100 Replies to “48 HOURS IN PARIS ft. Secret Bars, Bakeries & Cheese – Our alternative guide.”

  1. TOPJAW says:

    All the places we visited in this video and more are on this map!
    PARIS https://www.google.com/maps/placelists/list/JrNalMuKWuHyKWor-joSYhJYq4aX4w?hl=en

  2. heygirlhey says:

    What a hunk.

  3. Ayaskant Swain says:

    Beautifully crafted vlogon Paris

  4. Sam Asher says:

    omg lmfao I always pass by that pizza populare place and thought it was like a bar or super good liquor store bc of the bottles on the outside

  5. Dear Traveler says:

    Amazing Video! and impressive stomachs! You guys would fit in the USA for sure with that appetite! XD I'm going to Paris in a few weeks and I am definitely going check out as many as I can!

  6. Taramae Noel says:

    Oh he’s attractive… 🙃

  7. Angie Espinoza says:

    The way he said “margarita”
    I’m star struck 😍😍😍😍

  8. prateek piplani says:

    I'm happy it came on to my suggestions, you guys have really good cinematography skills with really good content. Keep it up

  9. Jakub and Lilia says:

    Another great video! You guys amaze us! Thanks for your recommendations, we had some lovely food at "Marche des Enfants Rouge" and flat white from "Fringe" after. Carry on doing great job! Peace x

  10. Brigida Costa says:

    Wow, besides being super informative and entertaining, the quality of this video is just unbelievable! I am planning a trip to Paris which is gonna last 3 days and took notes of all the places you reccomended, can't wait and thank you very much!

  11. charlie cheeseface says:

    If you pop into Carrefour or champion the food is good and good value..

  12. E.H.K says:

    is it just me or do these young, cool acting dudes annoy the hell out of, well, some people

  13. S Marlowe says:

    How much French do you guys know? Or rather how much did you need for your trip? Thanks

  14. סתו שמעוני says:

    I'm probably not the only one but…. I love your voice and accent

  15. Stephanie Singroy says:

    amazing camera work!

  16. Jay says:

    I want to go to Paris just for the food alone😍🔥

  17. Vanessa says:

    I love watching your videos, guys. They are fast paced, editing and visual style is pleasing. Keep up the great work!

  18. Looks Like Magic says:

    Damn this made my trip to Paris seem hella boring!! 😂😂Guess I gotta go back!!

  19. Chef Tammy Lynn says:

    How did you get around to all the places?

  20. Caroline Almasri says:

    I’m totally going to check these places out when I’m in France next year

  21. Gina Jean says:

    marry me…

  22. Spencer Kent says:

    Heading to Amsterdam and Paris from Los Angeles next week for the first time… love your guides! Saw that Jon & Vinnys was your first stop in LA and knew you did things right, one of my go-to's. Cheers!

  23. missmayflower says:

    Not very helpful as it’s not very clear where you are most of the time. Fast talking and too much fancy editing.

  24. Jeanee RN says:

    I’d f*ck him

  25. Laila Sindhu says:

    I was having a hard day and thank you for this .you give me hope

  26. Never Ending Exploration says:

    Omg! That hotel!! Honestly though, give me all the pastries!! That market is incredible I can’t believe we didn’t know it was there! Great video!!

  27. parin p says:

    Wowwww thx uuuu, my family will travel paris next month, will follow your lists

  28. Chinny Chian says:

    In the Philippines we also eat frogs but not just fried, we also have other recipes haha but in Metro Manila it's not practiced much

  29. SpotlessMind says:

    I am in Paris now, I like to visit this indian restaurant but i didnt get the name of the restaurant, anyone can help?, much appreciate

  30. Rev_A_K says:

    Great content!! Check out our time in Paris


  31. Ruchelle Romano says:

    Woooow! So happy to find this in my recommendations! Your video's quality is amazing and I really enjoyed it! Thanks!

  32. Lukman Pratin says:

    Never been more enjoying watching vlog on youtube before. 👍👍

  33. Meganlovesmakeup07 says:

    The first time I’ve come across your channel, I watch a lot of vids on here and this is the best I’ve seen in a long time 🙌🏼 thanks for the recommendations

  34. Cris Yorke says:

    Don't forget about the Yellow Vest! Go during the weekend!

