Amanpulo 2019 , Palawan, Philippines | Aman Resorts

Amanpulo airport check-in Counter Maximum Checked luggage is 20 kg per person Amanpulo Lounge offers snacks and drinks Ready to boarding We were on the popular 1pm flight to Amanpulo The flight time to Amanpulo is about 70 minutes The lagoon views before landing The Amanpulo team rolled out the red carpet We stayed in the treetop Casitas room #32 Casitas are open plan with a king bed and day beds The bathroom is spacious This is the lagoon villa with private pool Breakfast at the Beach Club Beach Club outdoor area Take a walk along the beach after breakfast This is the public Snorkeling boat Complimentary snorkeling trips at 10am and 2pm Nama at Logoon Club is Japanese restaurant It is the perfect season for windsurf Breakfast at the Club House The main swimming pool Max depth should be over 2 meters The outdoor view of Beach Casitas This is a beach view of Beach Casitas #20 You can choose this area if you stay at Beach Casitas Beach chair in front of the club is my favorite location We like to have breakfast at the beach club The turtles can be often seen near the beach Swimming with the sea turtles Water biking activity This beautiful lagoon is located on the east of the island Our favorite location at the Beach Club Overlooking the long sandy beaches This is the highest point on the island The Picnic Grove serves the wood fired pizzas Picnic Grove dining area Picnic Grove beach area You can see the huge lizards on the island The Amanpulo Spa is not to be missed Overlooking the lagoon from the spa area Facilities in the spa room Gym and fitness center Sunset at Beach Club The library and boutique jewelry store Dinner restaurant at Club house Ready to leave Bye Bye Amanpulo Thanks for watching

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  1. FoodforThought says:

    Food looks pretty average, how did you rate it?

  2. Vanessa Tiñga says:

    Amanpulo yahuasha sea

  3. Asad lion says:

    People in the Philippines are suffering and here you got some fat cats making millions of usa dollars

  4. Joe Rey Pedregoza says:

    Wow….just wow.

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