Bar Rescue’s Top Five Most Shocking Health Hazards – Bar Rescue, Season 4

because it’s time
for the top five of the most shocking health
hazards ever encountered onBar Rescue.
Brace yourselves!In at #5, partially reheated
gumbo at the Turtle Bay
in New Orleans was
so full of bacteria
that people who ate it
were seeing it twice!
[retching] [audience groaning] I guess the gumbo’s so bad,
it makes people puke. How dare you get people sick! Close it the [bleep] down!At #4 are the shockingly
unsanitary cooking utensils
at RG’s lounge
in Kansas City.
Chef Wayne’s customers
were in for a shock
when I blew the lid
off these pans.
How often do you
clean the fryer? I clean them every week.Look, how many times was
the bacon cooked on this?
You see this dripping down?
And served to people!
Oh, my God.It ain’t gonna be spotless,
but it’s clean.This is inexcusable, John.[groaning]At #3 is a black pool of
what seemed to be toxic waste
lurking just beneath
the floorboards
at Empty Bottles
in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.
What is that smell?
A natural spring
we have in our basement.
There’s food 8 feet
from here! Look at this! – That’s terrible.
– Smell it! This is not spring water.At #2 is the grease trap
from O’Banion’s
in Omaha, Nebraska.
The owners were so busy
getting drunk,
they forgot to clean it
for months on end.
What’s that smell? They, like, just turned
the heat on? I can’t even work here. Yeah, this is
getting worse. I come in here. I’m all set,
ready to start working in the kitchen,
and all I smell is [bleep] Ugh! [coughing] [Bleep] Look at this!
Here, guys. Get over here.
This is your grease trap. These guys haven’t
cleaned the grease trap in God knows how long. We had to call
a plumbing company, and we’ve lost
the whole day of training. It’s pretty bad.
It’s something that probably should’ve been
taken care of months ago.[audience groaning]And at #1, the walk-in
at Fairways in Tennessee.
I already thought I’d
seen it all in this place,
and then I found out something
was growing in the cooler.
Is there any mold on
the inside of this walk-in? I don’t think so. Oh! [gasping]Mushrooms growing
in the walk-in!
Look at this!Oh, my God.What the [bleep], Harry?
This place is dangerous,
for chrissakes! Nobody eats
this frickin’ food!

100 Replies to “Bar Rescue’s Top Five Most Shocking Health Hazards – Bar Rescue, Season 4”

  1. Carlos Martinez says:

    It's absolutely mind-boggling how these establishments escape health code violations, and more people haven't gotten sick or worse.

  2. ロレックジェフ says:


  3. j_ west721 says:

    2:17 The way he shouts "LOOK AT THIS!" And points so close to it has me weak…

  4. scr1231 says:

    That’s disgusting.

  5. mthigh33 says:

    I love mushrooms with my steak.

  6. Carlos Lopez says:

    A restaurant deep fryer should be cleaned every single day

  7. Kiyahni Redd says:


  8. Theodore Robinson says:

    Oh my God

  9. Nina Briesch says:

    Today's special " Deep Fried Mushroom home grown"

  10. Aaron Johnson says:


  11. Comrade Ivan says:

    Gordon seems so much kinder now

  12. Mike Greensmith says:

    "Ain't gonna be spotless but it's clean" he must've had the same philosophy with his teeth to cause hes missing like three or four

  13. Adam Kimmith says:

    I nearly vomited when I saw that fucking fungus

  14. AlphaMax says:

    I have never seen mold grow like that wow so nasty!!

  15. Logan Dysico says:

    Before every episode, they ought to send in a health inspector

  16. Christopher Cruz says:

    That giant fungus is insane, can you guy imagine if a zombie outbreak started all from a fridge from a bar

  17. Okie TC says:

    I threw up in real life after seeing that grease trap

  18. Chiki Noogit says:

    The way he waddles away from the freezer at the end 😭

    It reminds me of that one vine with the daughter walking away and the dad looking disappointed as he££ 😂😂

  19. jonathan oh says:

    Which episode is the last one? With the huge mold? Lmao

  20. Bruiser Bunny says:

    as each one the harder it was for me not to puke number 1 was horrifying

  21. firefighterstation3 says:

    I guess I shouldn’t of ordered that mushroom burger at my time in fairways

  22. Timothy King says:

    The part of Fairways Golf and Grill was disgusting and funny a little bit 😷 🤢 😂

  23. Jon Houle says:

    Damn he got that food on his suit. Gonna have to throw that out now too 😂😂

  24. Virtual_Viking says:

    Good God. Forget saving the bars; just burn them to the ground and be done with it.


