Annoying Orange & Midget Apple Play – Flight Alert Impossible Landings!

– [Player One] Yo, yo, yo. Little Apple back again. And we are going to play Flight Alert. – [Player Two] Oh no, it’s
not one of these games again. – What, what’s your problem. – Your playing a boring game again. – I haven’t even started. I’ve literally just started it. – It’d going to be, oh wow. It’s Impossible Landings. – Yeah, Flight Alert. – Well then why are you even playing it? If its not possible to land then why are we playing this. It’s an impossible game. It’s literally impossible. It says it. It says it in the title. – I don’t think they meant literally. – Well then why is it in the title? It says impossible landings. – I don’t know, it’s just called Impossible Landings. I didn’t make the name. – Why don’t you have the answers? – Cause I don’t okay. – Oh, things are happening. – Tilt up and down to control. Tipping it, tipping it. – Don’t fall over little apple. – I’m not going to fall over, jeez. (laughter) – Well you were leaning
forward pretty far there. Oh, your going to fall over. Don’t fall over. – I’m not going to fall over, stop it. Would you quit it with that. – Uh oh, little apple. There’s a path on the side there. You got to keep the
airplane flying on the path. You see it on the bottom. It says it on the bottom. You got to fly it on the path. – I am. Sweet lady monkey nipples
would you knock it off. I need full concentration if I’m going to make
this impossible landing. – How are you going to make the landing if it’s impossible? – I was still talking about this. – I don’t think your
going to make it little a. – No, I’m going to make it. I don’t care what your saying. – You got to land gently. You got to do it gently. Your coming in way too fast. – Oh yeah. Okay there we go hitting that brake. – Is that an explode button? – No it’s a brake button. It’s not an explode button. – Oh, I want an explode button. Well see, it’s false advertising. – It’s not false advertising. – It said they were impossible, the landings were impossible. Its like if you went to a football game and they played ballet instead. Hey lady. I’m just saying is all. – I just definitely don’t agree with you. It’s just a name. It’s just a name. – It’s a name that is incorrect, so. – Were just going to have to agree to disagree on this one, okay. – I disagree, I disagree. I don’t want to agree to disagree that I agree with your agreement. I totally disagree with that. – What? – Exactly. – No. That doesn’t make any sense. – Oh little a, your just plain crazy. – Stop it. – Get it, cause it’s a plane. It’s a joke. – I know it’s a joke you don’t have to tell me it’s a
joke for crying out loud. – Uh oh, it’s another one of those possible, impossible landings. Let’s continue the lessons. What are we learning? Oh, you got to tilt it. You got to tilt it. – Yep, I got to tilt it back and forth to move back and forth. – Don’t fall over, don’t
fall over little a. – I’m not going to fall over. Would you stop it? – Well your leaning
pretty far to one side. You might just fall over and then your going to roll off the counter. And then what are you going to do? What are you going to do? Then your going to smash phone. What’s going to happen? Its going to be impossible. – Will you just tone it down. Tone it down okay. – So where’s the flying monkeys at? – I don’t think there’s
flying monkeys in this game. – Oh hey, there’s a dubstep switch. Hit the dubstep switch. Where’s the dubstep? I don’t hear any dubstep. Why isn’t it playing? – It’s not a dubstep switch. It’s to control the thrusters. – Oh, the thruster buster switch. – I guess. Okay got the landing gear. Alright, coming in for that landing. – Your coming in hot. – Oh no, coming in a little hot. A little hot. Oh yeah, bring it back. Oh no. – You exploded. – Hit the free rewind. – What is even happening? Your sliding all over the place. What just happened? – I did it. I used the free rewind button. – Don’t you mean free re rind. – No, no I don’t. – Get rind, cause were food, okay. – Yes I get it were food. – I wish life had a free rewind button. – Yeah, so do I. That would be pretty awesome actually. – You know what I would do? I would do really important things like I would fart and then go back in time and then fart again. And then go back in time and fart again. I would just keep farting forever. – That does not surprise me. That is definitely something that sounds like you would do. – I don’t know, what do you think guys? What would you do if you
