Bartenders Won’t Keep Their Clothes On – Bar Rescue, Season 4

successful restaurant manager,
Tiffany Hutchinson
decided to start
her own business.
And opened City Bistro.I wanted to be
my own boss. I worked at a fine dining
restaurant for 18 years, So I thought I would be able
to handle running a bar.And after dropping
every bit of money
that I had saved up
into it,I was able
to get it open.
In its first year,
City Bistro experienced
moderate success.
The best month
that we ever had
was 14,000,which paid the bills
and it paid the overhead.
But we weren’t
making a profit.
In order to grow
her customer base,
Tiffany brought in
new bartenders
known for their followings
in the St. Louis bar scene.
Someone approached me
and said they hadtheir own little waysto bring in
their own customers.
It totally took me
by surprise.Whenever I saw
them bartend
and what they did
to make money.
Hey, what’s up? ( giggles ) Bartender:
We have followers,
wherever we go,
they’ll follow.They’re there
to support me.
And see a boob.( laughing )
– Man: Aw, yeah. ( whining ) Woman:
Woo! Titties!
People are coming in here
because we show our boobs. And because we act crazy
and we drink with themand act promiscuous.Woman:
The first couple months,
business was very good.So I kinda would just
turn my head to it
and ignore the problem. They just keep
popping out. Announcer:
As Tiffany continued
to look the other way,
Her staff became
more out of control.
That’s what she does.
( laughing )
It became the norm, because it was helping
pay the bills. Announcer:
But the plan backfired
when their unprofessional
drove many
of the desired customers away.
The females and the couples
and the younger crowdstarted to kind of
dwindle out.
I would never go
to a bar where the bartenders
expose themselves. Business is horrible
right now, It’s bad.
It’s terrible. If the bartender’s
walking around half nakedyou’re just gonna
get the men
that wanna come in
and see things.
And I don’t have
to pull my boobs out
to make my money. It’s a small butt,
but it’s a cute butt. I feel very trapped, I feel like if I get rid
of all of those bartenders, I would not have
any customers. Announcer:Now, Tiffany
is $300,000 in debt
and City Bistro
is only two months away
from being a total bust.Women:
It would crush me
if we had to close
the doors.I have two daughters
and I would fail them
if this place shut down, because I would have
no means of taking care
of my kids. I feel like
I fail them every day. Announcer:
Worried her business
could be gone in a flash,
Tiffany has a agreed
to pull back the doors,
bust open the books
and make
a call for help…
to “Bar Rescue.”Opa!

100 Replies to “Bartenders Won’t Keep Their Clothes On – Bar Rescue, Season 4”

  1. Byron Welichko says:

    Ahhhhh, gross.

  2. They_Call_Me_ Pebbles says:

    I can see bobs anyday why would I leave home to see different ones?

  3. Phyllis Arrington says:

    Well that's one way to draw in customers. 😨

  4. I Chemist says:

    All the waitresses are fat and slutty. Most high paying customers aren't going to look for that in a place they frequent.

  5. gillian owens says:

    That is so childish

  6. Jean-Claude Dancing says:

    Christ those girls are gross. That fat girl at 1:09? YIKES. And that one girl having a seizure at 1:30? Girls showing tits doesn't drive customers away. Orcas who try to twerk, and show their fat tits drive customers away.

  7. Back Stabba says:

    The milks gone bad! I wish I had three thumbs to give them titties three thumbs down.

  8. Aaron man says:

    Hot M I L F owner!.

  9. Ian Scheinberg says:

    She had no clue how to run a bar.

  10. Emma Branson says:

    So sad

  11. Sigh Clone says:

    Nasty Ho's

  12. Christopher Summers says:

    Non-martial material girls serving me my drink? Really?

  13. General Patzer says:

    Her best month was 14k? I have worked in bars that make more than 14k in a week. That place is disgusting.

  14. shippertime says:

    Ugly fat girls no thanks.

  15. 010 says:

    instagram of thegirl in the green

  16. Tammy Hallett says:

    Small town girl?
    More like small town tramp

  17. Tammy Hallett says:

    Tam Tam… Your butt f**** ugly… and waving your arms in the air like a f**** ape and yelling tam tam?!? Really?!? You're a TWAT

  18. Studio 38 says:


  19. Tom Noddle says:

    A true class act

  20. Rocky Mountain says:


  21. AbakalakabA says:

    This is what happens when you have no skills in life. Not to mention they're ugly af.

  22. shippertime says:

    Those are some ugly women they should keep the clothes on.

  23. Andrea Flores says:

    It’s more of Brothel it looks like than a bar

  24. Adam Lay says:

    Dirty whores!

  25. Diana B says:

    So it’s not a bar. It’s a discount strip club.

  26. HawaiiPeach :3 says:

    Ok first off if you want to go and expose yourself go get a job at a strip club not a bar

  27. D says:

    Two words for failing businesses money laundering

  28. Dancing Calla says:

    What the actual f**k

  29. Valentina says:

    One thing about showing your boobs…It gets boring after a while. Seriously after showing your chest to the same people over and over again, they will get bored of seeing your chest.

  30. ryubaks says:

    Even strippers have more class than them.

  31. Austin Solom says:


  32. Ay Kay says:

    She didn't hire bartenders. She hired hoes. Hell, she could have hired some girls from a street corner.

  33. Derek Kane says:

    The chef Sam she brought in this episode was the best and almost singlehandedly turned this place around. I'll work for him anytime!

