-Saudi Arabia is a strict country.
– That was a sexual abuse. There are 2 types of lady drink, single and double. Here, some of the bar dancers go to school.. -What is CHERRY GIRL?
-It means VIRGIN. -Sometimes they don t want to use condom.
There was a Korean guy… Because one of my friend, he lived here many years..
He said… -So before Angeles City, you haven t worked for a bar?
-No, it s my first time here.. -What were you doing for living?
-I was applying for a job in other countries like Kuwait.. -Kuwait? Have you been in Kuwait?
-No, i was looking for a job.. -As a babysitter?
-Yes, something like that.. -I have been in Saudi Arabia for only 2 year and 2 months. Because… -Employer was not good. He was abusing me. And.. -Saudi Arabia is a strict country.
-That was a sexual abuse. -It s a muslim country and they are religious.
-Yes, but..I don t know.. -My experience was not good there.
That s why i want to forget everything. -How did you start this?
-How did you find the job here? -I met a girlfriend on facebook and she offered me to come here, Angeles City.. -She asked me if i can work for the bar, and i said yes.. -How was your first day?
-Oh my God, i was shaking, vomiting.. -Nausea and sweating, all over my body.. -It s a kind of Go Go Bar, right?
– Yes. -In these bars, women dance on the stage, Customers come to the bar and order drinks.. -And if the customer likes a woman on the stage.. -Invites woman to his seat and order a lady drink for her..Lady drink is double price, right? -There are 2 types of lady drink, single and double… -There are 2 version of lady drinks. And lady drink is more expensive than an ordinary drink.. -And then they can take you out from the bar, can bring to his hotel, home etc… -Yes, but in our bar… -It s called : eat and drinks.. Not called : bar fine.. -So if the customer wants to take you from the bar, he must pay to the bar and also to you? -For the woman, it s not mandatory. If customer wants to give a TIP, then woman takes that.. -Here, some bar dancers go to school.. -So during the day, they go to school, and evening they work for a bar? – Yes.. -Most of them are CHERRY GIRL. Because Cherry girls do not spend their whole life like this. -What is CHERRY Girl?
-It means VIRGIN. -Is it possible to take a Cherry girl from bar? – Yes, but you can t force her to have sex with you.. -What is the youngest age in the bar?
-18. -Is that legal age for working in the bar?
-Yes, they can t accept youngers, like 17.. -But i heard that even 15 years old girl work in the bar?
-No, MAMASAN doesn t accept.
(MAMASAN is woman s manager in the bars) -Because girls need a Medical Licence… -So you have regular medical check?
-Yes, yes.. -We have weekly medical check. -What age was your oldest customer?
-60+ or maybe 70+.. -I m not sure because some of customers do not tell how old they are… -Sometimes they lie to us, and we lie them also.. -How do you feel when you go with an old customer? -For example 70 years old? -i feel nothing…
-It s just a business.. -but i feel shy, if i go with him.. -Sometimes they don t want to use condom.
There was a Korean guy… -I asked “don t u wear condom?” He said “NO”. And i said, “I will give your money back, i will not do that.” -Because, one of my friend, he lived here many years…He said… -Angeles city has one of the
highest ratio about sexual diseases… So i do not go with Korean guys. I prefer to go with Japanese tourists. Why are there many Korean guys here? – I don t know. No plan to getting married. I think it s the best. Is your mother, father alive? – Yes. What does she do?
My mother takes care of my baby. You have baby?
Yes. From your Ex boyfriend?
Yes. How old?
3 years old. Do you still see him?
No. Does he take care of your baby?
No. So he just disappeared and leave the baby?
Yes. Are you Christian?
Yes. Are you religious? Do you go to Church? Sometimes. There is a Church here. This month i visited 3 times. Only last Sunday i couldn t go.
Because i was so tired, like hangover. What is the most interesting story from your bar? Oh my God, I am blushing. There was a good guy. He was married and he was a good guy. You mean, he came to the bar, took you out there and he was married? -Yes. Where was he from? – Australia. He paid my food and drinks for 2 days and 2 nights. In 2 days and 2 night.. He.. He made me feel special… He treated me like his girlfriend or maybe like his wife. Only in 2 days and 2 nights.. You stayed in his hotel, right?
During the day, what did you do/? Eating lunch, dinner together, and swimming in the pool. Then go back to our room.. Did he give his number to you?
Yes, but i am shy to call or text him. I am shy and he is married.
i don t wanna ruin her life.. If he come back again, i will be happy to see him. But.. Did he say he will come back?
Yes, because he can spend time in Philippines
(He is a pilot) They stay here only for 2 days, because he has to fly somewhere else.. -That s it, Ok.
-That s it?


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