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Sharla: Good morning from chilly Tokyo it was actually snowing this morning It just stopped, but it’s kind of an on-and-off which is really rare for Tokyo It’s actually snowed quite a few times this year guess who I’m here to meet? Norm: Hey guys! Sharla: I’m here to see norm and it’s actually our last vlog together For a while for a while until I come back to Japan or you come to Korea a visit me And I left the day up to Norm Norm is really good at finding really cool spots around Tokyo So, I’m counting on you Norm! Norm: I got some exciting stuff today Sharla: Do we? Norm: Yeah oh man, today’s stuff, this is my like best-kept secrets. Sharla: He saved it. He saved it right for the end. Norm: I, I did. We were actually supposed to be doing totally different today, we had a helicopter tour. Sharla: Yeah, we were trying to fly in a helicopter to get a tour around Tokyo, but they ended up not wanting us to film it and that doesn’t really work for vlogs so Norm: They’re like oh, you can film out the window, but nothing else and I was like no. No, thank you. Sharla: That’s no fun Norm: No thank you so Sharla: That’s okay I’m sure you have something very cool. Norm: What we’re doing today is something the place that I’m going to be taking Sharla to today Is a place that I have been going to for 10 years. Sharla: And he hasn’t told me about it til now! Norm: I haven’t told anyone about it, this is my secret. Sharla: I’m excited! Norm: You know, I might not even take you. Sharla: No! Sharla: Come back! Sharla: Welcome to the 39th floor of Ebisu Garden place tower it’s so high up, I feel like I, this must be higher than Tokyo Tower or like the same? Norm: I don’t know, I, I feel like we’re higher up. You know what the real heartbreak of the view is though? This whole white view that we have here there should be Mount Fuji right there. Clear as day. Sharla: Still kinda ruined that but, Norm: Don’t worry, I’ll tell you what, I’ll send you some clips that you can place them here. ~Imagine~ Sharla: Haha, look like we were there! Sharla: So we’re just walking around trying to choose where to go for lunch everywhere looks really fancy, but the prices are actually quite low just over 10 or 15 dollars for lunch which is pretty normal in Japan. Sharla: We just checked one of the like, probably the fanciest places and they have a Veggie Soymilk Sautee as one of the options. So that’s choice number one that’s one option on our list. There’s also a salad bar which Norm said was good. So that’s another choice. Norm: Really, it’s really your choice when it comes down to it, like, it’s one of your last meals in Tokyo. I can eat here anytime I want.
Sharla: Don’t say that! Sharla: This is the view from our seat; how epic is that? What park is that? It’s at Yoyogi Park? possibly Yoyogi Park don’t quote me on that. Okay, so this is what I was so excited about guys, Sautee of varied vegetables and soybean milk. Sharla: Lunch is finished! How was your lunch? Norm: Lunch was delicious! Sharla: It was really really good. Norm: Very good choice. I wouldn’t have chosen this place, but you did Sharla: yayy Norm: and I’m glad you did. Sharla: I liked it, it was so good! It tasted really expensive, but it’s only like 15 dollars so We’re gonna go chill and do some editing for a bit before we head off to our next location. Norm: Because I’m making some cheesy Instagram stories for Sharla. Sharla: He is, go check out Norm’s Instagram. He’s really great with the story. If you go over to my Instagram, I’ll have the one pin that he made for me. Sharla: So I don’t know where we’re going. Is this the right way? Norm: Okay, you see this temple over here? You wanna go torwards this temple. Norm: I’m so excited about this one! Sharla: I’m excited because you’re so excited. Norm: Ah! So I was just telling, I was just telling the people on my video like the backstory to this Sharla: Yeah Norm: and like how I found it and it was just a slightly inebriated night, where I’m stumbling through these back streets and I found this rustic old building that you would never consider going into then I peeked through the window and saw something, something that caught my interest and it’s this way. Sharla: This way? This way? Norm: Imagine right here Sharla: I was gonna say this one. Sharla: Wow This is it This looks pretty epic So dagashi (did I spell that right?) are a Japanese traditional snacks and candies and I love them so – I’m very intrigued now. This looks really cool. Alright guys Kanji practice time. Can you read this? (Sorry I don’t know how to spell these) All you can eat! dagashi Sharla: I love how they have like all the old Showa era. Posters Beer advertisments So, they way this