100 Replies to “Behind Bars: Rookie Year: Inmate Fails Drug Test (Season 2) | A&E”

  1. Pieter van Ham -FACP4001- says:

    Hey guys

  2. Ellis Wilkes says:


  3. I’m Cracket says:

    I love live pd

  4. Ryan Damon says:


  5. WAKE UP MOTHERF****R SMELLING Sniffing ammonia says:


  6. I'm You, You're me says:

    This show gets me rock hard. You guys too, right?

  7. Oriqinal BK says:

    Look at my videos! 🙏

  8. Tarek Tayyem says:

    1 comment but actually ten YouTube’s drunk

  9. HxnstFN says:

    Dral dral

  10. Not Kevin Durant says:

    Whose high watching this? 😂

  11. Israel Morris says:

    Still inmates get away with things they always will

  12. Córdova ,S William. says:

    The HD looks amazing 🍁🚬🔥💨💨

  13. Big Rhonda says:

    Man I wanted to see if he failed again

  14. Smoked the last of my weed So I quit says:

    Love the cursive on the bathroom doors

  15. Anneewakee Champions says:

    Dude your a guard in New Mexico, wtf is the sky hat for… and put on a thicker winter coat. Anything to make yourself look bigger right?

  16. SunnyKip Denny says:

    So did he pass or fail the second test??

  17. Sparkles says:

    A lot of drugs in prison

  18. john atta says:

    Free that man

  19. (MrSniper)+ From Mars! says:

    I wanted to see what the result of the second test was

  20. CHICAGORILLA says:

    That test didn’t pick up cocaine, that thing was not blue …I bet these guards misread the suboxone lines even

  21. Alec M Wee says:

    Smoking a fat bowl rn

  22. Ben Smith says:

    "Winning the case" just the idea of that is pitting co's and inmates against each other even more than they naturally are.

  23. ano Nyme says:

    Lmao, in Canada they give them free needles to inject themselves. Not even kidding.

  24. real scrub says:

    I'm not high I'm on suboxone

  25. Blue Blue says:

    Maaaaaaan leave that poor guy alone the turn key is the dirtiest in the room players

  26. m d says:

    Took a day dose of pcp time to watch behind bars and live pd

  27. Foof y says:

    so what? he’s in jail. let him have subs

  28. Alexis M Hernandez says:

    Why cant he just take another one

  29. JJ BEATZ says:

    How tf you fail a drug test in prison ! Lmao lowlifes

  30. Chairman Meow says:

    I could never do this job. You make ONE minor mistake and those inmates are on you like white on rice

  31. Tommy Gomez says:

    Leave people alone

  32. joe szlosek says:

    The guards bring it in

  33. Arturo jr Contreras says:

    Can’t get a really

  34. CurlyG65 says:

    Seen them do the test and it indicate but whinges they took him back to early, what did he want to do, hang out, grab a movie maybe….

  35. 214 Killa says:

    This olddd

  36. Casey 0five says:

    Good video

  37. Milan Tiser says:

    in England it's worser

  38. Element EL says:

    I thought when testing for Suboxone they tests how it metabolizes in the body. Meaning you can't just add it to a test to make it test positive.

  39. Doug Jones says:

    That CO sucks

  40. Tj Mower says:

    All those tests throw false positives anyways.

  41. kunu98 says:

    Take a blood test, get the most accurate results

  42. Jake Vote says:

    That CO was respectful and chill with the inmates hope he can overcome this rookie mistake

  43. mama says says:

    This seems so fake and scripted

  44. Tyrant Cynical Gaming says:

    So what happens when the inmate doesn't agree pee for the guards?

  45. Rick Sanchez says:

    Instant tests are well known for giving false positives for suboxone. I know this AS FACT.

  46. Alex Cerda says:

    made the mistake. cant hold people up when its not a fair process

  47. horticasey says:

    Billy club him in the teeth and tell him "you have no rights here, boy". Quick fix.

  48. The Outlaw Torn says:

    Some fools just don't want to get out, they will f#$k up every chance they get.

  49. Luke says:

    Hm. I don't know because there is over 50+ opioids that can be taken that produce metabolites. Suboxone is one of them. In order for it to show up on a test. It requires the metabolites which in this case would be "norbuprenorphine".. Under normal circumstances if you dissolved a Suboxone tablet/film into the urine/water or so on… you would not end up with the metabolite "norbuprenorphine" which would be needed to produce the accurate drug test.

  50. ZSTRODE. says:

    While did y'all end it right there? Dickheads

  51. Juice Willis says:

    I bet he passed the second one

  52. Nc Outdoors says:

    That co is crooked

  53. clive ramsbotty says:

    that co often looks up at night to see that the moon has turned 'somewhat blue'

  54. coffee cures79 says:

    Theres 3 ways drugs get into the prison system. Visitors and correctional officers. Corrupt prisons officials, never heard of that before lol.

