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Back at the Beach | Juness Beach Resort 2017

Derick : I’m at Barcelona! JR : That’s why the water became saltier We’re off again to.. Beach, We’re going to the beach again [Curses in Filipino] Why are you like that? Derick : I’m going home if JR is not coming Sure Derick : Bong (Joshua), Let’s go home if JR doesn’t show up Joshua : Yeah that’s right Joshua : if he doesn’t show up Derick : Deng (Eugene), Don’t get used to just hoping Eugene : It’s ok to have something to hope for as long as no one gets hurt Eugene : Why Hershey’s?. I don’t eat this Kaye : Give it back then Eugene : I don’t eat Hershey’s Manang : It’s soft Joshua : Manang you don’t have a teeth anymore and you want it hard? Derick : Bong (Joshua), Manang doesn’t eat anything soft Derick : it has to be angry Manang : Hey Bibong (Joshua) is not here yet Eugene : Hey Silly! Joshua isn’t here yet Derick : I just had a sip of his drink Manang & Eugene : Yeah, but he went to get another one Derick : Let’s hide from him Joshua got almost left behind Eugene : Stop the car Joshua : You idi** it’s hot out here hurry up Eugene : Move it forward. move, move Let’s go silly Eugene : Ha he’s getting mad. Where did you go? We thought you were already inside Manang : You almost got left behind, Derick thought you were already sitting there Derick : Good thing I stopped for you They’re falling asleep We’re here Come on. Let’s get inside Joshua : Where is it jong(me)? I have no idea Derick : There! there! there it is Derick : There it is. see? Time to eat guys Justin : We’re hungry JR : Is it balanced? Joshua : Derick go do something like this. Derick : When I dive It’ll be like Derick : Here they are Derick : Look Look Derick : Look at their faces Derick : Here they are again Derick : This is a photoshoot Joshua : He’s acting all crazy like an Idi** Derick : I’m in Barcelona! JR : That’s why the water became saltier We’re going to wake them up We got drunk last night that’s why there’s not a lot of footage Joshua : I love sleeping in the bed! Derick : You guys drink and can’t hold up to it Joshua : Idi** you’re the one who’s drunk
Kaye : You’re the 1st one to bailed They’re up and we’re just waiting for breakfast Here’s what they look like when wasted Derick : Here we go again. If I start tripping.. Joshua : We didn’t get drunk. Just tipsy. Derick : Just Tipsy. Right Bong (Joshua)? We’re going home AGAIN This This is what will happen when you miss out

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