A Very LUCKY Day at the Toy Hotel

(ascending chimes) – [Child’s Voice] Tic tac toy! – This video is sponsored by Lucky Fortune from WowWee. If you want to learn more about them, head to the link in our description box. So, have you had Madame Saphira read your fortune yet, Bellhop Jason? – Nah, that stuff’s nonsense. You can’t really tell what’s happening in somebody’s future. – Yeah, I don’t know, Madame Saphira did come very highly recommended. Oh, my, oh, my, this is not good. – Oh no, what is it Madame Saphira? – Yes, you can tell us. Whatever it is, we can take it. – Oh, it looks like you
have a very big test at Toy School today. – Oh no! – I forgot all about that. We are so not prepared. – We’re gonna need all
the luck in the world to do well on this test. – Luck, you say? I have just what you need then. – What is it? – [Lucy] One for each of you. – What are these? – They are Lucky Fortunes. They allow you to wear your luck. – [Maya] Whoa, 100 to collect! – That’s right. Go ahead and open them
and receive your luck. – Mine’s a pink fortune cookie. – And mine’s blue! – Yes, Lucky Fortunes come in five colors. Now you must crack them open to see what future is in store for you. – Whoa, I got a bracelet
with a pretzel charm. I love it! – My bracelet has a paper airplane charm. – And now you must wear your bracelets as well as your luck on your sleeve. – There we go. I like how our bands are
different colors, too. – For sure. – And I feel luckier already. – Me, too. – Ah, but don’t forget to
read your fortunes now. – Oh yeah! You will turn salty
situations into sweet ones. – Let’s see what mine says. Your adventure begins now. – And we have lucky numbers, too, Maya. – Now before you go,
you must find your charm on my collector’s sheets. This will help you better
understand your luck. – Oh, okay. Here’s mine! – Yes, this charm is found in
the category of friendship, and this white star
indicates that it is lucky. – Wow. – What does mine mean, Madame Saphira? – Well, your paper airplane is found in the category of adventure, and the white star signifies
that it is lucky as well. – Super cool! – And charms with the
pink star are very lucky. But charms with the yellow
star are very, very lucky. – Very, very lucky? And what are all the
categories you can collect? – Excellent question. Charms may fall into the
category of adventure, love, success, friendship, and happiness. – I could use some luck
in all of those areas. – And did you know that
Lucky Fortune allows you to become a fortune teller, too? – What do you mean? – You simply fold your collector’s guide to create your very own fortune teller. Watch carefully. (upbeat music) – Wow.
– Wow. – So cool!
– So cool! – And it is almost finished. Voila! – Oh, I know how these work. Ask me a question, Maya. – Hmm. Okay, will we pass our
Toy School test today? – Oh, good one. Here, choose a picture. – [Maya] Hmm, unicorn. – One, two. Now pick a number. – Six. – One, two, three, four, five, six. Pick another number. – [Maya] Six again. – Okay, let’s see what it says. No? – Ugh. – Oh boy, that’s not good. – Madame Saphira, I think we’re
gonna need even more luck. Do you have a few more Lucky Fortunes that you could share with us? – I don’t just hand out luck so easily. It has to be earned. – Whoa, what just happened? – I have no idea, but let’s
see what’s inside that chest. Whoa!
– [Maya] Whoa! – Addy and Maya, I’ve
hidden Lucky Fortunes in three different locations
throughout the Toy Hotel. If you are able to crack ’em, wear ’em, find your luck and share
’em, you should have all the luck you need today plus more. Sincerely, Madame Saphira. – Whoa. Well we’d better start hunting, ’cause we’re gonna have to
leave to Toy School pretty soon. – You’re right, let’s
grab our backpacks and go. – Oh my, there’s always so much laundry to do at the Toy Hotel. More towels. Wow, did I just find a
$20 bill in the laundry? This is my lucky day! – There just has to be some Lucky Fortunes in the Toy Hotel kitchen. – Let’s start searching quickly. – Nope. – Nope, nothin’ in here. – Lots of food, but no Lucky Fortunes. – Hmm, nope. – Only dirty dishes here. – Aha! I found something. – Whoa, these look different. – Lucky BFF series? – 50 pairs of bracelets to collect? – No way! – We’re BFFs, so this is perfect for us. One for me and one for you. – Come on, let’s get ’em open. Three, two, one, whoa!
