32 Replies to “Africa Twin Drop Tested Crash Bars – Outback Motortek”

  1. nabil fitra says:

    I hope can buy the bike not the crash bar

  2. Augur Cybernaut says:

    Have you people gone insane!!!
    Have you limit man!!!?

  3. Joseph Barnes says:

    Can you do a GS 1250 next…?

  4. Araba Doktoru says:

    Çok güzel bir çalışma .Türkiye de var mı?

  5. Jose Lou says:

    Just ordered these for my '18 ATAS not only because of your product rave reviews but the video was the clincher. After dropping my bike for the third time (twice on pavement and one on grass), it was time to get serious about my crash protection. Thanks for making such a great product!

  6. W nderboy says:

    He is dropping it like a Plastic Toy…

  7. Mr. Mlipis says:

    Ini africa twin dijatuh jatuhin… Wow..
    Megapro saya aja kena debu gua elus2sin

  8. Magras Creation says:

    oh pls no..

  9. Louis Blom says:

    He removed the mirrors, and when you go down your on the bike your knee will break screen and you will be traveling faster then that

  10. Michael R says:

    Great video. Any idea when we will get the pannier racks for a BMW r1200gs in Ontario Canada? Thanks.

  11. Aizat Zainuddin says:

    My heart bleed watching the bike being dropped like that 😭 anyway the bar works. great video!

  12. H D says:

    Do you have crash bars & skid plate for Kawasaki versys 650 ?

  13. eduardo da silva augusto says:

    Fazer isso não Brasil é impossível , a moto custa 60.000 mil reais kkk

  14. Myla D Cook says:

    I gotta have one.

  15. Jerome Jocson says:

    Omg guys can take my money.

  16. Harshaan Juneja says:

    Me: let's watch smartphone drop tests today

    YouTube: No

  17. Edgar Wolff says:

    Drop it on the right side!

  18. Roman P. says:

    Took like 6 hours to install.. Spacers am I right? Whole build is so sturdy and looks beautiful!

  19. TheTrain Budak says:


  20. Jorge Gutierrez says:

    Bmw g310gs?

  21. Sylwester Samborski says:

    How about the steering bar? Not bent? And the handbar ("acerbis") – no scratch? 😉 Of course the indicators were flexible – luckily.

  22. FlashTV says:

    Is it OK for the DCT with quickshiter mounted? Does it work with the original lower engine protection, or is there also a Outback Motorek item for it?

  23. Alain Brouillette says:

    When those available for 2020 Africa Twin Adventure ?

  24. bowkill longbow says:

    Good LORD guit that..lol

  25. Dual ADV says:

    I found a flaw in my heed bars on my tiger I do not like at all. I will be looking into these after watching this

  26. Vimal Mathew says:

    I need to do this on my friend's bike…..😋

  27. Moiz Rehman says:

    Fck U bastard
    WHY did U dropping this Beauty.
    Hate u..

  28. Talal Alkhadhair says:

    Great Great job guys how do I get to order these parts and ship them to Kuwait. Can you just provide me with a link to shop.

  29. prashant unnikrishnan says:

    Now do it from a boulder then let me see if ot survives or not..

  30. Sandip Das says:

    Will you please give me the motorcycle, I live it and to ride.please give me that Africa twin..

  31. Addy 1891 says:

    That’s hurt 💔

  32. Paulo Costa says:

    Excellent Product, congratulations Paulo

  33. Kenneth Akass says:

    do you ship to Ghana please, I just bought the 2018 model and what I have on them is not as strong as yours? please get in touch and let's do business. you can reach me at [email protected]

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