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A Pretty Cool Hotel Tour : Episode 3 : Gallery Holiday Motel

– Hi, I’m Margaret. – I’m Corey. – And, this is, A Pretty Cool Hotel Tour. (upbeat jazz music) – We’re traveling the country looking for hotels that make us say, “Yes!” – Or “No.” Or “Aw!” – Or “Ew!” – Or, “What?” – Or, “Gross.” – We never know what we’re
gonna find but either way, we’ll probably say, “Pretty cool.” (blowing foam) How do we start? – Action! – Welcome to a Pretty Cool Hotel Tour. Gallery Holiday Motel edition. We are in South Amboy New Jersey. It smells like a fart. – That’s Jersey. Balls and smoke stacks. – Oh balls and smoke stacks (giggling). Nervous. Going to a classic, rent-by-the-hour motel. Can’t make reservations in advance. Found photos of the rooms online, like a year ago and I’ve been kinda
freaking out ever since, to try and make it here
before it shuts down. No Instagram, no Facebook,
they have not claimed their Yelp page either. So, I don’t know how they’re in business. – We got a night ahead of us. – We got a night ahead of us. (camera sound) I’m stressed. – Stressed is just dessert backwards. – Well, I am dessert backwards. Let’s go.
(giggling) Lysol, bleach, for the tubs, and a double shot to keep us going. To the Gallery Holiday Motel, and beyond. – I can sort of see a
few pioneering hairs. – Are you trying to say your beard is getting white actually? – I’m saying these trips
are starting to turn me into a bit of a white beard. Started as a joke and
then next thing you know, shorty got low (giggling). – That’s it. (indicator popping) Okay. Lets check it out. (exhaling) We’re gonna check into our first room. It’s a good one. This is what a fantasy room
is supposed to look like. Very secure doors. Just kidding you can literally
hear everything outside. (thudding) Velvet curtains that
blocks out peeping Toms. Your classic ice bucket and ice cups. – In case you wanna do a challenge. (giggling) – Signs of cleaning. Ooh, that’s a fun one. Bathroom’s don’t need to be
anything special, if your room, looks like that. I’m starting to question everything, should we just stay in here forever? Should we stay over night? I don’t know, I’m freaking out. Okay, also, plenty of stains, that I’m probably not showing you. But we got a stain here, the
couch is a little bit moist and we’re not sure why. Good amount of fake flowers, which I am so into. (gasping) Are you seeing this? – Mm-hmm. – Oh my gosh!
(giggling) What is happening? There’s a light show. I didn’t know there was
gonna be a light show. I’m just gonna do a quick sheets check. Just for anyone who
might wanna sleep here. We’ve been to a few of these
rent by the hour motels. These sheets are by far
the newest I’ve ever seen. I can see that someone left
a glittery star in here. But that’s not hurting anybody. I really don’t feel that bad about it. Like I kinda trust it. Do you trust it? – I never do. – The first three years
Corey and I were married, we did sleep on a mattress, that we found on the side of the road. So who am I to judge, am I right? (waving) Givin’ ourselves a little mini tour. (clicking) (gasping) And it is, stunning. We’ve got another heavily mirrored room. Onto the next. A whole lot of lovely. Beautiful! Another stunning heart-shaped window. There’s a bug on me, ew. Ew! Anyway, it’s a beautiful room. (clicking) (door creaking) Oh wow! In the Cave room. I guess we know what happens, in the Cave room. (apprehensive expression) So there’s a theme for us, huh, that pretty much no one
goes to the spots we love. Why do you think that is? – Well I just don’t like
being around people. Aw.
(hand hugs) Do the honors. – Any other snags? – Nah. So they’re redoing some of
the rooms, and it looks like everything’s being torn
apart, so this is why we hurry to the places, because, who knows how long
they’re gonna be around. (scratching) (knocking) – Tub time? – Tub time. – You gonna scrub anything? – Oh frick, should I? (gloves snapping) (brrrt) (brrrt) (lounge music) (water burbling) – The infinite abyss! (waving) Just filed my nails. – Oh gosh. – Okay, there we go. – Hey, cheers.
– Cheers. (giggling) – I wanna say for the record, that we have to wear suits now, because it takes so much
time to edit out nudity. – Thank you, I guess. I had to see my balls a lot. (giggling) So I’m just trying to do this for me to not have to keep seeing that. – Okay, fair. I was super nervous, because
I’ve had photos of this place on my desktop, for over a year, right? Whenever their website was out I was like, “They’re done, they closed
shop, and I never get to go.” And so that kinda pushed
me to get out here. A lot of reasons to avoid it,
however, if what you’re after is what I’m looking at right now, then I think it’s worth
bringing your own can of bleach and having a good time. I just wanna come to a room and be like, “Holy crap, this is gorgeous. I wanna take some photos and live in this fantasy room for a few hours.” Literally, it’s just like
you shut the world out, and you live in a fantasy for a while and it feels really nice. It’s like Barbie’s Dream House. Get here sooner rather than
later, if you wanna get here, ’cause, this stuff doesn’t
stay around forever. So I feel lucky. Thanks for coming. – Thank you. (clanking) (shhh) (shhh) (shhh) (shoulders shrugging)

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