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BEAUTIFUL WORLD at Torres Farm Resort

We are in Torres Farm and Resort -Wow
-Oh that’s disney land Im with my friends. This is the owner of Torres Farm -Eric
-Hello. Welcome in Torres Farm Resort Its really nice here. It’s a theme park. So it’s like you went in different countries if you are here It’s around the world. Oh here is Japan. Here is Santorini. Oh that’s looks like disneyland What’s that? -Its Italy
-Italy Still making the theme of Singapore. Im creating Merlion here like in Singapore Its gonna be on that side. Its gonna be a lot of work here and developments for this theme park. -How many year is this now?
-Just last year. Oh its so fast. We just started in one pool only but then the people from Manila has good feedback. We created all of this. -Its really fast We didn’t work in one by one of the theme We created all of this theme’s at the same time. Wow its really nice and good huh. So as you can see there’s boating there also. We can swim there on the lake? You can do fishing too. Lunch time!! Oh! I almost fall! To the vloggers out there.Just be careful on your steps. This is Rome. So there’s a lot of “ROME” there
Rome 401, Rome 402 And Rome 403=Room Is this Italy? No, its gonna be Singapore. This side maybe you gonna out France there with Eiffel Tower. Im Planning about it. I hope korea too. There’s more to put out here. How many hectares is this? Is this 14 hectares? A lot more to put here. Hi!!! Hello! Hi, How are you? Im okay. Miss Ana. She’s really pretty. This is from Japan 😀
Ill just put it there. How many months now the baby ? 7 months 3rd baby now? Yes 3rd baby. This is the hotel. There is billiard here. Wow Egypt!! Nice! We are staying in Japan Villa. Its Japan style. We are just going to rest. What are we going to do after? Photoshoot!! So nice here .You really have adventure. And just a step you can go in different countries. -in Rome
-You can go in Japan,Greece You can go in Egypt too. There’s a castle too. And Disneyland. New York=New York Cubao
LA=Lower Antipolo. We are in Japan now. Japanese Food. OISHI means YUMMY in Japanese. I brought my camera. My models are ready. I think this camera is okay now. Rules in photoshoot avoid the unnecessary object Like the phone she’s holding should remove it. Do your stunts in where you are comfortable. One more. We are in Torres farm and resort! It can avoid these mobile legends in bondings. Ofcoarse!! We went here to play mobile legends. The LTE is really strong here. Its getting hotter and hotter fight here.
Trashtalking there own ally. We enjoyed swimming. Its really nice here!! Bye!! come and visit here guys!!!

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