He will also, more than likely, receive disciplinary action because of it. To think that he could lose good time or any privileges because of their laziness, ignorance, and lack of due diligence is disturbing to me. Just one more example of a horribly broken system and the assumption of guilty until proven innocent rather than innocent until proven guilty.

  12. Americas Most says:

    These officers are doing hours worth of shakedowns and this inmate starts causing a scene and getting active which provokes the officers to want to search his cell more. This is purely a strategic distraction that was placed and or staged so that someone else could get away with something that they shouldn't have. Fools.

  13. OakedRS says:

    What’s the orange line on the paper mean?

  14. Lee McMullan says:

    looking for intelligence (sounding smart).. staring into a toilet bowl.

  15. Julian hoops55 says:

    Obviously it's heroin if it has Brown in it

  16. Snowflake Hunter says:

    All leftists should be subject to these conditions.

  17. Dylan Dylan says:

    Here the officer took a sniff of the cocaine 3:55

  18. John lombard says:

    :28 into the video the CO Purto proves how much he still has to learn. IM's will tape bent razors under shelves like that to fillet your hands wide open. Rookie mistake

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