7 Best Inland and Farm Resorts in Iloilo (with pool, or hotel, beach resort not included)

A place which is often visited for a particular purpose Welcome to Ilonggo Dad Countdowns In this video We rank the best and most popular Inland and Farm Resorts in Iloilo This list only includes Inland Establishments Beach and Coastal Resorts are excluded i am joined by Ilongga Mom and she will help me present Ilongga Mom: by the way make sure you like the video and subscribe to the channel The Ranking is based on the personal opinions and resorts popularity and reviews online If you think differently, don’t feel bad just express your opinions on the comments section below Let’s begin Number 7: Goducate Training Center San Miguel, Iloilo Goducate is a training center by an NGO But a Farm resort at the same time The resort offers a lot of activities catered for groups The activities available are actually very fun outdoor activities Goducate have lots of this things like: Wall Climbing Archery Zipline Horse Back Riding and other field activities Goducate has also a covered Basketball Court and Swimming Pools since it is a Farm Resort It has Farm Produce and animals you can observe and pet you can either camp out or stay in one of the air conditioned rooms if you want to spend time with your children Goducate is something you can consider Ilonggo Dad: Number 6: Sheridan Boutique Resort – Oton, Iloilo Unlike other resorts in this list Sheridan Boutique Resort is not a farm resort although it has scenic views of nature its allure is not only centered on its natural beauty but rather in its set up as an accessible getaway resort from the hustle and bustle of iloilo city Firstly, its nearby located in Oton just outside Iloilo City It’s very easy to get there The place is well designed the landscaping work is awesome and conducive for relaxation the pools are nice particularly the pool lounge Since Sheridan is more of a Boutique Hotel than anything else It has Quality rooms and Exceptional overall accommodation ilongga Mom: Number 5 Mila’s Hills – New Lucena, Iloilo In the fun department Mila’s Hills probably ranks the highest this resort in New Lucena, Iloilo is more like an amusement park than a resort Mila’s Hills has the Essentials of a Farm Resort such as Fruits, Vegies and Animals but what this makes resort different from others is the number and variety of rides and adventure activities it offers From silly to crazy to scary they have it all water rides and slides and other crazy contraptions If that’s your thing you’re going to enjoy Mila’s Hills the place also offers Boating, Kayaking, Horse back Riding Wall Climbing and Zipline Ilonggo Dad: Number 4 Ephratah Farms – Badiangan, Iloilo I’ve been hearing good things about this resort lately Ephratah, the name sounds very interesting with a quick google search there you go Ephratah means fruitful very nice, a clever name for a farm resort anyway, Ephratah seems to have a good accomodation the rooms look nice they have basic amenities, pools and cottages they also have function and training rooms but perhaps the most unique thing about Ephratah is the Glass Chapel awesome venue for a themed Wedding you can also do some Boating, Fishing and Camping sounds fun right? but if that’s not enough you can go biking, ATV and Zipline this resort looks promising Ilongga Mom: Number 3 Bucari Mountain Resort – Leon, Iloilo Lately, Bucari in Leon is making a claim for being The best summer destination in Iloilo It’s not surprising as it offers a unique experience something that no other resort in Iloilo can offer One hour and half away from the city Bucari Mountain resort is situated in the highlands of Leon and Alimodian Because of the altitude the location is pleasantly cold which is perfect for beating the summer heat this is why its called “The Little Baguio of Iloilo” the mountain view is breath taking and is a dream for Photographers and Instagramers they have decent rooms but don’t expect a hotel type of accomodation and hospitality It’s more about Camping and Roughing it and enjoying the natural beauty of the mountains Ilonggo Dad: Number 2 Damires Hills Farm Resort – Janiuay, Iloilo The first time I went to Damires Hills I was charmed to say the least The “hilly” venue and the way they developed the place is awe inspiring Okay, I might be a little biased because most of my relatives are from Janiuay and i have been to this resort plenty of times Damires Hills Resort is perhaps the most balanced farm resort in Iloilo It excels in all aspects It has a great view and scenery nice pools The best zipline and enjoyable adventure activities It also has very good rooms and accomodation The farm is also a great place to tour and visitors can buy and consume Organic Produce The thing about Damires Hills, is that they are always improving everytime you go there something is new or better Ilongga Mom: Number 1 Garin Farm Pilgrimage Resort San Joaquin, Iloilo Garin Farm is arguably the most popular one in this list It is a very well developed resort The place is well designed with lots of family friendly activities to do apart from the pool, you can also do some boating or kayaking in the lake they also have a good zipline set up apart from the hotel like accomodations It is mainly a farm resort so expect a lot of Agricultural attractions The most unique thing about Garin Farm Is that, it is not just a farm resort but it is also a Pilgrimage Site they have statues depicting various Biblical Events but the highlight of it all is where you climb a long stairway until you reach heaven Ilonggo Dad: Do you agree with the list? If you have any suggestions for Ilonggo Dad Countdowns comment your suggestions below bye! Captioned by: Teacheriffic Fritz

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  1. Beverly Alba says:

    I visited 6 of the 7 inland resorts.. i agree with the ranking. However, I would just like to share that the food in Ephrathah is really yummy 😋 They’re healthy but deliciously made.. 🤗

  2. June Frances Palermo says:

    hi po taga iloilo aku taga sta,barbara.