had a free rewind button? What would be something you would rewind and do all over again? – Yeah I think that’s a pretty good… Okay we saw birds in
the airport proximity. That’s fine. – Time sure does fly. – That is definitely something
I would like to know too. What’s going on with that bird? – Look out for the bird. – Oh no. – That poor bird. – That poor bird. And the bird destroyed the airplane. What are we going to do? – Who cares about the airplane? What about the birdie? What about the dirty birdie? – I know, I didn’t mean to hit the birdie. – It even says, oh no, the engine explody. – It doesn’t say explody,
it says the engine exploded. Got the landing gear. Got the landing gear. I’m going to make this landing, guys. I’m going to do it for the birdie. Do it for the birdie. – Do it for the birds. – We’ll always remember you birdie. Where’s the rewind button when you really need it, right. Okay come on. I’m going to go in a little bit farther, because I don’t want to go down too hot. – It’s literally impossible for you to not go down too hot. Your on fire right now. – Look out. I made it. Yeah. Oh no. – You explody the landing gear. Oh no. – All is lost. – No, no, it’s fine, it’s fine. There wasn’t actually
anybody on that plane. It was just filled with broccoli. – Then it’s okay. – Exactly. – Okay let’s try this again. Actually you know what, I don’t want to hit the bird. The bird is, if the bird is in the path, then I’m going to go over here. I’m going to go down here. Then I won’t hit the bird. – Yeah exactly, go down, down. Way down. Oh it says its too low, but that’s fine. Uh oh. – Oh no, what is he doing down there? No, no, no, oh no. Exploded before I hit the bird. – I think your okay. Its going to be fine. Your fine. Oh, that’s not good. – That’s going to leave a mark. – Why was the bird down there? The bird shouldn’t have been down there. He should have been in the same place. – I agree. I’m going to try something else this time. Retry one more time. We got this. – Don’t kill the birdie this time. – Alright birdie, I know where your at. Your going to stay in this path. So I’m going to go to the right. Now your not going to have to
worry about hitting the bird. Cause I’ll be way over here. No, no bird. Bird what are you doing down there. Look out. I’m sorry birdie. – Oh dirty birdie. Your done, your toast. – Oh no, five seconds. Is there a bomb on the plane? No look out. Oh okay, there wasn’t a bomb on the plane. I just ran into the stupid bird again. Maybe the bird is evil, is the bird evil? – Maybe the bird is evil. Maybe your onto something there. Maybe it’s an evil birdie. An evil dirty birdie. Well in that case you’ve got to hit it. – I have no choice, it’s
for the good of humanity. No no, he’s not evil, I’m sorry birdie. Look out. Ah. – Dirty Birdie. I don’t think he was evil. – I don’t think he was either. – Well you know what they say, with these kinds of things
there’s always a pecking order. – Dude, too soon. – Too soon? – Yeah, too soon. – I’m sorry, way too soon. – That was in really poor taste dude. – Your the one that tastes poorly. – That’s not what that means. That’s not what that saying means. I’m done with you. Okay slow it down. Taking it in nice and easy. – This game has a lot more
action than I thought it would. A lot more death and destruction too. Alright, alright little a
can you hit that landing? You going to hit that landing. Look out. – Stop screaming in my ear. – Oh you hit the thruster buster. – Yes I hit the thruster. It’s not a thruster buster, it’s just called a thruster. – You mustered of hit the thruster buster. – Nope not even. – You going to explody? – No, no. – Look at that, b, a, a. – I thought you were right. I thought I was going to explody. Well thank you so much guys for watching. This one was for the birds. – Ow, too soon little a. – You did it before I did. – I commend you on that one. – Thank you. Okay so hit that like
and subscribe buttons. And til next time bye, bye. – Do you have the guts to do that? – I heard you the first time you said it. – Okay grab the knife. Grab the knife. – I will hold on. – You haven’t grabbed it yet. Grab the knife. Oh, that’s a big knife. – That is a big knife. – What happens if you
go outside the lines? Right on the line.

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