100 Replies to “Apartment Atrocities”

  1. Grins Art says:


  2. Gaming Demon069 says:

    Yeah pillow fight

  3. Nifty Things says:

    shgurr: it's just excercise or a pillow fight

    Me: nervously sweats

  4. Chris Sparks says:

    You like my hero academia? YAY

  5. Laura Black says:


  6. La noema says:

    Amo tu contenido👑💙

  7. • R J B S M ‘ s G a c ha a • says:

    5:42 That’s some gooood BNHA art (better then mine @[email protected])
    Really brings out bakugous eyes

  8. Ruby Albright says:

    Your lds!!!!!
    I love it when I find members on YouTube!

  9. Ella C. says:


    Anyone else who is mormon and doesn't live in Utah understands.

  10. Kaitlyn Ibarra says:

    I think we all know what that squiking bed means

    Enjoy putting up with that

  11. d6Kriz says:

    Stop drawing anime? That’s my art style, not on purpose of course

  12. d6Kriz says:

    Also nice Choice of song, always liked that song

  13. Ryan Wittenbarger says:

    Just take a shower with your roomate, nothing wrong if you don't look.
    Edit: I had to do that one time.

  14. AuroraWolfzz - Gachalife says:

    Shgurr: Ye, Stop Drawing "ANIME"
    Me: u trying to ruin my dreams?!☹️
    Shgurr: umm.. not reall-
    Me: no. It's fine. I can stop if u want since you're my favorite YouTuber… Why did u do this to meeeeeee
    (BTW I have blue hair Soo.. umm. Ya.)

  15. Reza Achmadi says:

    Le me scrolling for "pillow fight" comments

  16. Dark Rose15 says:

    There was an apartment complex I thought about getting, but not only was the parking rules ridiculous, but how they designed the place was just completely off.

  17. Tang Wendy says:

    its 2020

  18. PotatoAnimation Starting says:

    Wait is YouTube going to DIE?

  19. Ambrosia Fulforde says:

    omg hmm 45 x 8 = is … 360?!

  20. SoulSnatchGaming says:

    0:59 us that tabbes?

  21. Matthew Abeyta says:

    You commited Lego step

  22. Aaron Plagge says:

    Are you ok shgurr

  23. DEADLY ANXIETY says:

    i remember when I didn't know about mha i had no idea what you were doing-

  24. G.M. Slider says:

    You go to BYU? Are you Mormon
    Also my siblings go to BYU

  25. Sydnee Bannister says:

    Yes… it was a bed……:

  26. Zynexion says:

    Yeah, a pillow fight
    Bet you're saying that to not get demonetized

  27. pizzafish 65 says:

    I don't think you want to join that…..pillow fight……….yea…….

  28. Ryan Wilson says:

    Did anyone notice enimen was on during floods

  29. ivon rokko says:

    Aw how innocent

  30. HackzoSpyz 090 says:


  31. Mello gang says:

    Me 2018:hey look tabbes
    Me 2019:omg tabbes!
    Me 2020:TABBES!!!!

  32. Dragon wolf 101 I love Roblox Minecraft gacha life says:

    1:01 is that let me explain studios

  33. Sean Birdwell says:

    "Pillow fight"

  34. mapesone laulu says:

    She isn't excersicing or having a pillow fight🤣🧐😲

  35. Silverclaw says:

    Ummmmm I don’t think there having a pillow fight…

  36. logan bogle says:

    2020 anyone

  37. Alex Torres says:

    "What if you both wanted to take a shower at the same time?" Uh then shower together?

  38. Gravity says:

    I have nothing to say…

  39. always sleeping says:

    Their bed could be hurting them or they could move in their sleep.

  40. hap says:

    good taste in music emeinems without me!

  41. ShadowChild13 says:

    Shgurr: “Stop drawing anime, ain’t nobody gonna look at that.”
    Glitchtale and Xtale: “Allow us to introduce ourselves.”

  42. Zer0 _Logicc says:

    1:00 is that Tabbes and Jaiden?

  43. lecramadema says:

    Wen I was on vakation thair was a woman ho liked tho play music 2 am in the morning and it was loud really loud 😤😍😍

  44. Crybaby says:


  45. Critical Cactus says:

    45$ fine for every 1 cinderblock
    That is 360$

  46. space snom says:

    Your either to innocent or u now that's not a pillow fight

  47. MistaPandaYT says:

    Is that…

    TADDES? Edit: 1:00

  48. Marisol Alvarado Marisol Alvarado says:

    1:00 I see tabbles

  49. Nuxegx Eats says:

    Ssugar:I don’t want to have the problem of having a moldy carpet
    Me: get a carpet for showers O.O fixxxed

  50. Percy WONG says:

    try working in Japanese anime studios. I heard that getting a cartoonist/animator job in japan is actually surprisingly easy

  51. for the more fun says:

    Are you sure they're exercising never mind

  52. Sean Bingham says:

    Lie at 00:10i sub for do u no da way

  53. silvion Animations :3 says:


  54. Bug Maniac Lynke says:

    7:00 I have that same poster… Looks like someone else also shops at Wal-Mart. 😝

  55. Candice McCarty says:


  56. AC with friends says:


  57. AC with friends says:

    6:55 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  58. Jiku Killa says:

    Me: ya know it might not be a pillow
    fight they might be having se-


    Me: what


    Me:*mummer* an

    Shgurr:… OK~ I'm out

  59. Ruberry says:

    Shgurr: No drawing Anime!

