84 Replies to “Behind Bars: Rookie Year: Sharp Objects (Season 1) | A&E”

  1. A&E says:

    Like Behind Bars: Rookie Year? Check out our new series 60 Days In: Narcoland, premiering Tuesday, July 30th at 10/9c!

  2. Jose Esco says:


  3. Club Silliness 28 says:


  4. fkfkfkfkgkg v,fkfkfkgkgkgkg says:


  5. V E X E Z I says:

    Who else clicked fast asf😂?
    Gifting my next 5 subscribers

  6. Zachary Dodson says:


  7. Random Person says:


  8. Mikey Money says:

    If your reading this have a nice day 👌👌

  9. Try hard kid Tryhard says:


  10. Game ng Life says:

    Loooooovvvwvveveveeee you videos

  11. Casey Mckay says:

    I love how there's like 4 people saying first…..🙄

  12. Its lowkey Kanyon says:

    Dang thaas prison

  13. Texas TLO says:

    That shank would've done some SERIOUS damage. He saved somebody from having a bad day.

  14. justin tume who T.F is Justin time says:

    U hear that. Like the hand of God. Wow they think there God

  15. Daris Electric Company says:

    I don’t wanna say I’m a hero or anything….but yes I am. Lol

  16. U G L Y squaad says:

    Im gifting my next 10 $3 each

  17. CurlyG65 says:

    Skinny CO gets in all the tight spots, i bet the prisoner was a skinny guy as well..

  18. Sell Me This Pen says:

    Nobody gonna say anything im bout the CO with one arm

  19. Dat nigga Roger says:

    Dam bruh these CO job is so easy all they have to do is not be a punk and search cells

  20. Frederik Christiansen says:

    1:39 ther we have the new American sniper. It looks like him

  21. Its JoshY says:

    he thought they wouldnt find it, but they pulled a yeet card

  22. Holly Warehouse says:

    Dang-Is there an age restriction for these rookie guards? Some barely look 18??

  23. BornA HawkEye says:

    How you got dentures with missing teeth 😁🤣

  24. BeyondSkylines says:

    Why does that young cop have an MS-13 tat lmfao 😹😹😹

  25. bleachaholick says:


  26. Alberto D says:

    That dab at the end lol

  27. ddas adfassaf says:

    Build the wall!

  28. soph szn says:

    awe he looked so proud of himself when he found it i love that

  29. Milky SpongeCake says:

    Is that a one armed CO?

  30. G Benge says:

    Anyone else catch that ms 13 tattoo on the rookie?

  31. Chris Lindgren says:

    The dislikes are from inmates who have had their shanks confiscated

  32. WhatIsUpGamers says:

    This acting is terrible

  33. Randy Flores says:

    That melting jolly rancher idea in the microwave is pure genius

  34. kneelb4m33k5 says:

    Scan the mattresses for metal yet 1 minute earlier mentioned how an inmate made a shank from melted jolly ranchers lol.

  35. Kevin Brooks says:

    My first day behind the wall as a officer I found a 10 inch shank behind the light fixture

  36. Fortnight God says:

    Plz plz put behind bars on Netflix

  37. G.K. says:

    i thought they were going to play paint ball…….

  38. Rikky Bobby says:

    He should b able to hear whats going on three units away with them ears

  39. Chris Daniel says:

    Put it in a shampoo bottle… amateurs

  40. Jake Hendrix says:

    These people r so weird

  41. Htown TxMade says:

    Like a kid gettn candy

  42. Volved says:

    T bag entered the chat

  43. Tanner Kesselring says:

    What happened to the full episodes of these? We have seen all these little clips already

  44. Jesse Ramirez says:

    That guy can hear a shank from a mile away

  45. Inferno Pyrose says:


  46. ooga booga says:

    Thought I saw patty mayo for a second

  47. Dariel Rivera says:

    Where is Ariel i love her

  48. Lane Reynolds says:

    “I wouldn’t say I’m a hero or anything”

  49. Blue Lotus says:

    “Not gonna say I am a hero” – but you just brought it up.

  50. MikePlayz says:

    Im a 15 year old male trying to try this take a minute and view my channel and read the description

  51. Javier Gonzalez says:

    Its pretty good shank ahha

  52. vHarra says:

    Was he good at finding it or did he just got lucky with what Cell he had to search?

  53. Jacob Mariano says:

    IGI's in Cali don't laugh,level 3 right here😉

  54. MB808AllDay says:

    The jolly rancher one killed me lol

  55. Andrew Pish says:

    The rule should be that if you make a shank, they shank you with it. Would probably cut down on the amount made.

  56. andreas14190 says:

    Has anybody noticed at 0:41 that warden has only one arm??

  57. I Spot thumbnails says:

    thats like a calm prison

  58. Tory Knotts says:

    I'm surprised the the shank made of poo wasn't mentioned in the comments

  59. Greg says:

    These guys must think quite highly of themselves to say they’re “like a hand of god” lmao

  60. money Mig MM says:

    Catch the false teeth shake down 2:45 😂💀

  61. zakk says:

    He is like that one energetic Mexican dude in the movies that no one really pays attention too then he dies and then everyone is super sad lol

  62. YERR_ Lucid says:

    Just imagine gettin killed by a jolly rancher

  63. Jays adventures says:

    How does that guy have 1 arm

  64. Ryan K says:

    Ego a bit large huh… "Hand of god" hahahaha

  65. martian14671 says:

    So this guy has one arm and works in a prison. Thats probably the most badass thing ive ever seen. Think i need to grow a pair

  66. NickA says:

    if you think you've had it rough… imagine being the guy getting shanked by jolly ranchers

  67. brandon hutton says:

    Jolly Ranchers have a higher body count than marijuana 🤔

  68. Jordan Wright says:

    these criminals are very creative they will make anyting to kill

  69. Legend 28 says:

    If it took them that long, then wtf wld u need it? Come throw down time, that's he gonna say?! Hold on let me break down my jail uniform, get some thread and fish my shank out

  70. Ashkid 213 says:

    M8 I didn't know they filmed the episode in new Mexico I live in new mexico

  71. g̸u̸c̸c̸i̸ says:

    that is a good SHANK

  72. Demi xoxo says:

    After you used the jolly rancher shank couldn't you just eat it after so their is no evidence 😂

  73. gaming center says:

    hold up that one cop has a Ms 13 tattoo on him wtf

  74. Sem says:

    i know it’s horrible but whoever made the jolly rancher shank is a next level intellectual.

  75. Firewall 45 says:

    He doesn't have an arm

  76. Twip Jerb says:

    Pu this on netflix wtf

  77. Lucas Cabrera says:

    Me watching this on my dad's phone are they gonna find our house😥😣😔😖😱🤯😬🤢🤮

  78. The Realist says:

    Hahahaha! All the rookies trying to impress the CERT…

  79. Cassie Garcia says:

    😂😂 aww he was cute about it

  80. Walker G says:

    : finds a shank
    “I don’t want to call my self a hero I’m just doing my job” okay no one called you a hero

  81. Oliver Galmond says:

    2:15 is that a MS13 tattoo on the correctional officers elbow ?

  82. Brownstone says:

    Watch out for those pokers

  83. Emily C says:

    The got the dude with one arm to talk about sharp objects 😳

  84. Paige • says:

    You know ALL THEM SCREWS getting all types of hard talking about the c.e.r.t

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