Hi guys! Welcome back to our youtube channel. Today, we’re here at Almalin Resort which is located in Lobo, Batangas. This is just a quick getaway with my cousin my boyfriend and some of our relatives and friends. We’ll tour you around Almalin Resort so in case you might want to visit this place, you already have an idea how it looks like. Upon entering the main gate, this is what you’ll see. There are hammocks that you may use for relaxation. What’s nice about beach resorts like Almalin you have 2 options where to swim. It can be in a swimming pool or in a beach. There are 2 swimming pools in Almalin. One for the kids and the other one is for the adults. Later, I’ll show you how the pool looks like from the top Since we’ll be staying here for overnight and we’re so many we decided to just rent a house where we could stay inside the Almalin beach resort We chose the Isla Verde since it’s the biggest We paid 10, 800 for that. Upon entering, what you’ll see first is the dining area In between dining area and living room is a water dispenser which is already included in the package. When you go to the 2nd floor of this house, you’ll see the 2 bedrooms which are both fully air conditioned. Inside each room is a toilet and a bathroom. Another thing that we liked about Almalin Beach Resort is this amazing view That’s the swimming pool that I mentioned earlier. The Kiddie Pool and the Pool for Adults which is 5 feet only. Now we’re back on the ground floor (of the house) When you turn right, you’ll see a doorway to the kitchen. That’s the kitchen area. The package includes the use of refrigerator and some other utensils You may borrow some of their utensils here to lessen the things that you need to bring The use of gas stove is also free of charge. Outside the kitchen area is the grilling station where you can grill your chosen food. To those who are into sports, you may use this area to play beach volleyball The net and the ball is already provided. You can just borrow from the caretaker of the resort. When you turn right, you’ll see the information area. If you have questions, you may approach them. In case you you got tired of swimming, you may try a different activity which is kayaking. Yey! That’s it guys. We hope you enjoyed watching this video.


  1. Jhon Diago says:

    Perfect for summer 😍😁

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    Since we already reached 1k subs, watch out for our 1k Giveaway soon! 🙂
    Thank you so much for your support! :*

  3. FransenOrvilleWorld (#PinoyCH) says:

    san mas malapit ang lobo? nasugbu or laiya?

  4. LySirie Travels says:

    Nice sis .

  5. LySirie Travels says:

    Gamda mo sis 😘😘 Always rooting on ur vlog .. hehehe

  6. Francelle Lim says:

    Ate ano gamit mong cam at editor?😅

  7. Cynthia RatherNotSay says:

    How many pxs. can Isla Verde, ur accom. can accomodate, the maximum that is? And how's the beach, is it quite pebbly?

  8. Bea Peralta says:

    How to get there from manila? 🙂

  9. Ron Campo says:

    Ok sana kaso mukhang maliit ung pool pano pag marami ng tao crowded prang pang isang pamilya lang po yan eh noh?

  10. Janice Juano says:

    D man lng cnv nagkano entrance at iba png cottge

  11. Nyx Unhoop says:

    Hi. Nagdeposit ba kayo ng reservation payment thru 'Precious Almario'? In doubt lang ako sa payment scheme nila as most resorts na may account sa bank hindi ganon ang

  12. Road Sector says:

    Ate mabato ba dyan?saka hndi ba mahirap daan

  13. Happy Ciao says:

    Cool.. Please also try to visit and subscribed to my channel for more travel vlogs and many more..

  14. Miles Tomas says:

    May overnight po ba dyan? Magkano po? Pasagot po agad please.

  15. RR26 Adventures says:


    ▪ EXCLUSIVE (48pax) – 55,800

    ▪ ISLA VERDE (10pax) -13,800

    ▪POLA (8pax) – 8,500

    ▪MARICABAN (6pax) – 6,500

    ▪MICHAEL (4pax) – 5,000
    ▪ JOEL (4pax) – 5,000
    ▪PATRICIA (2pax) – 3,000
    ▪SAMANTHA (2pax) – 3,000

    ▪BUNGALOW (2pax) – 2,500
    ▪BAHAY KUBO (2pax) – 1,500

  16. Chillax Moto says:

    Big help thanks for this👍

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