    Me: NEVERRRRR!!!!!!

  60. Emma McGlumphry says:

    I have insomnia, and the stray cats constantly in heat outside my apartment doesn’t help…better than the dance major student practicing at night above us in the dorms though. Imagine my reaction when I knocked on their door at midnight for them to explain they were practicing their STOMP ROUTINE!!! 😑💃

  61. Fred Butts says:

    U know if u make ur merch less expensive people will buy it more,right…?

  62. Emma Wootton says:

    4:40 LOLLLLLL!!!!!!

  63. Amtrak Fanatic says:

    Shgurr: YouTube won't last forever
    YouTube: looks like there is some mild criticism, demonetized

  64. GamingwithSyphone says:

    hey shgurr, i wanna be an animator just like you but i need help finding the software and recording, please reply to me back i could really use the help

  65. Diet Watermelon says:

    Lol stock sound effects

  66. Laiken Branham says:


  67. Alexa Plays says:



  68. Ashley bouchet says:

    I love the posters you made in your room.

  69. London Love says:

    That would be an interesting pillow fight…

  70. radical Aqua! says:

    “Stop drawing anime ain’t nobody con look at that,”
    3 mins later:Baku no hero academia
    Me:”wait-dats anime my favourite anime….”

  71. PigIA says:

    My dad and grandpa went to BYU!

  72. Dgsd says:

    So surprising that she has toxic people gravitate to her. Codependency is rough.

  73. Gacha Fox says:

    My child… that was not a pillow fight….. that was my pet unicorn attacking the skittles i left on my bed.


  74. Darkness says:


  75. kim thompson says:

    The corona virus is in United states now great……..I'm sad now…this is my death

  76. kim thompson says:

    My uncle said im ugly

  77. Valiber Caliber says:

    0:57 @Shgurr
    My nigga everyone going to look at anime it is cute and it will live on😏✨

  78. Smelly Grass says:

    “First video in 2018!”

    Me now: wow I’m old :p

  79. Gravity fall rules! OwO says:


    Thats in utah….


  80. Kevin Becerra says:


  81. The blue Rabbit says:

    I draw anime .-.

  82. CHASONs music says:

    Hey girl you don’t have to go to animation school you can just start drawn and drawing more and then you just get randomly better like I did I want my dad‘s kennel so you’re not gonna see my really bad good animations I’m still starting in my starting phase I am not going to go to animation school no way

  83. Iris Gacha says:

    I don't think their exercising…

  84. Eliptical says:

    "Talk about rude, I wanna join the pillow fight to!"

    hol, up

  85. Angel Carrillo says:


  86. The Backyard Man says:

    Let's go BYU…

  87. My Chemical Bromance says:

    Like ur mha drawing

  88. Alex Hernandez says:

    6:56 When u hear strange sounds in ur parents bed room

  89. Alesha Gilleland says:

    Pfft XD

  90. Alesha Gilleland says:

    WTF THAT 1:11…..HAHHAHAHAHA😂I-I cant…

  91. Alesha Gilleland says:

    To make the water stop,you could of just got a ladder and used duck tape.and then 5ake it of..ansnnsns and help it.

  92. Anya Butterfield says:

    Hey my mom went to BYU! R u mormon?

  93. Tim B. Franz says:

    1:49 Damn Shgurr really be owning a BMW M3 F80😶

  94. Pastel Pearl says:

    shgurr: The shower was in the bedroom.
    Me: Shower mats are a thing, you know that right?

  95. AnitaGachaAnime WEEB says:

    I didnt know u like mha u now my best friend

  96. The Hero says:

    “It sounded like a bed..squeaking”

    Me: “Oh fu-“

  97. p i t s t o p says:

    My dreams are so stupid that in my dream that shgurr can turn into a bird whenever she wants and can fly

  98. wedgiefan91 says:

    0:59 is that Tabbes on the right?

  99. Alex Ruiz says:

    Kachaan: DEKU

    Deku: Running for his damn life

  100. Marouscha Broekhuizen says:

    Shgurr: stop drawing anime, ain’t nobody gonna look at that
    Also Shgurr: Has posters of BNHA in her room

    BNHA is amazing!

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