  35. Andromediens says:

    The video editing style and the whole idea is very similar to Munchies

    I like it tho

  36. Manolis Dimitrakakis says:

    Hey buddy nice video!! Will try all of them when in Paris for sure! Another question though…where did you buy your coat from?! It's amazing!!

  37. Thomas Borg says:

    where’s that ‘start seeing things’ hoodie from??

  38. Francois Bariko says:

    It's ridiculous I'm Parisian since always and I was born in Paris it's tourist restaurants that you show and rich people Paris is something else my friend it's not just a few restaurants in the 6th arrondissement
    Un parigot Paris n'est pas un musée !

  39. Caro says:

    3:08 THAT’S disgusting please dont do it again

  40. Ever Longing says:

    Was there not escargot in the chocolate pastry at the first bakery or is that just a name used for effect, like hot dogs?

  41. Kate Moss says:

    Omg…I was eating during the whole video althougth I wasnt hungry, so +2 kg is on your conscience!)

  42. Лена Колюбаева says:

    You’re so charismatic!😍

  43. Maria Xirocosta says:


  44. Michael Ortega says:

    This video sets the standard to what a vlog should be

  45. deepa gurung says:

    Wow u guys are awesome . So much yummy food. Will have to visit paris soon.

  46. Jamie Bettison says:

    Paris me manque!

  47. Dan Taylor says:

    Great video! It's hard to find a "what to do in Paris" video that doesn't just send you to the same queues as everyone else. You've given me 3-4 top ideas, which I will definitely do when I'm there next April! Cheers.

  48. Clxlxlx Cl says:

    Rich kid gone crazy

    ….there are actually things beyond food in a city

  49. Sophia Hangel says:

    YOU HAVE MORE HIDDEN GEMS IN PARIS JUST HERE: www.instagram.com/pepitesdeparis !!! 😉

  50. Yamete Oniichan says:

    tHereS nO aDS!

  51. PM Mouri says:

    You look like a fusion of David Beckham and Jude Law.

  52. Na Zdrowie says:

    do you know what brand is his parka/coat please ?

  53. BENCH BOYS says:

    Should go to lyon

  54. vaibhav tyagi says:

    haha calling mumbai, bumbai love it. Love your work.

  55. Jeanne M says:

    This is such great content! Loving every episode! Finally a good YouTube recommendation.

  56. QD BODISAVA says:

    Visit Vietnam….i will be blown away with its nature, cuisine and people!

  57. Soilimar Quiñones says:

    ok this guy is handsome! I need one for christmas!

  58. KellysChannel says:

    first video ive watched from you two! SO GOOD!

  59. K P says:

    solid video! definitely a view of the wayyy more expensive shit in Paris though.

  60. fukoffgoogle says:

    Paris is wonderful, just try to avoid Hotel Westminster Paris. I booked their Deluxe 25m room and received 11,8m room (N. 114) with dirty bathroom instead. France….In any other country this would be unimaginable, but at Hotel Westminster Paris it is a norm. Bait and switch without apologies or price reduction for a room less than half a size of what is advertised. By the way they have free WiFi up to 5MB, so you can upload 4 pictures from your phone then you have to pay 19.99 for every additional 20MB. That is at 4 star hotel….Pathetic, they don't deserve two stars. That is another way their management openly lies to their customers in order to pick their pockets. You have been warned dear travelers.

  61. Philippe Tarnier says:

    hi how many times do you eat a day please ? Just to make sure 🙂

  62. Leonardo Ehgartner says:

    Great video and recommendations, I will visit some of those places once I go to Paris. Thank you!!!

  63. summerbutterfly7 says:

    Such a great video guys

  64. Felix-L. J says:

    Check your Sugar Level haha

  65. Philippe Beillan says:

    Margarita in Paris !! Fuck you!! Drink wine or pastis !! Best regard friend

  66. Ben benjamin says:

    Love your vids but can you list the places you go to..
    Had to re-up your video 5x with my ear to my phone speaker just to find out the name

  67. Sarah says:

    I'm on a roll watching all of your vids haha. Come visit Montreal, Canada. French speaking city but everyone speaks english here… We have amazing food, activities and culture you will have a blast!

