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ATLANTIS RESORT! Nassau, Bahamas I Royal Caribbean (Cruise Vlog 3, 2019)

Hey everyone, welcome to my channel. I’m Julia a dallas-based flight attendant However today I am on day three of my five-day cruise on Royal Caribbean We are boarding in Nassau, Bahamas today. I am super excited because we are going to spend the day at the Atlantis Resort and waterpark This is the bathing suit, I’m wearing today it’s from Cup XI. This is my favorite bathing suit that I’ve worn on the trip So far, I love the back I love how like crisscross see it is in detailed it is I will put the link to it in the description box below We spent about 10 minutes just walking around and trying to find a place to eat but we finally found a place It’s pretty crowded this morning, but we have a beautiful breakfast view For breakfast this morning, I have a blueberry pancakes and waffles sausage toast and a hash brown We just finished breakfast and now we’re going to go grab a taxi and head to Atlantis There’s our trip there’s Mariner of the Seas and then there’s Carnival Liberty They’re all in a row. That’s really good Right when you walk out of the port in now, so you kind of enter the city and immediately There’s like a lot of little shops and tour guides and different stuff. So hopefully we’ll be able to find a taxi here We made it into our bag yes, we’re heading to Atlanta You just got inside the Aquaventure Park Atlantis right now all we’ve seen are some of the pools We’ve taken a few pictures and this we’re just walking around. So we’re hoping to find all of the slides soon It’s a bit crowded here today, we’re in line waiting for a longer so we can have a place to put all of our stuff It’s starting to rain here in Atlantis so I think we’re gonna leave the park for a bit. You’re gonna go find the aquarium Maybe go grab some lunch head back to the ship and relax, but this waterpark is really cool The lines are pretty long for some of the water slides though and our feet are both super burnt from walking on the hot surface We came back to the cruise ship because it was starting to storm outside and we both are starving and The food and Atlantis fair warning is very expensive So we figured we would come back to the ship and eat I needed to change out of my bathing suit So I am just wearing some like flowy shorts with the same white crop top I had on earlier and we’re gonna go eat I have a lot of food on my plate today I have corn vanilla upside-down cake chicken parmesan rice with beef stroganoff a bread roll and some Vegetables and we got another window seat, which is nice so we can look out and see the pier while we eat So the bartender made my opinion colada balloons magic After lunch should be an era Quentin had some cocktails and then we ended up just laying out on some of the lounge chairs for a while and I wasn’t really tired so I got an iced coffee if you are going on a cruise I highly recommend getting the deluxe a beverage package because even if you aren’t like a big alcohol drinker any of the drinks from the shops that are under $13 are Included in your package. So no matter why I think you ended up saving more money. We’re about to head to dinner But oh my gosh, you guys look at how beautiful this sunset is. I am just an off Oh My god, I tell it all today he still has my glasses on It’s like a bat. I just put into this ceiling So cute. That’s hilarious Me and Eric both aids so much food tonight, like both of our stomachs hurt because we’ve just eaten so much food today But that’s okay. That’s what you’re supposed to do on Vacation. But anyways, we are going to call it a night. So I’m going to conclude the vlog here So I just wanted to say like thank you. Thank you Thank you everyone so much for watching this video and for following along on our cruise. We still have one more day So there will be one more vlog coming out after this one about our last day on the cruise So make sure that you guys stay tuned for that If you like this video go ahead and give me a thumbs up and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel So you never miss any of my travel tips and adventures. I will see you guys next time Bye

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