A Weekend at Panorama Ski Resort – Best BC Ski Resorts

We are at Panorama Mountain Resort and we’re staying at one of the ski in and ski out accommodations that they offer here. That’s one of my favourite things about Panorama. You wake up, you don’t have to get in the
car, you just walk outside your door and you can be the first one on the chairlift. They also have plenty of restaurants where you can enjoy breakfast, lunch and supper. And there’s also hot pools right out front
our door so after a long day skiing, you can relax in the hot pools or even the sauna. It’s a really amazing place! We just came back from our first run and it was amazing! right? Yeah, the weather here is perfect! It’s like
maybe -2 or -3. It’s snowing! so the runs are always nice and fresh. And the nice thing about Panorama is that it’s so big, there’s so many runs for all levels of skiers, right? I know! I’m an intermediate level skier and here
the runs are wide. There’s steeper ones and there’s not as steep, so you can just take your time, have fun and get amazing views. [Exactly] But we should go back because we only have five hours left and we want to try as many
runs as possible. Exactly! enough talking, more skiing. Okay.Bye! [Muy Bueno] As much as we love skiing at Panorama, now we’re doing something totally different Fat Tire Biking which is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. I’ve never heard about this but it’s always
good to try something new. And we don’t know what to expect from this. It may be easy, it may be very difficult but we’re very excited to go and explore the backcountry
and see what views we can get. So that’s the end of our time here in Panorama. It’s been an awesome couple of days! Yes! We were here seven years ago and we’re very happy that we were back. Actually, this visit was epic, because I went down my first black so I’m very happy for that. And we also tried a new activity! Fat Tire Biking, which is a lot harder
than it looks. It was a good work out! It’s a lot of fun but there’s a lot of snow
here so of course, there’s a lot of pushing you need to do to get that bike going and Karla fell a couple of times. Yeah, but it doesn’t hurt so that’s a good thing. So if you like this video, give us a THUMBS UP, consider SUBSCRIBING so you don’t miss some of the best things to do across Canada. And leave us a COMMENT, say HI or ASK any
question that you may have, we will be very happy to answer. So, see you until the next video!

11 Replies to “A Weekend at Panorama Ski Resort – Best BC Ski Resorts”

  1. Tattoo Seven Ortiz says:

    Beautiful views

  2. madhu reddy says:

    🙁 when am I getting a chance like this 🙂 😊 , Matt I choose Calgary to come

  3. Gilbert Taylor says:

    Looks great but no snow for me lol.

  4. Cristina Bahov says:

    Hi guys, I'm watching you from Turin, the capital of the Alps. You have amazing videos

  5. Cesar Casillas says:

    Un buen lugar para disfrutar en la naturaleza y la blanca nieve saludos desde México

  6. Amitsonu says:

    Plz make one on Nunnavut as well…

  7. ashwanth freddy says:

    where are you staying permanently ?
    in canada or in which place

  8. CLP_Piggy says:

    I’m there right now

  9. Sven Life Official says:

    awesome stuff guys!

  10. Tam Anon says:

    Hey, I've never snowboarded in my life but I'm very interested in giving it a try. I'm close by Red Deer Alberta but I actually grew up basically in panorama with parents working there and feeling oddly nostalgic about it lately. How much did you spend on lodging and access the the mountain if you don't mind me asking? I really want to learn the basics and revisit that part of my childhood as an actual boarder one day for sure!

  11. Flying Monk says:

    Greetings from Himalayas !!!
    Lovely video

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