– Three, two, one, whoa! – Look how our fortune
cookies have two colors. – And they’re opposites. – You’re right, now let’s
clink our cookies to open ’em. Cheers!
– Cheers! It’s a pink macaroon! And on a white bracelet! – And I got a purple macaroon. And it’s so sparkly. – Time to wear our luck! – Stylin’ now. – Oh, and we still have
to read our fortunes! Macarons are sweeter when shared with you. – Aw, so true, BFF! Mine says let’s keep
making sweet memories. – Aw. – And look, the collector’s
guide are different for the BFF series. – You’re right. Me and my BFF like to celebrate, play, or eat. – Look, our macaroons
are in the eat category. – And the white star next
to it means it’s lucky. – I hope we find some very lucky and some very, very lucky soon. – And OMG, check this out! The ultra lucky gold dipped XOXO hearts! – Absolutely adorbs! – I know, those would be perfect for us. – Hey, can you make a
fortune teller for us, Addy? – Of course. Fold, fold, fold, and fold. Flip it over and fold, fold, fold again. – Whoa! – And now it’s just about ready. I think we’re supposed to ask it what we’re gonna do with our BFF. – Okay, I have a good one. What will I do after we ace our test? – That is a good one. Okay, what picture do you choose? – [Maya] Eggs and bacon. – Okay. One, two, three. – [Maya] Okay, number seven. – All right, one, two, three,
four, five, six, seven. – Number one. – We’re going to bake a cake! – Sounds super sweet. – Well, we’ll bake a cake later, ’cause right now we’re
kind of on a time crunch. – You’re right, we better get moving. – Hey, we can use these black strings on our fortune cookies to put them on our backpacks like keychains! – Ooh, good idea. – Let’s put them on, then
we’ll jet to the next room. (upbeat music) And we can use them to hold our bracelets when we’re not wearing them. – Or to hold other small things like the erasers we use at Toy School. – Toy School, we gotta pick up our speed! – Okay, I can get it this time. Aw, come on. Yeah! I finally did it! I completed the bottle flip challenge! It’s actually standing! If only I had a witness. – Whoa, I actually saw that. You’ve been working on that for months! – I have a witness, too? This is my lucky day! – We have to find some lucky
fortunes in our suite, Addy. – Let’s start with looking
behind the pillows. – Good idea. – No. Whoa!
– Whoa! What is that? – It looks like a Lucky Fortune four pack! – Well let’s get comfy, bust this open, and increase our luck. – Great idea. Here, you get two and I get two. – Look at the two colors I got. – And mine are completely
different from yours. – I can’t wait to see what charms I got. – Me neither. – It’s a purple anchor
on a green bracelet. – It’s a music note. – So cool! Let’s see what else I got. It’s a golden lightning bolt. I’m gonna add it to my wrist. – No way, colored pencils! And on a pink bracelet! – How does my wrist look now, Addy? – Super lucky. Mine’s looking super lucky, too. – Let’s read our fortunes now. – This one came with my colored pencils. Don’t be afraid to
color outside the lines. – Oh I get it. This one came with my lightning bolt. You’ve got the power! – Makes sense. – And this one was with the anchor. Your strength is unstoppable. – And the fortune with the music note says sing like nobody’s listening. – Oh, I like that one, too. – Thanks. We still have to find our
charms on the collector’s guide. – It looks like my golden lightning bolt is from the success category,
and it’s a lucky charm. Maybe that means I’ll have
success on the test today. – I hope so. Hey, my pencils are from
the success category, too. And it has a yellow star next to it. That means it’s very, very lucky! – Whoa! Let’s see where my anchor is. It’s under friendship. Maybe that means I’ll
meet a new friend today. – Oh, that would be awesome. Let’s find my music note now. Here it is, under love. I do love puppies. Maybe I’ll get a new puppy! – That would be amazing. – Whoa, did you realize you could get an ultra lucky clover charm? – [Maya] And it’s gold dipped! – That would be the ultimate luck. – Speaking of luck, let’s