  55. President Camacho says:

    test him again lol

  56. Q Tē says:

    If i am to understand correctly cocaine is in the system for a little over 72hrs. How long has he been in custody🤔

  57. Camaro 1968 says:

    That CO is a moron! C’mon man they told you what to do and you screwed it up LOL

  58. Christian Jackson says:

    If I’m in prison, I’m not doing cocain or anything that keeps me up for hours

  59. Dirty Burger says:

    I would have drank it

  60. Chepe T says:

    How the heck do they drug test them?
    When in the first place the co need to do there job and not let in no drugs in prison

  61. Mr. Chadwick871 says:

    1:58 sounds like I'm inside McDonalds

  62. Infinite 8 says:

    “It’s just a bad day all around” says that while standing in front of inmates doing YEARS on end 😂

  63. Anthony Rizk says:

    Tested positive for suboxone but it’s a drug used to relieve oxycodone withdrawals for drug users trying to curb massive side effects… even if they wanted to testify against him in court should he be punished or receive the proper treatment… A&E tryna make folks look bad that need legitimate resolutions.

  64. az6ly says:

    Smoking a wood rn

  65. Magician Kennyy says:

    They tempered with it

  66. EaST CoAsT MaCHete says:

    For those who dont know suboxone is a strip that helps dope heads stay off heroin but most just end up doing drugs anyways for the extra kick.

  67. bravo it's me says:

    0:48 looks like anwar jibawi 😂

  68. Bmbg Cortezano says:

    Dude looks like anwar who does the videos

  69. jose rodriguez says:

    Suboxone is not cocaine

  70. skyler salzer says:

    So wtf was he dirty

  71. Cognac Muzik says:

    Cocaine in prison 😳 …. dude In there like 😬🥴😤🤧🥵😳🤯

  72. Spencer Stephens says:

    You would think they would have real drug tests and not a bunch of dumbasses huddled around a 10 dollar home test that is statistically proven to be inaccurate lol wtf

  73. Bryan Douglas says:

    Giggled a little bit about how quiet he got when he was going to take a second test

  74. LE4N says:

    The officer look so guilty

  75. Lou Mio says:

    Our system is so broke. Its stupid. An officer putting drugs in your cup. Lol. All that officer is worried about is lunch.

  76. Daniel Kozma says:

    who cares if the inmates doing drugs lmao

  77. kiss my dirty ass says:

    No more dice

  78. 4hmad 1dris says:

    He looks like Anwar Jibawi

  79. Big Smoke says:

    so he can urinate in a test cup
    the dude: takes a fat sip

  80. Tyree Tomoana says:

    Is that badlungchugs

  81. DEZz EDITS says:

    How do you fail a drug test in jail

  82. EMI VLOGS says:

    Dude forgot to use certo

  83. Tommy says:

    if only the gov understood that imprisoning addicts is the worst thing you can do to them.

  84. Vernon Buckner says:

    They didn't show that second drug test tho… haha I actually believe he put something in that guy's urine. Just to hit him with more charges.. yet again off camera

  85. joel H.3.D says:

    He said it just gonna make me look bad 🤣🤣rookie boy

  86. Spxrkd says:

    if you fail it isnt that a good thing?

  87. axftyh says:

    Just do another test simple as that wtf!!

  88. No More BS Please says:

    No, some CO's will ask certain inmates for advice. I got wrote up for a light cover, I thought they were joking. Nope! Got the write up and decided to read the rulebook cover to cover. Once a guard realizes you know the rules, they might ask about one. I may have not lied, but went by observation instead of an actual rule. The Sargent would let inmates where white Tee's under their oranges, to go to the gym. A pretty experienced guard actually asked me, in front of the entire pod in line for gym, if it was Ok to wear them?!?! "Um, yeah. Sargent Day let's us."

  89. TheBestMovieAlive says:

    Suboxone is NOT highly addictive. It saves lives.

  90. StankiPank says:

    I feel like these OCs hate their job lol.

  91. Eliah Hughes says:

    "its just a bad day all round" "its embarrassing when an inmate calls you out" grow up, you are the ones watching over them, you aren't doing time and you need to be the ones that do your job right.

  92. reed510 says:

    Someone find that Sergeants neck!

  93. Cozy says:

    I honestly don’t like this CO. Dude is more of a joke then that one kid who couldn’t handle of being a CO in the first few episodes

  94. A&E says:

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  95. Chris Hansen says:

    When I was in prison I will always drop the soap on perpuse


    How many dipshits does it take to check a urine test🤣🤔😂 its blue its red its murple or slurple lmfao

  97. Barry Fohn says:

    I can't understand how anybody could do cocaine while in jail. Get all wired up and not be able to do anything or go anywhere. Wouldn't that just be torture.

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