AZIS – MOTEL THE TRUTH (Documentary Movie)

Everything started here. On the studio’s floor together with the best musicians – Gugi, Sasho and Martin . Tired and starving…
We were not thinking about anything else beside
how to create a song
which will touch the heart. Well I think we achieved that. Then it was that… And in the end as expected the result was this If you remember one month ago when Azis was my guest exactly before the premiere
of ” Motel” We promised each other to catch up again on 26th June 2018 But I could not resist to wait so much for another episode with this person
due to the fact he is creating a whole history. Music history. His music video ” Motel” has got already whole 30 millions views in Youtube Vasko there is no way to skip this question. How do you manage to achieve such a huge success. You are breaking records Literaly, you are making revolution in the music industry of Bulgaria First you should have the voice Second you need to have no other priorities beside your fans If you took the decision to make a new song just to show off yourself and some other things different than your vocal skills .You should know you already lost it. Underestimating the audience , underestimating the Bulgarian user you are going against yourself if you think you could blind them with something else than a great song. Nothing else matter than the great song
Everything else is just a compromise
You could do it with or without the “add-ons”
But without a beautiful song it just wont be achieved Artists should start doing real art
if they would like to have similar success… What is the price for one night at this “Motel”? Did you manage to reach that point? Thanks to the lord i didn’t know that price and I don’t want to know it. What must you pay and how much does it cost to stay out of your home , away from your family and love If you start looking for that warm feelings outside …It’s too bad…
I wouldn’t pay that . That price is too high Yes it is and it is painful as well. Yes it should be painful and brings a lot of consequences after that. I am following your Youtube channel . You are uploading almost on a daily basis fans video clips of your song .Lots of teens and adults are performing your song. How you manage to create such a fan wave? First i would like to note that I’ve never asked anyone to do so.Never asked them… The whole thing is idea of my fans . This is the way my fans shows me their appreciation and love
And this is the only way to connect with me and show me their emotions .
It was really lovely result. They give it all no matter if they could sing or not
No matter the situation they are in.
That’s the most important thing.
To sing… How i made such a music hit?
Only God could say for sure
I have no idea. You should be with great vocal talent
and to listen your intuition
and not to underestimate the audience. They don’t want those modern songs.
If they want modern sounding they would be watching The Voice , MTV , VH1.
People in Bulgaria would like to listen to the pop-folk origins not some modern folk. That’s my secret
That’s why I am successful. I’ve got the authentic pop-folk sounding.
I am not RnB , I’m not rapping,I do not use bad language , nor behave as a low life rowdy. Would you like to know my secret? Yes. I stop paying attention to what might the young generation like or not. So I start creating songs which me and my generation woud like . And it happaned the way that the young people turned on my music by their own decision of music taste . They found me by themselves .
I was not trying to attract the youngsters in purpose, because I am 40 years old guy, and it is not suitable for me to sing bad language lyrics and to behave as an idiot . I will do music that i like , that my mother and father would like , my family , neighbours . And if the children have got that sense for this type of music , they will hear my songs. Yes, they are not just listening your song but sing it too. Exactly. If the kids would like modern hits . Let them listen to Katy Perry
, Shakira, Beyonce
We do not have equal to those in Bulgaria and we will never going to have those . Be yourself and you will succeed
You will achieve a lot.
You will have all those millions of views .
because the people really would like to listen to the authentic pop-folk We met with the Martin Biolchev
Yes in the studio
and I told him could you play some tune ..Kinda soft flamenco And of course he start playing on the guitar something like this Then I said to Biolchev , faster hit the piano’s chords And Martin got the hardest part because was trying to play on the piano and computer keyboard at the same time.
He was using one of his hands to control the recording
and with the other he was trying to keep up the tune on the piano . What a tune. I was barely trying get an idea of the whole mix-tape.
And our guitar player keeps doing the background with a cigarette in his mouth. So I start having that mindset by the whole sound vibe. I closed my eyes and ….. That chorus went spontaneously out of my soul. And suddenly I realised that the musicians stopped playing and just the background was going on. Seems all in the studio kinda felt the vibe of the song.
I looked at Martin his eyes were tearing
Turned around I noticed Sashko pretending his eyes were watery cause the cigarette in his mouth while he is playing.
I told you all that goes in that within the split of seconds. Even I was about to start crying just by that one sentence.
And all I told the guys was :” You bastards , do not dare to stop right now.”
So they kept the front and continue.
All that song was created by four and a half minutes. Is it a record? No because “Habibi” was created approximately for the same time. For 4.5 minutes “Motel” idea was created
This is how you make music.
You should not let others create your song ideas
I find this very unprofessional. When it comes straight from my heart.