use our fortune teller. – Good idea. We’ll see if our luck is growing. – Okay, ask a question. – Will we ace our Toy School test today? – Okay, what picture do you want? – Rainbow. – [Maya] Okay, one, two, three, four. – Okay and now I’ll take number seven. – Okay. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven. What number now? – [Addy] Two. – Okay, here goes nothin’. Some days. – Well, it’s better than
the no we got earlier. – True, but we still need more luck. – Well, let’s attach these cookies to our backpacks and keep hunting. – Come on, come on, come on. – [Voice On Phone] Congratulations. You are caller number seven. – No way, are you serious? – [Voice On Phone] Absolutely. You just won a trip to the Bahamas. – I can’t believe it. – [Voice On Phone] Well,
today’s your lucky day. – Yeah, I guess so. Wow, there seems to be a lot of luck going around the Toy Hotel today. – Okay, there are Lucky Fortunes in one more room, and I’m thinking the screened-in porch
is the place to check. – Okay, but we have to
leave for Toy School in 10 minutes if we
want to make it in time. – Then we better find them fast. – No, not in there. No. No, not over here. No. – Bingo, I found them. It looks like they’re BFF series. – So exciting! – Let’s crack them open and see what our future has in store for us. – One for me. – And one for me. – Ready to clink your cookie? – Absolutely. One, two, three, cheers! – [Maya] One, two, three, cheers! – [Addy] It’s a golden heart! – [Maya] With an arrow through it. – But I have the pink
bracelet and yours is purple. Check out my collection! – Looks awesome like mine. – And listen to my fortune. I’m so fortunate that you’re my BFF. – Aw, mine says I’m so lucky
to have a friend like you. – I’m so glad we’re BFFs, Maya. – Me, too. But we’d better hurry up. Let’s find our charm on
the collector’s guide. Here it is, under celebrate. – I think that means we’re gonna celebrate acing our Toy School test. – I hope so. Let’s see how rare this is. – Well there’s a white star next to it. So that means it’s lucky. – Okay, Addy, I think we have all the luck we need for today. – Agreed. I’m feeling super lucky. Which means we need to
get to Toy School ASAP. – [Maya] Let’s go. – Ah, that is it, after 232 attempts, I have finally perfected my
chewy chocolate chip recipe. Magnifique! Today is my lucky day! – Okay, thank you Miss
Lucy, I will be sure to let Addy and Maya know. – These Lucky Fortunes are perfect for sharing with friends. – Oh for sure. I wanna share the luck with Avery. – I wanna swap with Sophia. – Oh, I’m so glad I caught
you girls before you left. Miss Lucy, your Toy School
teacher, just called. – Oh yeah, is everything okay? – Yeah I think so. She just wanted me to
tell you that the big test has been canceled and you
girls have the day off. – No way. – This has definitely been our lucky day. – This video was sponsored by WowWee. Parents, if you love Lucky
Fortune as much as we do, then check out their
YouTube series Just My Luck to see more of the luck and fortune that Lucky Fortune brings. – The evil spirit shrank me and hid me somewhere in the store. You’ve gotta find me before it’s too late! (spooky wind blows) – Hello?
– Hello? Anyone here?
– Anyone here? (screams) – Sorry, we didn’t mean to scare you. – We need your help.
– We need your help. – [Announcer] Sophia and Maya are back for another season of Just My Luck. – Lucky Fortune BFFs!
– Lucky Fortune BFFs! – [Announcer] Bringing
together new characters, stories, and a very
spooky uninvited guest. – I can’t even. – [Announcer] Only with a dash of magic and a little bit of luck can these girls save the store once again. (screams) Join us for another magical
season of Just My Luck with Sophia and Maya. – Woo! (upbeat music)

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