  34. Jess says:

    That's a strip club. Not a bar

  35. Alex says:

    They aren't even that pretty…

  36. Chris Neufeld says:

    Looks like City Bistro became more than that! 😂

  37. functioningadequately says:


  38. GalaxyJazzGirl says:

    I miss SpikeTV :'(

  39. Christopher Howell says:

    FYI, Tam-Tam got the "pink slip", but she didn't care, drunk as she was.

  40. BlossomOfThorns says:

    To all the people saying she should open a strip bar, you do realise they have to have ass right?

  41. BUM CUP CLUB says:

    These dusty ducks pay them to keep clothes on

  42. Terra Aran says:

    So it became a strip bar.

  43. Foof y says:

    ugly strippers

  44. PSN bigderbier says:

    Y'all fucking hoes

  45. Great Lakes Dirt Fishing says:

    Where can you smoke in a bar in 2016?

  46. David Dodge says:

    They are all old or gross.

  47. Soulsreaper says:

    id defenitly go to a bar like that.. im not joking ether free emmisoon, sounds like a deal to me

  48. Dan Stafford says:

    Lewd bartenders and waitresses is an Act of desperation… it will draw creepy and dirty old men!

  49. Scorched Earth says:

    They are not even attractive.

  50. peter papadimitriou says:


  51. Oopzies says:


  52. Mohammad Ibrahim says:

    A real life badda bing

  53. tree rat76 says:

    Mint as well

  54. Southern Hunter says:

    Most of those bartenders are fugly!

  55. MrGpt2010 says:

    Desperate bar whores. My favorite kind 😉

  56. Reina Arana! says:


  57. michael murillo says:

    Its alright with me.

  58. Carbon Crom says:

    Bet these girls are a big hit in the trailer park, gross

  59. Ian MD says:

    Id rather tap the owner… she has a milfy thing going on

  60. Markymarkintheparkypark Studios says:

    The look on that guys face at 1:59 gross lmfao

  61. Natures Best says:

    They’ll do well at biker club events!

  62. RDM 010 says:

    It's not a strip joint. It's a bakery where the servers suck your dick!

  63. Chillin Charlie says:

    Nasty classless women…just nasty

  64. SoonToGame says:

    I never would of hired them.

  65. zachary burdette says:

    those girls aren't even good looking.

  66. Mikey Firmin says:

    Bar rescue uncensored. Lol. Be nice

  67. Scotty Redecopp says:

    Eww gross.. they're all fugly.

  68. David Hutchinson says:

    I worked in strip clubs for years…those girls should really keep their clothes on.

  69. anthony evans says:

    I got one word for "The Bistro"… STUPID!

  70. Ken Salisbury says:


  71. LISA CASSAR says:

    no class either its a strip club or its something else

  72. Thomas Coursey says:

    Soo it turned into a strip club

  73. DiiE-Ana 214 says:


  74. Monster AsCanBe says:

    The girls are ugly

  75. The Manager says:

    People come in here because we’re bar skanks… just look at my fat cheeks, spare tire and customary loud mouths.

  76. BlossomOfThorns says:

    Sounds to me like she just turned her head and let it happen enough to let it die. Complacency is the killer.

  77. Bucky Preseau says:

    i can only imagine that place smells like the restroom floor of a tuna factory. nothing sexy about a bunch of dirty sluts after you outgrow your teens.the kind of people this attracts are of the lowest common denominator.

  78. TheComedian says:

    That’s what happens when you let wolves in the hen house

  79. Danielle charging says:

    I wouldn’t go there either

  80. Patrick's Crazy Place says:

    So its like a strip club

    But shitty.

  81. Mananoke Muchila says:

    Have some respect for your god damn self. Did you really think hiring those kind of bartenders was a good idea? No offense but your bar is more like a Strip Club than an actual bar

  82. floof_hair says:

    This seems like a health code violation

  83. shawnee R says:

    Tamis eyes scare me.

  84. EazyEColi says:

    Dude, I would fucking walk out of that place. So much bacteria. lol

  85. Tonya Scarlett says:

    Straight up trashy.

  86. kev lee says:

    If they were pretty or decent looking, I would get it but they’re not. They’re followers are probably drunk 24/7.

  87. Jacob Pugh says:

    Poor lady

  88. M C says:

    Why cant i ever find bars like this?

  89. AleisterMeowley says:

    Holy shit that is madness. Not only is it just a bad idea, it’s bordering on dangerous. I don’t know if there was any security in that place but behavior like that in a bar environment is a magnet for alcoholic stalkers and is just going to encourage other forms of inappropriate behavior

  90. Stephanie Babyyodaforever says:

    Prostitute act more classy than these girls

  91. The All Rounder 2 says:

    Goddamn you censors

  92. Matt Blanks says:

    They should be boomin. Them hoes gotta be stealing

  93. Joey carder says:

    Hey what's up

  94. Ben Severance says:

    I don’t see anything wrong with showing boobs but they also gotta do their job

  95. I am Jean Pierre, the Evil Puppet! says:

    I love whores!

  96. Analphabet says:

    The type of women you don't wanna date

  97. Sam Hathaway says:

    That's a strip club not a bar.

  98. Fake pastor bacon chicken Eating man says:

    Have at least a little respect for yourself

  99. Reto Ware says:

    00:55 is she exhibitionist or something

  100. Jessica Reynolds says:

    Their self-esteem is so low it's sad. They need that attention 2 make themselves feel worthy sad really.

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