  3. QT Pii says:

    Thanks for the preview…now I have idea..where I can bring my relatives coming from Manila…

  4. Remo Ganancial says:

    A very well said recommended 😊😂😁😀

  5. Mariam Alotaibi says:

    Congrats 2k Subcriber thanks for lovely videos

  6. คานรักของฉัน PAPANGKORN says:

    Leonian here!

  7. Kamote ako says:

    Inland nga tawag kasi walang beach!

  8. Jessie Rex Memorando says:

    Out of these 7 resorts,3 of them namely,Goducate,Sheridan & Garin Farm!! Wonderful!!

  9. Lyndon Calimoso says:

    paps gwapo na presentation ah! objective yet opinionated. comprehensive yet not boring. fair commentaries / assesments as well

  10. Patrick 22 says:

    My wife is an ilongga

  11. Ma. Teresa Barrido says:

    I love iloilo😘😘😘😘

  12. Rodolfo Gerochi says:

    Madamo gid nga Salamat sang imo nga video—-gin share ko ni sa akon nga account para kon mag puli ako bal-an ko kon sa diin makadto. Greetings from Canada.

  13. Ciousah the Explorer says:

    Hndi pa nahsisimupa ang video alam k n n Garin Farm ang #1.

  14. jomie orbino says:

    Naahhh..I have seen it all I wanna go and see things as a tourist I wanna experience things that I’ve never seen .paris.germany.sweeden they have all that

  15. Carl Delton Va-ay says:

    goducate is a boring resort .

  16. juliet bertez says:

    Pero hindi ko pa napuntahan ang Goducate at sheridan hotel.
    But the rest, maganda nga😊

  17. Melyn Grace Miranda says:

    Nice gid,,2 pa lng nkadtuan ko,,goducate and garin,,yes this feb.7 ephrathah next….

  18. kingmax De la cruz says:

    Basi may gusto mag travel da sa mga gin features nyo sir. pwede ko ka provide transportation with very affordable price… from City of Iloilo to Location vice versa.. keep it up nice vid very informative damo cla pilian nga Inland resort diri sa Iloilo thanks..

  19. Mfkn 808 says:

    Sounds nice but I never been there! Sad right?😩

  20. Juls Delumpines says:

    kanami sa ila mag hambal…amo na ya…

  21. Rick Peterson says:

    Great Picks!! Haven't seen you library yet, suggestion for scuba in the Iloilo area?

  22. Dennis Sultz says:

    Nice presentation from a lovely couple.. Nice to know that we have this resort in different towns of Iloilo.. TY for sharing…

  23. nhoywitzki banaban says:

    – Am an ilonggo but sadly only one place lg nakadtuan ko ang DAMIRES Hills. inshallah when i go home..! thank sir God Bless. More Videos 👍❤❤


    Mapols farm..pls.m

  25. Tata e says:

    I miss home!! Missing iloilo!

  26. Emelda Pama says:

    Proud to be an Ilonggo…Damires Hills is the best

  27. ZheeJay HJ says:

    GoDucate, Mila's, Damires, Garin Farm plng napuntahan..

  28. gracia armada says:

    I didnt get it right.Whats that place in San Miguel again?

  29. stefani ba says:

    ang grandparents ko sa side ng father ko taga iloilo pod sila.
    ari nako sa balay mo amigo amiga.ok na ang tanan..hulaton ko kamo sa balay ko.salamat

  30. Anabelle Kasper says:

    🤗❤️👍 I hope maka puta din ako dyan.

  31. Bel Gultia Guarte says:

    Badiangan!!! 🙌🙌🙌

  32. Manielyn Camince says:

    Im proud of being ilongga and well educated

  33. Glaiza Caberoy says:

    Proud to be an ilonggo❣️ Nami pagid d samun mga islands sir. Feature man😊 Like sicogon and gigantes ❤️

  34. Clar Gabz says:

    Garin farm is over rated.

  35. ANEXX T.V. KUPS says:

    yun oh mga ilonggo guwa kamu da hahhaa

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    mga kups pabulig bi ako sa balay ko mapadako. pabisita lang po sa aking bahay at papindut po ng pula. support all small youtuber

  37. Kevin Joe Pelayo says:

    Gnda pla dyan sa Iloilo sna makapunta rn aq dyan someday😃

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    I've been to Mila's Hill and Garin Farm…

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