bar works is you pay a 5 dollar cover charge and you can eat all the snacks you want and they have an amazing selection. You pick up a basket and you can choose whatever you’d like and bring it back to your table. This is so fun How have I never been here before? They have my favorite Yeah, they do they have my favorite! I love these! I showed these in a video before. They’re amazing Norm: And I will say Sharla, we got really lucky today. Sharla: Why? Norm: Because it’s so quiet in here. Sharla: It’s usually busier? And it’s a Friday night isn’t it? Norm: Yeah, this place is usually pretty packed. Sharla: Super lucky. Sharla: I got a Soju base with ramune oh god dammit So that it blocks it Life hacks with norm Norm: Alright, so you’ll notice, there’s this little pinch in here, that is meant to hold the ball providing you’re not drinking it too quick I was at a festival once and watched a mother tell her little daughter That if you drink it so fast that the ball falls past that you’re drinking it too quickly So parents use this to teach their kids to enjoy their drinks a little more slowly Sharla: What did you get? Is that one of those Vitamin C drinks? like an energy drink with whiskey Sharla and Norm: Cheers! Time for the haul. Let me show you guys what I got I actually got some things that I’ve never tried before which is surprising because I love (sorry don’t know how to spell it) and I buy them all the time. Number one we have don don yaki I love the originals, but this is kimchi flavor so that’s fun. These are another one of my favorite. I usually get the cherry version. Hey Get out of the. I usually eat the cherry version of these, but they had a soda flavor, which looks really good. These are hard Mochi candies it’s kind of hard to explain. I’ve always thought of them as mochi. This is Mochi Taro I’ve showed you guys this in a video before it’s really similar to don don yaki. Some orange cigarettes like the ones you can find in canada actually, but I’ve never had orange flavored ones. This is (spelling idk) (can’t spell) stick soybean powder stick it looks like mochi so that one should be good These are mini yogurts. They’re called yogurts, but they’re not yogurt. There’s nothing dairy in these So I’m very interested to see how they taste; like what are they? I probably shouldn’t ask. And they come with a little wooden spoon to eat it with it’s super cute . And last but not least I got some strawberry flavored ramune candies. Alright starting off with the don don yaki
~kimchi flavor~ Here’s what they look like they’re made from rice, they’re like a deep-fried mochi Norm: While she was telling you about that I ate 10. Sharla: They’re so good. They’re kinda There kind of sour they’ve got like a vinegary taste of them like salt and vinegar chips I could easily just down the entire pack right now. Norm: My bags almost empty. Sharla: So here’s the original of those. It’s sauce flavored. Sauce in Japanese is like an okonomiyaki sauce. Kind of like barbecue? It’s really all I can explain it as for those of you that haven’t had it before Also really good, but I actually think I prefer the kimchi one. How about the (can’t spell) The ingredients are kinako, sugar and sugar. Wait what Norm: Nice. Best ingredients ever. It’s only made out of Kinako, I figured it would be mochi, but it’s literally just a stick of Kinako. Interesting, all right Norm: These are really good, but they’re very chewy Sharla: Interesting okay, you have to like mochi, but with no rice involved and just soy bean powder It’s got a very Japanese taste to it. I feel like this would be really good with like some green tea or something I’m gonna try this creepy yogurt thing that contains no yogurt whatsoever. It’s made from plant oils, sugar cornstarch and stevia Basically just sugar and oil It smells like that really Cheap icing that you get on cakes at Walmart Kind of looks like it too. Not expecting too much flavor-wise out of this We will see It really tastes like icing, the icing on a cheap cake. This is like one of my least favorite things It’s got a slight lemon flavor to it which is nice that’s the best part about it, but I hate that kind of icing, so this one gets a no for me if I go out and then come back and pay another $5 Norm: I wonder Sharla: Probably right. Their not gonna complain. Norm: I don’t think like (?) Sharla: Alright, our night is planned. Gonna be here til midnight. Norm: This is so much better than the helicopter. Sharla: So cool This is definitely a must of you’re in Tokyo on vacation it’s like an opportunity for you to try all the traditional Japanese snacks for five bucks. Norm: Yeah Sharla: How cool is that? Norm: So especially if you’re traveling in a group and you come to a place like