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Welcome to this edition of Mission Control the mini series of videos we talked about
the finer details of bike setup and skills that actually make a big difference to your riding. In this edition we’re going to talk about bar height and how you can adjust it using a various different ways you might see plenty of pros of various races
you’ve been to doing this. and we’re going to talk you through how to do
and why you might want to do it. So the height you set your bars are at
actually determines where your weight sits on the bike so the lower the bars are, the more that
weight is going to tip towards that front wheel the higher they are the more it comes
back towards the rear wheel. So bar height is often determined by the
discipline you ride. For cross country, a lower bar height is gonna put
you in a more aerodynamic paddling position but more importantly for that is
to keep the weight on the front tire that’s going to stop you from wheelieing
on those steepest of climbs. With cross country, you’re looking for a weight
balance of 60/40 to the front wheel. Polar opposite to cross country is
downhill They have aggressive geometry due to slacker head angle and also big suspension forks and that’s naturally going to put your weight further back so it’s going to be really good for steep terrain and also rough terrain You’re going to find more stability With downhill,
you wanted to have 40% of your weight over the front and the remaining 60% over the rear. Somewhere in the middle is Enduro riding
or normal trail mountain bike. When you’re looking for much more
balanced stance on the bike something around 50/50 front to back
with your weight. So you want your bar height somewhere in the middle
to keep some weight on the front tire for climbing but not to low so that feels sketchy going downhill. So, how do you change your bar height? Well the first and easiest way to do so is probably by adjusting your stem spacers As you can see here
I’ve got a couple on top and a couple down below so if we want to raise it or lower it
I’ve got plenty of options. The next one which isn’t that cost
effective is to change your handlebar Nowadays there are a variety of rises for handlebars ranging from 10 all the way up to 40 mm and this is a personal preference
I’d suggest playing around. Personally I’ve got 20 mm raised bars
on at the moment. You can also change the stem you will
see that someone got a 0 degree rise which is really neutral but these go all
the way up to 15 degree rise and remember if you do change your stems
you actually change the length this will change where your bars are relative your
body position. The last way to adjust your bar height
is with your fork. Now some manufactures and
for these Fox 36 is i have here it actually adjust them internally to increase the travel from 140 to 180 and other models do have on the fly adjustments. You can actually lower the travel for the climb and then raise it back up
when you get to the top of the descent so you can rally all the way to the bottom Aside from the discipline of riding you do so low bars for cross country
and higher bars for downhill there a couple of other factors might determine your bar height Your own height actual make a
difference. So if you were 6 foot 5 you’re probably going to have higher bars then someone who is 5 foot 2 because your bikes are scales up. But also a lot of it does come down to personal preference. Whilst I like quite high bars
they’re really confidence inspiring for going downhill, I can take some weight off the front tire
and that doesn’t help in cornering. so if you’re sliding the front wheel and
washing out all the time maybe you need slightly lower bars to
get a bit more weight onto that front tire it does make a big difference to cornering So to summarize.
By adjusting your bar height you’ll actually find that by lowering it you’re going to get more
front wheel grip and will be better for climbing by raising it you’re going to get more back wheel grip and you’re gonna be able to descend about
the easier with a lot more stability Personally l’d like to keep a couple of
stem spacers spare so if I’m going somewhere like the Alps
that’s predominantly downhill I’ll stick an extra spacer underneath and raise that bar high top but I don’t care about it too much. For you want to see more videos like this you click up there for stem length explained and why not click down there for
top 10 beginning mistakes give thumbs up enjoyed it
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to see like this down below what was that one that you said
if the bar is closer to you then it’s easier to get a drink it’s easier to drink if the bar is higher low bar I have to right reach down there for the height Good examples into weight distribution.
Bar height, I always thinks about bar height.

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