50 Replies to “Bar Muscle Up Progression Pt.2”

  1. Jojo Reyes says:

    Thanks Carl! I'll try this.. Man, you're awesome 🙂

  2. dimitris tagkalakis says:

    Man, i can't wait for tomorrows wod !!!

  3. Dr Calzone says:

    1:01 Hip! 😀
    seriously tho, love your progressions. Keep it up man!

  4. rdslmi says:

    you make by far the best progressions/tutorials on youtube !

  5. evobe says:

    you are so amazing

  6. Terrence Limbert says:

    Any ideas for us without a 'Kids Bar'?

  7. Stefan Neumann says:

    Unfortunately I don't have such a low bar available. Can i do this on low rings as well?

  8. R. Rodríguez says:

    Will you do a one arm chin up progression videos? I love the way you explain all the stuff. Greetimgs from Spain!

  9. Kurt Iverson says:

    Could this be modified to use rings instead of a low bar?

  10. Charlie McKenna says:

    maybe put a weighted barbell on the j cups of a rack is the best thing I could think of

  11. Mohamed ElSayed says:

    amazingly informative thanks for sharing these great tips

  12. Victortricking says:

    Excellent video, as always. Could you please make a progression for Flares?

  13. senarath senarath says:

    My classmates laughed when I told them I was going to burn calories with Shape X Booster, but then I showed them the results. Do a search on google for Shape X Booster to see their reaction. (It was epic!)

  14. painter painting says:


  15. Goran Tanev says:

    If your desire is to get shredded, i suggest you Google search for "Oak Muscle Method". You are certainly achieve the muscles you deserve.

  16. ron naz says:

    By far the best explanation. How could anyone dislike this?

  17. 300fleets says:

    I'm ASTOUNDED by how much sense it makes to let your feet drop. That is my entire problem right there. Thank you!

  18. TheFBIProfile says:

    How bout teaching without using the kip?

  19. ideaman99 says:

    Man you are one hell of a good instructor.

  20. scionkai says:

    good vid, what if we didn't have that wall/box with weights you talked about? how can we practice the hip drive with only the bar?

  21. oasrnsxca says:

    how about getting stronger?

  22. TheFBIProfile says:

    yes but im sure there is a technique to getting a strict muscle up that is different than doing the muscle up with the kip

  23. Aldrick Castro says:

    Maybe the bar for dips

  24. Dustin Howell says:

    couldn't agree more.

  25. Roberto Aguilar says:

    Man I have this ong ass freaking arms, everything gymnastic is so hard to me, gonna give this a try for a few weeks, I couldnt do it at first

  26. Tyler Layne says:

    barbell set low with bands to hold it tight

  27. Tim Navis says:

    Yup. Best tutorials I've found. You explain everything so concise and break it down clearly. It took me two months to do my muscle up but I was incorporating what seems like sixteen different techniques. I'm going to go back to square one and work on the progression. The feet DOWN makes so much sense, I kept wanting to lift them up. Question: How do you progress back down to set yourself up for more muscle ups? Thank you!!!

  28. rasibra says:

    just improvise

  29. Chip Woodward says:

    Awesome! Verrrry helpful.

  30. muel294 says:

    @ 1:40 WHAMMY!

  31. Perfect .Physique says:

    To me when you kip on the muscle up it's like a cheat

  32. babaking p says:

    I like your pt thx

  33. nowadaysable says:

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  34. Khan Polish says:

    Lov the way u explain and brake down the moment👍

  35. Ayoub Tanougha says:

    The best video I've seen .

  36. MItsos Ogdontatessera says:

    dude its called a D2B ( dick to bar )

  37. gabby7313 says:

    You make this seem so doable Carl. Thanks!

  38. ThePanheadBobber says:

    where do you get that attachment for the rig?

  39. Giannis di says:

    One of the best trainers i v seen

  40. Mikael Karlsson says:

    Thank you

  41. Andrew Barnes says:

    This would be ideal using a set of Parallel bars set at different heights wouldn't it?

  42. Juan Howard wong Faber says:

    excellent video.

  43. Coach Barron says:

    Never seen that progression. Thanks

  44. zealotbr says:

    well done Matthew McConaughey. tnks a lot

  45. Guy Bermudez says:

    You just got yourself a sub

  46. Hamode Shukri says:

    amazing video👍🏻👍🏻

  47. BarXaM Fitness says:


  48. salih tunca says:

    best info on youtube tomorrow ill watch again and train it thanx CARL!

  49. Jeff Whetstone says:

    I wish I would have seen this sooner. The vertical cargo at the Spartan races has a ledge where this works perfectly. Gonna try next time. Thank you.

  50. Jeff Whetstone says:

    What if that bar starts at eye level?? I'm 5'10".

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