we are now here in our hotel APA Asakusa Karima.. what? APA HOTEL this hotel has many branches so we are here in Asakusa but.. let’s just ask the TV we are here at APA Asakusa Kaminarimon I actually cancelled this booking for how many times, but all from APA, ( I chose the the nearest to our itinerary) This hotel is very good this is a 3-star hotel but for us, better than 3 star so let’s start with the CR! this is the first thing that I wanted to bring to the Philippines please excuse us, the CR is a little dirty now this auto. bidet will not function if you are not seated it has sensor here’s the controller this is the first thing that I wanted to try here in Japan I used the CR in the Airport, but it’s not working I was disappointed here’s the switch this button is for us, girls the water will spray right on the spot this one is for the rear part there’s water pressure control too They have provided instructions on how to use this they always provide instructions so we have bath tub here a small one I tried their hot water here last night and one more thing, they don’t provide bottled water because their tap water is drinkable! so even the water from the washroom is safe to drink! I drank too many gallons yesterday here’s the bath tub it’s just small but if you will just sit, you will fit I am not sure with the caucasians, but for us asians, it’s just okay there’s shower shampoo, conditioner, body soap so you don’t need to worry if you don’t have it unless you forget to bring your deodorant, of course you need to buy! (like him) there’s also face and hand soap I tried it last night, so far so good the toiletries.. all high quality here’s body towel, I’ve tried it yesterday too… The restaurant staff gave me this because of the soup super absorbent of course they’ve provided 2 there’s comb too for two! I used the other one yesterday, I forgot to bring mine and of course, the toothbrush! their toothbrush is very high quality even better with the toothbrush that I bought from the Philippines and it’s for 2 person right? the other one is color black for male can you get the other one, babe the other one is color pink! you can choose whatever you like! here it is I will bring everything home! sorry! there’s extra cup for hot drinks cause you can drink the tap water like that oh even if you’re not informed, it’s written here.. DRINKABLE you can use this outlet for electric shave that’s it are you taking this one? just take it, it’s all good better than the toothbrush that we have! I’ll take it all the hotel is slightly pricey actually cheaper than other hotels the hotel here in Japan is very expensive but if you will stay in apartments, it’s cheaper another item that I will not forget my furbabies like slippers we need to have a lot of extras! inside the house they also have kimonos let us show you how they wear this kimono the room is a mess as we are about to checkout yesterday is a very tiring day and we are so excited to try everything so we tried it first so we can give you a review so here’s how they wear this kimono which is included in the room *JAPANESE EXTRA* there’s free, ay no, not free LEATHER SLIPPERs provided in the room he looks like a SAMURAI thank you their TV is so wide you can see all the info there BUT they don’t have.. ENGLISH CHANNEL no translations no subtitles if you will watch TV, you must know japanese language or or just try to understand what are they trying to do you don’t have a choice you are here in Japan they have LAN cables for laptops, not popular these days for internet coz we are now using wifi and bluetooth so neat and organized here’s the laundry bag actually, Japan loves plastics.. but not the “plastic” (fake) person plastics that they’re using in foods anything but, ofcourse they know how to recycle! they have the best system in recycling! we don’t have any coffee table but we have switches desk light, see that? no? here all the switches are here you can just push the button anytime ceiling. amazing right? no need to stand we have this bedside lamp you just turn this to adjust the light see? you can adjust how dim you like the aircon, usb port good for charging this is one of the first thing we noticed when we entered the room like a welcome greeting like when you got welcome drink, here, they have welcome paper this is called origami I was scared yesterday the light in the washroom are going on and off this guy is playing with this switch and if there’s emergency you have instant flashlight I really wanted to migrate here easy to operate so the main problem that we have here is their pillow not thick not foam then what do you call the thing inside the pillow? this one is thin, remove the cover pls but their duvet is super soft, very comfortable like a futon bed this is the pillow see? different right? him: it’s good for the back maybe that’s the purpose of this pillow so people will not have back pain so we will call this one Japanese pillow we only have 2 maybe they don’t really like pillows because there’s no extra pillows here not sure with other hotels they have exit plans, emergency exit plans super safe we have green tea here tastes super bitter not really bitter but tastes like leaves it’s like drinking matcha , the real one this is matcha but powder there’s coffee we went to 711 for coffee this morning because their coffee here is not enough for us they only gave 1 set and no sugar maybe they’re not fond of sugar only 2 sticks of sugar in other hotels, they have white sugar and brown sugar and a lot of sachet here, only two sticks maybe they are not fond of coffee too they prefer tea that’s it! I will just give you another review of our next accommodation just stay tuned!


  1. Kisha Encarguez says:

    May ganyang bidet sa kabayan hotel edsa… mas hi-tech lang ata yan 😁

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    Stay here it’s a great hotel

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    how much per night?

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