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Antigua and Barbuda From A Tropical Plant Perspective At The Verandah Resort

Hello everyone I am here with Ray and Ray is the landscape manager; the landscape manager and he’s rushing me to the front
I’m just gonna ask him what all these plants are okay we go okay this one here
okay the one of the back of it is a fan pump manilla palm the variety right your
only property right so you’ll find in Manila Palms grown a lot around property
there’s a single unit palm yeah single unit meaning that um they grow by
themselves as the cornice Traverse uh-huh right boy we have the cluster
palms which like a finger palm the finger palm across the palm set a finger
palm in this one here this one here or this buddy so we call this cluster pumps
finger palms and the arica pounds okay this one here is a fishtail palm okay oh
we got that way yeah that’s right yeah there we go right to the front desk
so this if you still okay another cost upon the Eureka bomb this one here okay
right so they grow in clusters this one here is a MacArthur palm right there’s
another cluster bomb so the whole idea is to provide extra shade associate
exactly this year we have these here these spider lilies uh-huh this is the
Green Party they are different species of spider lilies okay when you know they
are very healthy they produce 268 flowers now they’re they get any
rainfall editing the flower buds are coming out yeah 20 years
so did you go to special school for this oh just more hands-on training on the
job I used to work at agriculture children tobago okay we have fellows on
vine better known as you run in fig we provide 40% of oxygen and the night time
if we didn’t know so thank you very much yeah so 40 percent of the oxygen we
produce at night okay they grow basically like a vine
it’s a vine that runs uh-huh right the bigger leaves on top where they provide
the sunlight they will open out on top aha okay it’s about ten five to ten
times the size they are down and they produce a yellow and green color which
will cause photosynthesis to take place to feed the rest of the plants below
which is good the species in Antigua along with ethics they provide as the
pod opens you realize there’s a nice orange shoe inside from a distance it
looks like you know little ribbons they cut on a tree once the buds are open
okay aside from ambience they add a lot of
shade and they’re very very safe species especially Italy kind of weather we have
in Antigua this one here is also D MacArthur from another cluster bomb huh
we have some shrubbery yeah the croutons yeah I love my backyard the most of the
curtains we have here the arrowheads haha
new species in our heads this is the Fox field grass right okay now there are
more Sun plants yeah when the Sun hits them they get a nice
purple hue on the leaves right once in the shade they will remain green
believes all remain green so there are two varieties at the green species and
as it red when the Sun has them the entire lives they turn red hopeless red
you okay right but a very beautiful grass to have like the other static city
property we have the banana plantation here some we usually think we have
probably five species of bananas okay this one is the lecithin species they
grow very you know huge bunch up to 20 hands of bananas bunch so just a hand is
is each of those is one banana and one hand is the entire because it actually
looks like your hand when they do one hand probably one bunch contains
probably 20 hands of bananas fully grown it’s amazing so what’s that red one
right there that’s the Bugan Villa okay different varieties of bogan Villa we
have the variegated species which are the two leaf color not yeah this is a
more common one this is the red ball vanilla there’s more common so you will
have a lot of these growing because the variegated species are very sensitive
you know they need that extra push for them to grow and all over the curb and
the book until is what you see a lot yes a lot because they love the sunlight
producing flowers as the hello John John yeah this this is one we call it dancing
lady which one that’s right because the leaves museum buzzes good lady dancing
okay usually we prune it’s what the original
thing it goes up into a straight line produces a kind of you know flare different species of hibiscus also there
we go and they are in the young stage right this is the sea grapes the sea
grapes that we have here species of sea grapes one is the this one is the normal
sea grapes that you have okay yes you can they’re rich in vitamin C right now
there are little bunches on them you may see a couple of full bunches how do you
know when they’re right you OCD colors who is okay just like a grape all right
gotcha as I said the boy evinced a specie we
have the arrowhead Croton like an arrow on the via also some plants yeah and
once the Sun hits them they get the color you get it reddish orangish you
but once in the shade they will remain green until the Sun actually hits them
you know full Sun okay yeah alright I’m so glad I saw you yes this is the other
sea grapes as I told you this is the Mexican sea grapes
that’s what’s on this one here this one here on the white berry okay so this is
the softer variety to the sea grapes uh-huh right to the usual secrets that
we have industry consists of all the front plants you see all around the
property morning so we produce the younger plants so that has been damaged
needs to be replaced alright thank you very very much I
appreciate it and folks this is ray at the verandah Resort telling us about all
the stuff that he plans on ya soon very good thank you very good

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