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AIB : Honest Bars & Restaurants | Part 01

Welcome to FatDonalds I have to sing like this because MBAs are idiots. A bottle of water please. Sure sir. There you go. That will be 40 Rupees Thank you. Hey guys, I am calling for food. You guys want something? Na. Are you sure? Yeah. Yeah, nothing for us You wont get to order for this Yeah, it’s fine Hello. Yes uncle, take the order One chicken fried rice One chicken chilly gravy And two rumaali roti The address Actually, order one chicken fried rice for me too Okay. Uncle, two chicken fried rice Write down the address- building no Lollipop. Add one lollipop to it too, uncle Yes Write down the address- building no Cancel my fried rice and make it a tikka please Uncle cancel one fried rice from the list and instead We’re out of Coke Coke! Please send some coke One pav bhaji for Ramesh No onion, no garlic. He’s Jain? No, he’s just annoying Oh okay. Uncle, on pav bhaji, without onion and potato One tikka for me But less spicy, I have acidity Then why are you ordering tikka, son of a… Not you, why you? Your mom is really sweet Uncle, write down the address One rumalli roti for me But with only one black dot Uncle one Aruna Irani rumaali roti Cool? One bottle of water There’s water in the kitchen! Oh, so cancel the water Does anyone want anything else? Dude… Yes, uncle Can we get cigarettes too? on the way? Yes, one packet of Gudam Garam No, make it Milds Make it a Milds We’re out of tissues 4 packets of tissues Yogurt Cup of yogurt for neighbor Son, the flush has stopped working again One khichdi for dad 2 papad 1 kilo of ketchup Chole masala, 4 pumpkin Tears of puppies Massive chicken That you will eat like this 4 10 11 One this, that… I love surmai Tell tikka later Urine test Ooh That we can shake But tikka Illuminati After tikka Saari on saari, Parag Flip it Then tikka This with your eyes Saari on saari… Chicken! Tikka Egg! But that Sexual But we need to pee too One minute! One chicken fried rice Two chicken chilly Which gives us cos theta plus jalebi bai Which means… we get The boy has left tends to infinty. Guys. The boy is never going to come We are never going to get our food, No no no What are you saying? Guys! Guys we cant give up like this! There must be some calculation mistake Have you eaten burji pav at 4 am like a gourmet? Yes Have you tried to hide its horrible taste by drowning it in ketchup Yes Have you looked at 3 days old dal lustily and creepily? Yes! Here, Tanmay Call him And give the order You get one call. One house party, to eat everything you ever wanted. Uncle, take the order Keep 20 naan ready Coke for acidity, Some schezwan Some chutney Some warm spaghetti I was nervous Mother promise But now calm and ready Crispy Lamb of which I’ll lick Red gravy Hope you wrote down, One raita and four pulao Cook the food well Don’t burn it up Get lemon and onions too Make the tikka fresh Order’s done for now That’s all, quickly get it now What? 2 hours? Why 2 hours? Can’t you get it any sooner? Where should I shove the kebab? Oh I didn’t get that insult. Cool Okay uncle Sorry, thank you. Guys, they’ll take 2 hours So let’s order from Swiggy? Yeah What do y’all want? One sponsor integration Nice. Okay. 10 sellout comments One next scene Nice. With transition. Kunal bro, here’s your cigarettes Thank you. Should I put it in the tally? No I’ll settle everything today No stress, I’ll put it in the tally You can pay tomorrow No Guys Today is my last day here My placement is done Placement is done? What are you saying? Mohanji, look at him He’s gone crazy Placement is done He’s right College student after all is someone else’s blessing Just drunk here for four years After that Job Marriage Company’s work Now he wont stay here all day Let him go Sunil Let him go No, Mohanji There’s still some drink left Do you remember? Your capacity was just this much When you came here in the first year And today He pisses 2 quarters out of him Mohan ji, If it wasn’t you Then maybe I would have given up after the first puke itself Someone get peaunuts from him! What’s the point of all this formality? Theres is a point, there is Now you will start earning and start drinking good, expensive alcohol That too on company’s expense Absent Cheevas Jigarbomb! There’ll be a coaster beneath your glass The toilet will have an exhaust No Mohanji no Their menu wont have these grammatical mistakes Hakka nodules Gopi manchuri Chicken lullipop Will I get this? No And this Will I get these stains? What is this? Blood? Semen? Or a mixture of blood and semen? Blemen? Who knows? Even the cockroaches here are now my friends Mohan ji… How can I leave all this? Sunil bro Thank you man. Sunil bro no! You remember? Remember how in the name of group projects you used to fool your parents and come here? I remember And that babe of yours? What was her name? Traitor Witch Necromancer! You all remember? How will we forget, silly? It’s because of your breakups that my kids can go to school today Mohan ji, I’ll miss all of you man. Last peg Final Go Kunal go Drink your life Account is now closed ♪You chewed the broken chips♪ See you later Mohanji ♪Filled everything with schezwan♪ ♪Mucus filled chest in the morning♪ ♪When there’s lack of cash♪ ♪Cheap whisky, bad rum♪ ♪Drink warm beer♪ ♪Cheap whisky, bad rum♪ ♪Now the shutter’s down♪ ♪Cheap whisky♪ ♪Bad rum♪ Mate Thought for the last 4 years that you’re a murderer and ended up judging you Last month, when I heard your vocie Was then that I realized that you’re a CA I come here to hide from family and eat non-veg Bye guys. Bye Kunal What sir? You wont buy 2 Milds today with a Rs.500 note? No, son, what are you doing? No! How can I? There’s still two drags left in this Even now you’re as cheap as you were in first year Wont ever forget the tumour given by you And listen If you want to pee on the pot on your way then feel free to do so You knew? That plant hasn’t grown just like that Uncle. Do you have breezer? Let’s give him Kunal’s table Come Come son Come kid Come, my love

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