A Pint At The Dub Inn, Custom 1957 VW Splitscreen Camper Pub | Camper Life TV

Had it just over three years now And what was the inspiration behind making a pub out of it? That goes to my friend Stephanie she came up with the idea originally in all fairness, I have to give her that. Imported from Canada, it was just an empty panel van
I threw something together originally went to town on it six months ago now to
create the van we’ve got. So who’s behind all the interior? It’s me yeah, yeah it was me, mainly, I mean there’s a few companies that helped me out with the
actual bar, shaping it and the seating’s actually from a pub but they just
bespoked it to the van The pump, bit of trial and error so
you’ve got a beer cooler in the back that runs off to 240 so we’ve got an
inverter for short bursts of power, when we pull up we can use the cooler, we’ve also
got it hooked up so generator and just straight to 240, you’ve got the gas and you got a beer round the back and yeah just hooked up
just subtly hide the lines under the bar it works, it’s froffy at times but it works And you said you’ve had about five people in there. Yeah well, seven or eight if you use the front seats and they leaned
across but it’s pretty cosy but we get plenty of us in there.
Any plans for the future? People seem to seem to like the van so I’m gonna push it towards
weddings and other events and just yeah just take it from there really
so it’s for hire for as you see garden parties birthdays weddings anything yeah
but plans for the future with it I mean possibly put a beer garden on the
top bring out the back a little bit more and just make it a little bit more of it
when it turns up to an event it something in itself which can be
self-contained so this is probably the most most dangerous dangerous thing I
put on the van some depending on where I am sometimes I have to just go and put
the the darts away afterwards what I didn’t think about when I was designing
it is it’s the perfect angle from somebody who’s had a few.. straight in the tire, falls short so yeah the timeline has always been for camper jam you know
the camper jam show and shine I’ve taken it to a few now I’ve got the prize winner a camper Jam got a prize winner at the mini and VW show but to be
honest I haven’t made it to any other show since then. The Bathams is a black it’s a
black country beer and they’ve got like probably maybe twelve twelve different
pubs in their own distillery which they put Bathams bitter out and Bathams mild, you get all over the country but they sponsor me now like or endorse it
which is good So did you think it would have become as popular as it did? Absolutely not no it took me by surprise I just wanted to win a
little prize a camper jam I didn’t expect it but i’m you know over the
moon with it see a lot of people have had to help me with it so I can’t take
you know I have fitted, I’ve fitted like I fitted the whole thing in so you know you
know, all the the clad and everything, it’s all been done by I mean no one’s came in and done
it but you know my friend Darren did all the wiring stopped the thing setting a light and burning down and we got wood craft engineer and who did all the seating
guys who did my bar for me they’re over in Craven, It just been it’s just
cool I was going to say if you like the VW’s and you like beer, then this is the van for you.

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