It always turns into a total hit. I could not resists.
So the very same night I played that song to my driver.
He is kind of good music critic for me because according to me he knows “music”.
Immediately after I played that song to him..
I saw how the hair on his arm goes up.
He looked at me and ask :What is that ? Please play that to me once again! And I warned him not to say anything
He replied to me “I can not be speechless about that”.
That was just another confirmation that something will happened. I wrote the whole lyrics for 3 -4 days . I was ill and even was treating myself with antibiotics by this time.
By the way when I was recording “Motel” , I was on that heavy medications as well. I was ill..But no matter that condition of mine I was so convinced in my success , I was so self-esteemed in my vocal skills,
And I was sounding like I was absolutely healthy. It is like the God sent you the strength for your voice. No I have that non stop.
But yes He gave me that strength
God takes huge part in my life. Ok why it turned that way you compose and write your lyrics by your own.
Isn’t there anyone who could inspire you or give you an idea?
I will answer that question of yours . But would you like to take a walk first at the “Motel” video clip stage. Dear friends, now you will see the ” Motel” for real.
I am not lying to you. I do not trust that some musician will write the note that I would like to sing .
That’s the main reason I prefer to create everything from the tune to the lyrics by my own.
Because that is my real me. I tried to give a chance to some people but I do not feel it is getting to that point of result.
It is not like lack of talented people.
There are good ones . But they are good enough only for the other performers . Not for me… I am changed big time
” Habibi ” turned my life upside down and I am not the same . Neither the rest around me.
After that song the music is not the same. This is the Motel . You are welcome.
Here we created the video for “Motel”. First I chose the video director – Lucy. Lucy : One day Vasko called me and shared with me that he needs to see me and to play something new. As second – cameraman- Joro Markov. He came on the shooting day sick and he was accompanied by Ivan to hold his camera
It was not fair Joro!
I am joking
I have been working with Ivan for long time so it was pleasure for me as well
He was the main operator that helped you with ” Habibi”. Yes by his own actually I followed that project pretty close. Yep , by the way she took part in ” Habibi” and in” Motel” she stays next to me on the sea First I was in need to make an arrangement with the director. He played the song for me and I told him: ” Vasko wait I am going to show you an unique place”
I was absolutely sure that he will like it. That’s the seat from the video of ” Motel”. Lucy: The sounding was awesome.
First chorus that I heard .. for that baby that was left in front of the church..
The thought about that view totally rip you on pieces. That’s a seat with historical price which after couple of years might be sold on an auction .
I hope so too , I really hope one day all those things to rise funds in order to help the people in real need. The director Lucy came home with Annie Huang.
It was rainy and we were looking for a peaceful place where we could have lunch. We stopped at several spots , overcrowded mostly. We just went inside . It was me , Annie and Vasko. And it was full with just graduated students so it was too noisy. So Vasko did not want to stay . So we turned around and we stop just in the car. So I share my idea with him . I told him I would like to have that on social thematic . I would like to hint the audience with a thought of mine. I would like to shout to the world something.
I would like to go against all that sexism all that racism . No borders between each personality. He played the song for me and I told him: ” Vasko wait I am going to show you an unique place”
I was absolutely sure that he will like it. I played the song for him and he said . I t is unique … It is like a chewing gym … Sticks to your mind immediately … Lucy: Then I took out my phone and show him a pic of that motel building that I saw few days ago .
Vasko looked at the photo and said : “Stop that is it”. Lucy was the first one who actually embraced that idea.
He said he will arrange everything. Lucy: So we started calling all our friends.We arranged the shooting straight away.
and I was very pleased that in the end he actually title his song “Motel”. Part of all people that took place in the video are close friends of mine. Did I accept the offer easy? Not just easy but as well with big pleasure because Vasko is a big start and having act in this video is a huge honour for me Hm… Yes, they start recognise me in real life after this video. I am going out from Fantastico holding two packs of mineral water and a stranger says ” Hey I know you from that music video!” . Known people from the church and almost everywhere. Even I was little bit amazed that since my role was pretty short will result in such a huge impact to my real life personal fame. This is Dany Armenkova and Christian Armenkov – the bride and the groom from the clip. Christian : As personal conclusion , I don’t like the public attention. I don’t like that publicity at all. Dany: You see how much constrained he is! Dany: To go into the bride role, actually cost me a lot, because I was insisting to be a real bride. Ordering the bouquet , the dress from Sofia Borisova … It was unbelievable expirience for me. Couple of people took care of the whole process . It was real fun. The hairstyle , the make up . We wanted to reach that drama effect , because after all I am for real a runaway bride, disappointed of something similar in her real past. And that’s it. May be this is the only role I could actually play because