    If I drank, I would be like a "recon" in one!!!!

  26. Jess says:

    We needed Ramsey to go to the bar with the fungus growing…. I swear these guys need to do a season together

  27. 《spider says:

    I almost vomited At the fungus. Gross…im scarred

  28. buddy ward says:

    Oh damn watching that will make have a bad taste in my mouth

  29. John Allen says:

    That last one has got to be fake lol the fungus is growing so clean like on the walls 😂

  30. ARVN Ryuga says:

    Shit Im having chills rn on #1 like WTF IS THAT!?

  31. Jewel Victoria says:

    MT Bottle need they ass whooped

  32. Milica's Dynasty says:

    The last one just killed me.. he mad af🤣🤢🤮🤢🤮🤢🤮🤢🤭

  33. czure94 says:

    Whats that shit at 1:07?

  34. Mark Ruffalo is a splendid actor says:

    Is the crowd made up of small children? The screaming is so annoying.

  35. Brandon Morris says:

    How a mushroom grows in a cooler I'll never understand….

  36. MegaRock1fan says:

    Fairways is the one episode where Jon taffer scared me

  37. Robbie Green says:


  38. chels dawg says:

    That fungus, fucking hell..

  39. Ariman98 says:


  40. Patrick dela rosa says:

    They can start selling mushrok. Soup

  41. jacksonbear1 says:

    32 people prefer awful food

  42. Mr skeleton says:

    2:18 If not the most disgusting thing on the show

  43. Scott Moore says:

    why was that black gentleman throwing up in a toilet with piss, not the next one over that's clean?

  44. bruce wayne says:

    I don't like bars that much. But i love this show.

  45. BlossomOfThorns says:

    That guy in number 4 talking about cleanliness and he had as few teeth in his head than braincells!

  46. Matthew Besson says:

    Mushrooms bro.

  47. Tracy Tyler says:

    Doesn’t the BOH check on EVERY restaurant in EVERY town here???!!!

  48. eloc says:

    He points at the mushroom 😂😂

  49. Deana Rupe says:

    Mushrooms must be getting expensive. That last bar was growing thier own.

  50. Salote Lopes says:

    I had to hold my breath and gag too when I saw the grease trap. Yuck!

  51. andrew moore says:

    Cook your own food folks, can't trust these restaurants

  52. DeliriumBand 1 says:

    Mushrooms growing in the fridge lmao

  53. PeachyRider says:

    Free shrooms…cook 'em up🤮

  54. Aaron Chin says:

    How much do you have to suck to allow an Eldritch Breeding Puddle ™ to develop under your bar. God damn.

  55. Martin Diggle says:

    The mushroom looks like the rushroom from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild. Expect it’s not purple.

  56. hammerofmariotos says:

    My first job was dishwashing at a local Mom and Pop breakfast joint. I cleaned the grease trap (including the runoff from daily bacon frying) EVERY DAY and the smell STILL almost made me hurl everytime. That is a fearsome stink, I'll tell ya.

  57. Roberto Sanchez says:


  58. Eli R says:

    the shroomies look pretty

  59. Manchester City says:

    I’m scared of eating out now…

  60. hotdoggie raven says:

    dayum , that mushroom at the end lol

  61. seri katil says:

    What season and episode is #3?

  62. Saul Reynoso says:

    I will never eat at a bar ever again, nor will I patronage a poorly managed one.

  63. Fourth Horsemen Death says:

    RIP to Jons vocal chords

  64. shelly lynch says:

    ewww 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

  65. Miz Lauren Alexis says:

    There wasn’t any mould, all I saw were a couple of fun guys! 🍄

    … I’ll show myself out…

  66. Mason Sanchez says:

    Jon Taffer, but also Gordon Ramsey, are my food/bar heroes.

  67. Jason Wosick says:


  68. Lucy Charnick says:

    Number 5 should have been number 1 they actually made people sick

  69. freakyflow says:

    Just go's to show you how bad American cuisine is. Aside from the fact that the US government has hundreds of thousands of US health inspectors, Food Handler Certifications, And common sence.
    This is why Chef Ramsey makes a killing in putting shame on American "Chef's" Frozen food over fresh, Mircowave over proper cooking methods, Under cooked/Over cooked Has no clue on identifying knifes and thier proper uses. Julienne is not a french women looking for a date Dice is not apart of a craps game

  70. anthony evans says:

    In Omaha Nabraska, they had to call a certified plummer to clean the grease trap.. It was so disgusting and backed up, it took them the entire day to get it fixed.. How pathetic can these owners get….

