100 Replies to “A highly unscientific look inside the brain of Hotel Del Luna’s IU | K-Drama Brain Map [ENG SUB]”

  1. Eonni Hearts Hunan says:

    OMG i still keep on thinking about that drama, Cast was amazing and acting out of this world. I just dont have enough words to describe how talented IU is and how perfect she did in this drama, leaving us to want more 😍

  2. ausini sone says:

    I miss them again

  3. nafisa tasnim says:

    she stands out all the famous kdrama characters

  4. Sun Shine says:

    This viedo should be saved

  5. Anam Khuram says:

    Can there be a drama better than Hotel Del Luna?????? It provides everything from comedy to memorable characters to beautiful outfits!!!!
    I just can't move on from this!!!!

  6. Oleg gucayetta says:

    Did someone notice how frequent she change the color of her nails too??🤔

  7. Herbdoulaye Yousef says:

    3:28 the way he said you're pretty is just like Gong Yoo, even that same smile is Gong Yoo's

  8. Nazura Ainaa says:

    ahh this makes me wanna binge on HDL again

  9. Micaela Vargas says:


  10. Kelly Lai says:

    How about nail art? It matches every outfit she worn

  11. Thinie Denizer says:

    Jang man woel Sajang Nim..one of the most iconic character 😍😍

  12. Makhni G says:

    U took my shg… Kaalu

  13. Your highness says:

    She nailed it

  14. 이지은 [Hi Uaena!] says:


  15. Maya chavali says:

    Jang man wol sajangnim 😍😍😍

  16. Rishu s says:

    She's such a big mood…haha..no one deserves this character better than our IU💙❤💙❤💙❤💙❤

  17. Kheizlina Danial says:

    Omg I love all IU costumes. Even my 13 y.o son said all the costumes IU wear are amazing.g

  18. 加藤真子 says:


  19. Margarette Frondoso says:

    0:01 IU LOOKS LIKE D.O😂

  20. Daniel. Ariel says:

    The thumbnail lol

  21. Jessi Calisto says:

    Netflix tem q ter legenda em português tá?

  22. jer villegas says:

    No space for champagne?

  23. Confetti on Byuls forehead says:

    Lol I really love how they made a real account for OUR HAIL QUEEN JANG MAN WOL!

  24. Lhey Lee says:

    She nailed it. The unforgettable IU's role 😊😊 she's really perfect for Being Jang man wol 😀

  25. Charmaine Araña says:

    This video is ❤️👌❤️ I was grinning like an idiot the whole time 😁😂 Jang Man-wol is indeed, an unforgettable and a very iconic character. She's the best! IU is such an incredible actress. I couldn't imagine anyone playing the role of Man-wol except IU. She owns the character. 👏 I love it!!!

  26. Hazel Mae Sisican says:

    Only IU can pull this off 👌🏻💗

  27. Najah Syahirah says:

    best video 😂👍🏻

  28. BTS'S WIFEUS says:

    Cannn I haveee IU's clothes??

  29. the bae says:

    I missed her 😩❤️

  30. Elham Arumpac says:

    So cute!

  31. mha moo says:

    IU's very talented…acting singer composer superb!

  32. herdancestage says:

    Me: JMW.
    Friend: ??? You mean BMW??
    Me: No. JMW. Jang Man-wol. That's my mood right now.

  33. Well hello there4 says:

    As alot of comments said IU was an unforgettable character and no one could've played the role better. I love You Chan Seong ssi too❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  34. Princilia Joonie says:

    OMG i'm watching this drama and it's just awesome IU is a really good actress i love this drama so much but it makes me scare when it comes to ghosts i was screaming every time while watching a scary scene i'm just a scaredy cat lol 😂😂😂❤❤❤

  35. Sowon Best says:

    The best drama 💕💕

  36. Silvia Herrera says:

    🤗😍los ame a los dos!!! X más!!!😎

  37. Angel Brito says:

    Dude she’s beautiful ❤️❤️❤️

  38. Ddeulgi Kang says:

    1:00 amma cry right now.

  39. ayhen Suarez says:

    You must be a chaebol if you want Jang Man Weol to be on your good side 😂😂 like she said Rich customers are kings 😁

  40. Isah Kmro says:

    Haa she's the sassyiest CEO ever 😍

  41. Arah's way says:

    the person we all aspire to be

  42. Megan Choi says:

    Her brain is full of 'money' 'eating' and 'shopping' things Lmao

  43. ___kakati says:

    How can this girl from Hyori Bed & Breakfast change so much 😉😉
    love her more and more 😍

  44. Sr M says:

    I loved this… I loved Scarlett Rio but YouTube please allow me get out of this nostalgia

  45. PitchaxisT says:

    I'm gonna miss this webfoot-octopus-craving, poop-colored-shoes-hating Lich Queen of the Guest house of Moon. I will cherish this TV drama for as long as i live. I'm an average gamer guy you'll never expect to watch Kdrama at all… until this show.
    But i wish you the best in life and career Miss Jang Man Wol.

  46. Jezzy A says:

    harvard scammer lines are the best 😂

  47. Asma Abu Bakr says:

    Arghhh Already missed this couple💜😍 perfect combination 😍😍😍 Love IU #Blueming 💙

  48. Whanna Tolentino says:

    I'm glad that they choose IU to play mang wol's role. 😌

  49. Namira Ananda says:

    for a minute i forgot that the drama has a sad ending

  50. Henning Gu says:



  51. Rayhana Nurainy says:

    i really miss how jangmanweol show good things beside people around her streotype how bad her in the past. but jangmanwoel show elegant things that she dont forget how bad her and atone for sins in his past without claiming that jangmanweol was good person.