I am that exact type of person. Dramatic , emotional . If I was in need to take the role of a happy bride, most probably I wouldn’t be able to play this well. That was me for real. Azis: I am friend with them for a long time. They are actual family. But they have never got an actual wedding.She was never with the white dress . Dany: Yes , I was never in the white bride dress before. Things around my real wedding were complicated and I didn’t manage to have a real bride dress. That’s why be the bride in this video was unique experience for me. Azis: As we mention the dress. Do you know who actually designed the dress? The designer is Sofia Borisova . It is blouse and a skirt – two parts. But together those two fits amazing. Azis: I called her and I told her: “Sofi , I need a dress!” . And she replied : ” Are you getting married again? . And of course my reply was :” No , Sofi. It is not for me but for a friend of mine that will take a part in a video of mine. Azis: I told her , you need to dress my bride. Of course she accepted my request immediately . Sofia: So everything happened really fast. Azis started to explain to me what the bride should do and I interrupted him by asking him how the bride should look like and I will take care for everything else. Sofia: The dress is made of two parts. Fairy light and sexy skirt with sense of mystic , because the model got things to show. And a blouse made of lace. Sofia: The model was kind of prepared for a long try of many dresses. But when she came to my studio , I just gave her this dress and told her: This is for you, you try it and you are ready to go!” Sofia: She was amazed and everything fit brilliant . Even I don’t remember if we sent photo to Vasko in order to get his approval . Azis: As we speaking for the bride. The make up was made by Tsetso Andreev.I really can not describe his quality of work. I sent him photos, I told him what I want. Well he made all that ten times better than what I’ve imagine. Really talented , really professional Azis: The happy pair. What can I say about them. I even can not speak about them like just friends. Because they are more than close to me. They are like part of my family. First called the bride and I asked her if she wants to take a part n my video. Azis: Of course she accepted and burst in tears. She needed sometime to realize what I actually offer her.Actually the groom got some difficulties to accept my offer. Azis: He was afraid to take a part in such a project because he never took part in such projects before.Of course I joked with the bride that I will abuse him to death of he is not taking this part. Of course the bride calmed me down. telling me she will take care of that issue. Azis:As for the other actors … Marieta: I was really happy and thrilled. And of course who wouldn’t be , if Azis invited him/her to take a part in his production. Desislava: I’ve been talking with Vasko in the past about future video projects. And when he called me that was the first thought in my head. I was with no fears by taking this part. May be this is the reason he picked me, because he knows I am pretty open mind person. Neshka: I heard the song ” Motel” for a first time in his car while we were going for a lunch. And I burst in tears. There is no way to prevent this, because the song is really emotional and got the power to touch humans souls and minds. I’m sure that even people that don’t like that music style get emotional by listen to it.# Azis: My cousin Asya. Asya: Yes Azis is my first cousin. I know him for all my life. He always took care for me, just like I for him. I see in him not just a relative but a true friend, bigger brother shoulder full with care. We love to clean and cook together. It is real fun when we are together. Asya: Personally for me he is unique and the best Balkan singer. Azis: The girl with the gymnastic bats that many people actually find hard to recognise. I was trying to show to the people what kind of sacrifice all those young girls are paying in order to follow their career. What if she got pregnant? Are they going to choose the career by the killing theunborn child or…? Azis: And as we are speaking for this scene with the pregnancy test and the video-zone photo… Our director Lucy said he will take care for that video-zone, because he knows people from that part of the society. Azis: So Lucy went to the hospital in order to get some video-zones. He went to the doctor and ask for a cardiograph instead of video-zone photo. So they gave him a cardiograph photo.Then he shocked said :” No I don’t need this… There is no baby on that picture. Host: So could you tell me other spicy stories around that video? Azis: Oh there are lots of moments with my gypsy orchestra guys. Oh, there is one Bulgarian as well- Gugutkata. Gugutkata: My first opinion when I heard the song, was actually based on those first few words on the very start of the song. They are extremely emotional. Gugutkata: Azis is extremely self-motivated, goal chaser, highly disciplined , unique and ambitious. Really big fun as well.

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    Много си прав Азис хората не искат модерна музика обичам само твоят поп фолк продължавай да бъдеш себеси харесайте коментара ти си скрит талант

  75. Azize Azimova says:

    O ses Türkiye

  76. Xhemo Xhemaili says:

    The best voice of world you have Azis.I prefer you.bravoo

  77. Java Server says:

    you are my favourite from my childhood and still the best thank you for everything you do for us 🙂

  78. Natasa Salihi says:


  79. Milena Jovanovic says:

    💜💜💗💕💕💞💞💟💟OH..JAK MI SE PLACE ZA TEBEE….💓

  80. Zllatica Guśiç says:


  81. Ivan rumenov says:

    Искам да попитам дали мотел снимано в долна Малина кино център ❤️🤘

  82. EllyDeyan Ilievi says:

    искам дасе запозная с теб. , легендо

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