Hey guys! Come over here, I have an announcement to make! Allow me to introduce the latest member of the Justice League! Batman? But..but.. isn’t he…you know.. more of the ….Powerless kind… Dude, don’t say the P word! Shame on you, GL! Erm..erm…hahaha I’m sure Batman will do just fine. He will fit in the Justice League family perfectly, am I right guys? Definitely. Batman is great! Yeah man! Awhh~~ how cute, he’s trying so hard with his kungfu moves and cute little gadgets. Yeah man, that’s so adorable. Wow, that was so tough! Tough fight! You’re doing awesome Batman, those Parademons are really strong. I have no idea how did you do that! Look at what you have done! You hurt his feeling! You were showing off too much of your power! Dude, you’re the one who sweeps out half the army, who are you? Thanos or something? Darn, that poor fella must be so sad now… Their fire power is too strong. Wonder Woman, I’m going to take down their leader and that should stop them. Cover me, okay? Alright, Batman! I will cover you! What the frost, Wonder Woman, this is not what I meant! Don’t worry, Batman, there is nothing to be ashamed of! having no superpower is not your fault. We will protect you! ! Take this! Be gone evil doer! Nope! Stay down buddy! Let me get that! Take this! That’s ENOUGH!!! I’m sick and tired of this!!! Stop treating me like this!! I know I don’t have superpower like all of you guys do. I know I’m not the last son of an extinct alien race. I know I’m not chosen by intergalactic higher being to be the guardian of star system. But I have trained myself day and night, for years! I have pushed myself over the limit of no man has ever been. All I’m asking here is to be treated fairly and equally. aAbecause of my superpower but my super strong spirit! That’s great, now that we have gotten that outta the way, we should celebrate this as a team, as a family! Let get back to the watchtower and have parteyyyyy! Off we go! Hello Alfred, send the Batjet to my location now! Say what! What do you mean it is in the shop?! I HATE YOU, ALFRED!


  1. CartoonHooligans says:

    It's been awhile since the last time we made fun of Batman 😆😆😆 so here is our latest parody !!

  2. Camryn Smith says:

    And that's why Batman made the contingency plans.

  3. Ash N. says:

    BATMAN: GL, Take off the ring and what are you?

  4. elaan e deen says:

    Batman make the justice league team man

  5. Gaming with kary says:

    I like the snap 😂

  6. Uiakism says:

    Batman was the one to pay for the watch tower

  7. game room says:

    But we love batman more than any one in the justice League. Batman fans hit a like

  8. TooWoke4Words says:

    Meanwhile Batman can kill everyone fr

  9. Malachi Hearn says:


  10. Epic Ssj says:

    Because HES BATMAN

  11. Skelton Slay8er says:

    The funny part is how Batman was not only a founding member, HE LITERALLY PAID FOR THE WATCHTOWER.

  12. EireNero says:

    I mean, how do they have the watch tower without batman…

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