  68. J Bennett says:

    You boys can certainly put away the grub!! Good job, love the videos!!

  69. R Ramirez says:

    Thanks for the great video. I'm planning a trip to Germany with my best mates. We're landing in Paris and heading from there. Any suggestions you can shoot out to us would be great.

  70. Enjoy the Adventure says:

    The bakeries look amazing! 😍

  71. betsey Kimbrell says:

    Literally JUST found you we were in Paris 2019 1 week prior to Notre Dame burning ….as I see you were there prior as well. GREAT video GREAT editing wish I found this before I went ….going next year so BOOM …will use this as a guide …..Great work guys. love from NY!!

  72. AreejM Areej says:

    يازين الحلوين

  73. davz316 says:

    Currently here in Paris right now and did 3 of the places you recommend so far!

    Great vid

  74. Carol Melancon says:

    One of my favorite meals is a Croque Monsieur and Split-pea Soup with caraway. I live near New Orleans and have enjoyed many excellent meals created by talented chefs, but a well-made Croque Monsieur is heaven on earth.

  75. helen nguyen says:

    Best Paris Guide!

  76. Christie Weber says:

    You’re hot 😍

  77. Sarah Breitbach says:

    Ooof JESSEEEEE…damn

  78. Fraser Campbell says:

    Awesome Video! An essential watch for anyone visiting Paris!

  79. Nelson Mercado says:

    I don't comment on videos, but this one was very informative and fun to watch, also you guys can drink! My type of guide.

  80. Hillary Nguyen says:

    OMG your video is so amazing, the editing, the colors, the angle, the way that you talk, I can feel the energy, everythings… is absolutely so interesting. I live in Paris and I feel like I don't really know that much about paris. You open my eyes with another perspective of the city that I thought I know it well. Thank you so much for sharing your experience in Paris. I'm so glad that I found your video today, and just so you know, the quality and the content of your videos deserve much more views than this.

  81. kimiya kazem tabrizi says:

    i'm here to stay in this chanellllll

  82. Jay Clayton says:

    Very informative and great fast pace presenting style….love it! Clear, stylish videography.

  83. ?,?, says:

    I have a headache

    Slow down the editing you shoot 50 scenes in 1 minute

  84. Julie Thomas says:

    OMG, you are hotttttt!

  85. Marina Davydova says:

    Please go to Moscow!💫

  86. Gacanti Swastika says:

    Omg how did you eat all of those in two days? that's beyond my tummy could even digest ha!

  87. Vanessa Mae Oquendo says:

    now i understand why taylor swift loves a london boy

  88. Dyn Christianson says:

    Watching you is horrible for my self-esteem. Sigh.

  89. Seth Lim says:

    what a handsome lad

  90. Elis Goto says:

    Guides on Google maps would be so useful!

  91. Vivien Zerling says:

    please visit next Zurich or Berlin

  92. Senior Minister of Enjoyment says:

    can't wait to watch 48 hours in lagos!!! Come thru guysss

  93. Alexandra Manole says:

    Go to Switzerland and Romania

  94. Jaw Travel says:

    Merry Christmas to all. Small youtuber here. Hope u can visit and subs my channel too. Thank you

  95. Bunch of Uglies says:

    your editing is awesome holy heck!

  96. Genevieve Jeanmary says:

    Omg you’re cute!

  97. Ally Diloy says:

    ok cutie

  98. Dear Traveler says:

    Your videos are such an inspiration! I hope to get to the quality of your some day! I have a travel blog and just posted my first Paris Vlog. I would love your support and any feedback. Thank you for watching! https://youtu.be/vL3RJfKiNYs ❤️❤️❤️

  99. jorge daniel says:

    What can i say?!?! Top jaw never fail

  100. Maria Enrica Calò says:

    please! a video about Antwerp!!

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