Alip Ba Ta – “Hotel California” – 1st Reaction (Fingerstyle)

All right, so a lot of you have requested that I check out Hotel, California cover Why Alip Ba Ta I’m not sure if I’m saying that right Aliv Ba Aliv this dude that I just did a video on I had a little trouble finding video because I don’t think it’s on his channel Anymore, but I found somebody who reapplied it We’re gonna take a look You ready? But first if you’re new the channel drop your suggestions for videos in the comments below That’s pretty much all I do is whatever you guys tell me to do. So Let’s get into the video Alip Ba Ta Hotel, California finger style Skills Yeah That is 100% of blues riff it’s got some soul Yeah, yeah nice Now he’s got the boys in there too Oh I Love that Oh Yeah, he walks up I know I paused it I’m sure if some of you hate that Especially with the song like this all were winded a little bit so you can hear that again But he’s doing all this on the acoustic guitar, which just from that little riff. I did my fingers I don’t know if you guys can see that when I used to play shows. The blisters would be so bad I’d have to super glue them back together. I mean literally my tips of my fingers were ripped off I imagine this dude’s fingers can crack walnuts rewind I Love it I Love it. You can see when he does it too. He’s got the soul. Look at his face when he does it He knows that’s the part Yeah, this dude’s fill-in the soul 100% You You know I can only imagine God, I know I know. I’ve got a positive gain I’m sorry but I can only imagine how long it must have taken this guy to get every note and every finger placement and Everything perfect for him to play it and sound so good You know cuz I’ve rewritten songs like that and it takes a while you already know then you can kind of go off and riff Riff on them, but he’s not doing that He’s completely rewriting some of the guitar parts here, which is pretty cool and it sounds freaking great With that Oh You got mad cuz he messed up at the end Well, I could try to play it to finish it for you guys But it’s not gonna be nearly as pretty as this guy’s so I’m just telling you This dude probably plays guitar a lot like all the time every day I’d love to hear what he sounds like redoing like a slash, you know, like Guns and Roses cover or something like that would Because you know, I love Guns N’Roses or maybe even some ac/dc so yeah leave in the comments below what you guys want me to go check out this guy is Ridiculous drop a like on the video, please. I appreciate you making it this far in the video I really really do check out the other elite bhatta video that I did. Have a great day guys That’s wrap

29 Replies to “Alip Ba Ta – “Hotel California” – 1st Reaction (Fingerstyle)”

  1. Toko Hopup says:

    I love you full lah, kata mbah surip

  2. Irmayani Maluk says:

    Good job bro..👍👍👍👍🎤🎵🎤🎼🎧🎧

  3. den tir says:

    Reaction hotel trivago dong

  4. Dave Gods says:

    ni bule kupingnya langsung ngaceng denger mas alip bending senar.. hahaha

  5. Rino Odadjian says:


  6. helfis elfisss says:

    Hebattt bang alip….!

  7. MD says:

    Why tf is paul rudd reacting to my man alip

  8. Alif Lulu says:

    Dunia mengakui mu bang

  9. andri yansyah says:

    Alip ba ta orang mana gan

  10. abdillah alkatiri says:

    Another Indonesian Pride !!!

  11. Susanto San says:

    Prtma mas alip upload langsung sya subscribe kbtulan suka liat fingerstyle liat2 sunghajung eh mncul mas alip haha smngt trus brkrya mas

  12. Sixgarden Sp says:

    Alip ba ta sa jim💕 dengan namanya iya menunjukkan Islam dan Indonesia

  13. Wahyudin says:

    Oww… It is so amazing

  14. Aziz Faridhin says:

    Secara tidak langsung banyak orang belajar huruf hijaiyah.

  15. Santo Ahmad says:

    Bravo sir

  16. U down wit O.P.P says:

    Holi 💩!

  17. Hyuga says:

    please react to Buckethead – "Soothsayer" cover by Mel

    as rock fans you will enjoy & love it, believe me.. or at least watch it…

  18. Fajar Adipradana says:

    Alip is a gift from god to us all

  19. fathur rahman says:

    Bisa ikut AGT gk ya??
    Kren binggo

  20. Ultras Garuda says:


  21. rizal trisusanto says:

    indonesia punya

  22. Ewin Frizzy says:

    Dewa dari segala dewa gitar ini sdh nama nya crazy skill ,sukses terus bang alip_ba_ta semoga bisa membawa nama bangsa Indonesia yg terbaik dan org2 hebat ada di dalam nya ke seluruh manca negara..

  23. al joko says:

    Jawatimur alip_njancuki iki

  24. Mang Udin says:

    Mainnya keren, subrek nya dah banyak, tapi tetep low profile mas alip ba ta… Eh sory low profile apa low budget ya?? Wkwkwk… Just kidding… Btw nice content bro DubLirious… Thanks…

  25. hizkia erindo says:


  26. Hans Euy says:

    Gilaaa react nya aja 1M viewers

  27. febrian febri says:

    Fingerstyle dificult
    Alif ba ta

  28. Handhalah Eriandhi says:

    Lets supports him (^^,)/

  29. dodik s.wicaksono says:

    Thank you for supporting indonesian talent bro ,thanks 👍

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