this, you find something, try it if you like it. great if you don’t like it, you’ve got other people to pawn it off on Sharla: I’ve got a present for you, Norm. Norm: Oh was it bad? What? It’s confusing Sharla: What is it remind you of? Norm: Okay, you know like lemon meringue pie? Sharla: Okay Norm: It’s like the meringue from lemon meringue pie has been left out too long and it’s like gotten this like thickness or, or The best I can think is like, a melted marshmallow Sharla: No, your giving it too much credit. That sounds kind of good I said that it tasted exactly like the cheap icing on a Walmart birthday cake. Norm: Oh my god, that’s it! Sharla: Yeah, that’s exactly what I said. Norm: What kind of cakes did you have as a kid that that’s what came from your mind? Sharla: No, those are the ones when you go to someone elses birthday party and they always have that cake, and you just scrape off all the icing. Norm: Oh my god. Sharla: Holy crap. Norm: This cookie is so chocolaty inside. Sharla: That’s a bit much. Okay I’m trying the fruit soda mochi Norm: I am loving this cookie Sharla: I love this bar! Why am I just finding this now? Damn you norm! Norm: Sorry, I’m a huge believer and saved the best for last. Sharla: It did make for an epic last vlog They’re squishier than I remember They’re really soft They’re Ramune flavor so, Ramune flavor Norm: This is sour spray And it tastes like super water. This, this is terrible. Sharla: These are really good. Norm: Yep Sharla: Clear your palette. Norm: Clear my, my super water palette? Sharla: It’s like typical orange candy flavor Norm: Oh yeah Ichigo (?) (sorry I am really bad at this lol) Norm says these are somehow different from rocket candies Norm: These one, they like,they crumble in your mouth. Sharla: Did you know that in America, they have a different name for rock candy? They don’t understand what they are when you say,do they call them Smarties? Is that right? Norm: What’s smarties?Then what do they call smarties? Sharla: Yeah, right? I know. Ooh! these are, whoa, these are really good! They really dissolve in your mouth quickly and it’s like a really fine powder. They’re way better than rock candy. But it tastes like a strawberry Norm: I wouldn’t go so far as to say they’re better than rocky candies, you might start a fight there, but they’re good Sharla: They look the same, look exactly the same. The way they dissolve (came out?) so much better. All right our baskets empty, know what that means? So apparently one of Norm’s favorites is this Katsu Katsu is usually pork or beef But this one’s like a fake one made out of fish And I’ve always been too scared to try these but apparently was just one of Norm’s favorite snacks So we’re gonna watch him eat it and try to understand why he likes it Norm: It’s got a bit of like that ham flavoring to it It’s got a nice crispy outside, the sauce is a nice touch because when you eat like a Katsu like a cutlet It’s always got the sauce on it right? So between the breading and the sauce alone Just kind of tricks your brain Wonderful Sharla: The store’s covered in snacks, it’s not that just one area they have them hanging in baskets in front of the kitchen here. They all have something different in them. Okay, I got a couple of things I want you to try. This one. Norm: It’s like fear factor Oh my god. It says that it’s pudding. and this one come in a tube I feel like no matter how I open this, it’s gonna end really terribly. Oh this is not. We’re already off to a very bad start. Oh my god. I already- my stomach’s already like ”Why are you doing this?” You see that? Is that showing up? Alright. Well, you only live once. Like, once you know what to expect, It’s still terrible. But, it’s it’s bearable Alright guys, I feel like Sharla is about to wrap up this vlog so before she does, I just personally wanted to say thank you to you guys I have shared some of my very exciting upcoming secrets with Sharla hopefully minds will be blown anyways, so many of you come over to join so many of you have accepted me on this channel spending time with you and Sharlas leaving Japan, we are all sad about that exciting adventures are coming I just wanted to take a second to say thank you from me to you guys, Love every single one of you Alright Sharla is coming back, I gotta put her camera back Sharla: We are going to enjoy the rest of our two hours here eating as many snacks as we possibly can Make sure to go check out Norms channel, his videos are amazing and I know that you guys are gonna love them he has really, really nice looking content on his channel so I will link it down below thanks so much for watching and I’ll see you again soon! Bye! ~Cute Outtro~

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