  52. Sung Jin Woo says:

    IU I Love You 😘😘😘

  53. s23 says:

    I know its not a recent drama but can you upload some new footage from memories of the alhambra too?

  54. lena says:

    You can’t deny that Jang Manwol is one of the best Korean drama heroines

  55. Wangjiaerismypillow says:

    But like honestly I need to see Jang man wok being a clingy girlfriend to ko Chang sung

  56. Jenel Cruz says:

    I need a compilation of all Man wol's outfit.
    For research purposes 😁

  57. Janice Taylor says:

    Impressive breakdown of Jang Manweol’s character through this brain map 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼 using her words to say, “내가 속 마음에 들어” hahaha

  58. Yan yani says:

    Is it just me? One thing I noticed everytime they eat, she was just holding her spoon, fork or chopstick, but she didn't eat anything, if she ate, she just ate less. Like I was too frustrated to watch her to put the food in her mouth… I want to see her eat and enjoy the food. Like hell all the foods in that drama looked good.

  59. Kim ji won says:

    This role has became a icon now…
    She is the reason behind the huge success of this drama❣️

  60. Guida Lanayan says:

    I honestly don't watch k-dramas that much, but hotel del Luna changed me. 💕 I don't regret watching it, and IU is just stunningly gorgeous every scene. this k-drama made it to my 💙

  61. brulalooo trulalooo says:

    I like it when she shouts at the hotel trio and chan seong.. Man wol is cute even she's angry

  62. Rebecca Red says:

    Is Hotel Deluna that good?
    Should i watch it?

  63. Becky says:

    This is how many time she called him an Harvard scammer

  64. siawung says:

    Really miss my jang man wol… I want to see iu concert in Jakarta

  65. hello stu-P-I-D says:

    I realized the brain reference came from moon embracing ❤ the sun

  66. 靑 靑 says:

    옄긲 설릷낣옮는덹 죿었잖앓…
    한국인만 봐요..

  67. 하나도 says:


  68. iris haha says:

    jang man wol is one of the most superior character

  69. ismoke oxyjin says:

    I am just gay for IU and this drama killed me

  70. BTS_my_ Lifeu says:

    Omg i love IU btw i also love the dresses which she wear in this drama😍😍

  71. 636ᆞ이환승의전설232v says:

  72. victius says:

    She does not wear the same outfit… except 1300 years ago 😀

  73. neoncult says:

    i wish i had her clothes

  74. bahar ta says:

    love this video

  75. 坂道Tulungagung says:

    0:58 what's the title of the music?

  76. 宮子 says:


  77. Dr. Roberie says:

    This one of the most unforgetable characters I've ever watched. Most of the time when I watch k-dramas or animes I always forget the name right after I finished watching but for some reason the name JANG MAN WEOL/WOL is stuck in my head like she wacked her name on my brain😂 plus I can never imagine another Jang Man Weol/Wol other than IU. Kudos to her, she nailed the character well💖

  78. klarise mendi says:

    Wow they shoulda hired you to make an advert for this drama cos ur editing skills is top notch… purfectt 😌😍👌💯

  79. Ahnaf Muslim says:

    i fell in love with her after watching hotel del luna ♥️

  80. Defa Lusiana Dewi says:

    Editannya cantik banget astaga!!!❤️❤️

  81. rock roll says:

    honestly this drama will forever hold a place in my heart. this one broke me. I remember crying the whole night after watching the last episode. manwol and chanseong couldn't have been portrayed so excellently by anyone but IU and yeo jingoo.


    I became a fan of her

  83. May 12 says:

    The edit is awesome. Wonder what app they use?

  84. john smith says:

    Really funny that she charge real money for hotel services just so she can fuel her luxurious lifestyle (The hotel itself doesn't need money to function properly)

  85. 10million subscribers says:

    I'm kdrama addict, have been busy all this while. Missed a lot of dramas, still considering which one to watch first in my busy schedule…… should try hotel de luna?

  86. ราซายา says:


  87. love my.lifeu says:

    Lmao i love this😂

  88. XD 19 says:

    I really love her dress in HDL so unique and classy very talented and of course his charming to Gu Chan Seung 😍😍😘😘♥️♥️

  89. saldiven2009 says:

    This seriously absolutely needs a sequel, but I have no idea how they could make it fit with the ending.

  90. lost soul says:


  91. lei kim says:

    The only badass i love

  92. Jireh Mae Mon says:

    The Brain Map you used reminds me of The moon Embracing the Sun.

  93. Purple You says:

    IU killed Jang Man Wol character

  94. Eddie MVP says:

    i love this drama
    but i cant understand at ending

  95. Hjaja Bjka says:

    Man wol without money: 👿👿👿
    Man wol when someone pay her: 😇😇😇

  96. 아늑 says:

    영상 잘만들었네요 한글 댓글도 보고 싶은데 없네 ㅠㅠ

  97. fuadi zulfikri M. says:

    I dont know why, i really like how she mad and shout out any word after she shy or her argumen was corrected 😎😎😎

  98. priya guna says:


  99. r o s y says:

    Manwol is not a queen bee. A queen bee is controlled by her people but is the life source of her people. Manwol doesn’t let people control her, she lives by her ways. If you notice in American movies, the queen bee is being manipulated sometimes.

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