  71. anthony evans says:

    The fairways in Tennessee is the one that takes the cake… I'm sick in my own house, looking at the filth and I'm not even there… Where's the health department when you need them? This must of been staged, because the health department would of shut them down long ago.. Health department ain't doing their jobs like there supposed to.. Every establishment is required to have a list of all pass and fails hanging up in the front, so everyone will see where the bar stands in sanitation and food safety.. This fairways gets all Fs and should be shut down.. Where are the As?

  72. xsailor85 says:

    And yet why we’re none of these places burned to the ground?!

  73. Chris Rain Man says:

    Bar Rescue so intense and sometimes win John's getting angry I'll just jump up and slap my wife and I'm not even sure why I did it I'm that caught up in the moment

  74. 8070jack says:

    This is why fast food restaurants have become successful. When you walk into a fast food restaurant use your nose and eyes and you will immediately know if it's one to walk out of without ordering. Non chains can put the money into the the front and get you sick from the kitchen.

  75. mike long says:

    Send this man into every jail and prison kitchen in america

  76. kommisar says:

    #1 disgusted Taffer so much he got his sports coat dirty.

  77. ItzZz Dubstep says:

    Ramsey + Taffer = Hell"s Bar

  78. DarkThanatos18 says:

    1:07 What in fuck's name is that…?

  79. calipdis2 says:

    I am not going to a local bar anymore, better a six in my bedroom.

  80. Damar Riwu says:

    The poor US

  81. Dangerna says:

    This is why you don't eat bar food, I don't care where it's made.

  82. Dopey Tripod says:

    places to avoid

  83. desiguy55 says:

    ok so where are food inspectors? when i had a place they would come around every year unannounced and examine everything.

  84. Tom Just Tom says:

    DAMN!! That last one had MUSHROOMS growing in the walk in, FFS!

  85. Peter Caci says:

    I buy my food from the grocery store now

  86. Han Skinslo says:

    I love watching Jon get pissed.

  87. Nameless King says:

    That fungus looks like something straight out of bloodborne

  88. Christopher Howell says:

    After seeing #1 (and buying that very same episode "Hole in None"), I thank the Lord God that Hailey's Harp & Pub on 400 Main St in Metuchen (Middlesex County), NJ (right next to the Metuchen NJ Transit train station), the bar I frequent every Friday nights after work, not only has the best food cooked to perfection, but is very well clean and sanitized. Therefore, it's making lots of "mad money". They don't need Jon Taffer's help because the staff knows what they're doing. In fact, I'm going there real soon tonight. And you can bet that last dollar that I'm gonna give it even more great reviews than before.

  89. Chris Taylor says:

    PLEASE PLEASE someone tell me these were set up's and not real,,,,,,

  90. Adam D Bowden says:

    I'm gonna spew brah.. Good lord that fungus, lol.. 🍄

  91. Omar Vargas says:

    That last one was nasty asf how you let fungus grow that much !!

  92. Reina Arana says:

    I swear Gordon and Jon need a show together

  93. Reina Arana says:

    The last one was just 😷🤢🤮😷🤢🤮😷🤮😷🤢🤮😷🤢🤮😷🤢🤮😷🤢🤮😷🤢🤮🤢🤮😷🤢😷🤮🤢😷🤮🤢😷🤮🤢😷🤮🤢😷🤮🤢😷🤮

  94. Alexander Thompson says:

    How did that dive bar in Austin not make the list? They had bugs in the bottles

  95. Brett F. says:

    Imagine if Gordon Ramsey saw that fungus thing.

  96. I hate fortnight Give me a reason why i shouldn’t says:

    John has restraint that’s the difference between Kim and Gordon

  97. althepenguin says:

    At 1:07 what is that, exactly? It just looks like grass growing out of soil.

  98. Eternally Senseless says:

    1:08 How is that only number 3?

    2:20 Oh that’s how.

  99. joseph tudisco says:

    Imagine walking pass those mushrooms everyday and saying “yea that’s ok”

  100. Megan Taylor says:

    It’s a goddamn mushroom..

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