Andaz Mayakoba | Incredible Resort to Visit & Redeem Points

Hi there, it’s Ernest from Trip Astute. In
this video, we’re reviewing an incredible place — the Andaz Mayakoba near Playa del
Carmen, Mexico. (light chiming music) The Andaz Mayakoba resort is located in Riviera Maya, which is
about 30 minutes south of Cancun Airport and just north of Playa del Carmen. I’ve
been a big fan of Hyatt for a long time, and I’ve stayed in a number of Andaz
resorts. Each resort offers a boutique hotel feel without sacrificing on the
amenities of a larger resort. Mayakoba is one of the newest additions to the
Andaz family, as it opened in December 2016. In our recent trip to Mexico, we had
to change hotels at the last minute. Check out our timeshare and vacation
club video for more information on the story. I have to say though, we couldn’t
have been happier with our decision to come to the Andaz Mayakoba. The hotel is
based in the beautiful Mayakoba resort, which includes a collection of high-end
hotels, a golf course, many restaurants, a village square,
cooking school, adventure camp, and even has it’s own cenote, which are natural
underground waterways found in the area. When we arrived at the resort, we walked
into the lobby, which is also known as the sanctuary. It’s really an incredible
experience. It’s designed to make you feel like you are in a sacred cenote
with high circular walls and a large opening on top, allowing light to shine
down into the pool of water at the center of the room. We were welcomed with
a refreshing cocktail and given an overview of the resort. At the end of our
welcome, we joined a Mayan ritual of throwing a stone into the pool, which was
a nice touch to the experience. We were then given a tour of the resort by golf
cart before being taken to our room. While we could go on for hours about our
experience, we tried to come up with our top 10 things that we love about the
Andaz Mayakoba resort. So, here they are. Number 1: Cycling
around the resort. One of our favorite activities at the Andaz was cycling
around the area. Bikes are placed throughout the resort for guests to use
as transport. You can cycle from the lagoon to the beach in just under 15
minutes, passing through mangroves and lots of
wildlife. We even did this one evening and the path was well lit the whole
way. It was a really nice way to work off our dinner. Number 2: The beach. The Andaz
has a private beach and also has the option of beach view rooms. We opted for
a lagoon view room, so we didn’t actually see the inside of the oceanfront rooms,
but we can only imagine how nice the views were from these rooms. The beach
is located on the Caribbean ocean with crystal-clear bright blue water and
white soft sand. There are two restaurants in the beach area: Olla Taco
and Olla Ceviche, which fit the casual style of a beach area and are great
places to get lunch or an evening meal. Number 3: Casa Amate. This cozy
restaurant is based on the story of a world traveling couple and is themed to
be like a residence. There are four themed rooms with an Amate tree as a
courtyard centerpiece. The food was a mix of various Latin American tastes and
flavors. We loved this place so much that we actually ate here two of the three nights
that we stayed at the Andaz. Number 4: Eco boat tour and wildlife. The resort
offers a free eco tour by boat which takes you through the nature reserves
that surround the Mayakoba properties. It’s well worth taking up this free tour,
as you’ll get to appreciate the various bird species that live in or around the
resort. There are even crocodiles in the water.
Number 5: Mayakoba resort. Mayakoba offers many activities and places to
explore. There’s a camp which offers activities like archery and kayaking, a
cooking school, a weekly farmers market at El Pueblito (the village square), a
world-class golf course, bike trails, and even its own cenote.
You’re also able to sample the restaurants at the other hotels on the
resort including the Banyan Tree and the Fairmont. There’s enough to do in the
resort itself to make you not want to leave. Number 6: Easy tour pick-up. We had
arranged a day tour to Tulum and Coba during our stay, and the hotel staff were
really helpful at arranging door-to-door pickup service from the
hotel reception area. The reason we highlight this as being such a benefit
is due to our experience at the previous hotel. At that hotel, we had to allow an
additional 45 minutes to get from our room to the front gate of a huge resort
for our whale shark tour, which was not ideal at 7 a.m.
Number 7: Complimentary local snacks and refreshments.
Each Andaz resort offers complimentary locally sourced snacks
these are topped off every day, which meant that we didn’t have to worry about
finding our own afternoon refreshments. We loved trying the assortment of snacks,
and the fact that they were free was a really nice touch.
Number 8: The views from the room. Waking up each morning with a view of the blue
waters of the lagoon and the wildlife roaming around right outside of our
window was magical. One morning, we even spotted turtles right by our room. There
are so many different room options with varying views, including the beachfront
ones. But from what we could see, they were all equally spectacular. Number 9:
Family-friendly environment. While we don’t have kids, we did notice that the
Andaz has a Kids Club right on the property, making it easy for parents to
take a well-earned break. It was also a safe place for older kids to ride around
on bikes, and the beaches and pools were always guarded, making it a
family-friendly environment. Number 10: The ambience. From our welcome right
through to our departure, we enjoyed every aspect of the ambience offered by
the Andaz. The staff couldn’t have been more welcoming, and the attention to
detail throughout the resort made for a really special experience. We couldn’t
have been happier with our experience at Mayakoba,
and would highly recommend the resort for your next trip. We booked the stay using
our Chase Ultimate Rewards at 20,000 Hyatt points per night, which we felt was an
excellent value for our money. In fact, if you’re planning to visit Cancun or Playa
del Carmen, you should definitely check out the Andaz. Have you been to the Andaz
Mayakoba resort? We’d love to hear about your experience in the comments section
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travel safe and travel smart.

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