45 Replies to “$40 Anime Capsule Hotel in Tokyo”

  1. Luna Freeman says:

    AGGRETSUKO SOCKS!!!!!!!!! lol Love this video (even with the video glitches💚💚💚)

  2. KemushiChan ロレッタ says:

    B: "I don't like small, confined spaces. "
    L: "so CAPSULE HOTEL?!"

    😂❤️Sorry, not sorry, Boomer!

  3. Redbunny says:

    OMG looks so cool. I can't believe this exist! I am so jealous right now. LOL looks like you guys had lots of fun!

  4. Ropert Deinsten says:

    Fruits basket is really a classsic ! And I loved bread and butter ! Thank you for the review of the hotel, really nice vlog 🙂

  5. Chiisai Otaku says:

    OMG!!!!! This is amazing!!!!!! Thank you so, so much for sharing!! ♥️♥️♥️♥️

  6. Jen Hyacinthe says:

    Akihabara is so much fun!

  7. Mino 96 says:

    I was wondering, is there suitcase storage there or would it be better to coinlocker it?
    Also thank you for sharing, you guys are awesome!!

  8. type beast says:

    I wanna go soooo bad! Do they have “boys” manga on the girls floor? Or is there a shared library? Also, read GON! I think you AND Boomer would like it! 🦖

    About the flickering, It seems like you guys might already have a solution, but if not, check out these vids:

    Quick fix for the footage: https://youtu.be/YyQjFuFYchg
    How flickering happens: https://youtu.be/BsRVn9H4KT8

  9. ermeeez says:

    I loved Chobits, now I can't remember a thing about it 😄 I don't really watch anime or read manga anymore except for the ones I already like and Jojo's Bizarre Adveture. And I completely get you Boomer, I also do not like small confined spaces.

  10. Todd Leonard says:

    my claustrophobia is kickin in just watching the two of you in that space.

  11. vanessa gipson says:

    The Boomer Room Test:
    Perform abstract yoga stretches to ensure maximum comfortability.

    9:41 had me DYING! I love your editing skills!!!!!

  12. Regina Johnson says:

    It looks fun but also, it’s so tiny. Definitely, worth the try when I visit. Thanks!

  13. suppohkram says:

    I just found out about this channel from your Kemushichan’s community post. This hotel looks pretty neat! Def subscribing to this channel! 😀


    I can’t wait to visit Japan one day😆😆😆

  15. nneo100 says:

    Looks like fun!!!

  16. Wellthisis-Awkward says:

    Ohh! Maybe compare Book and Bed to the Manga Art Hotel! I went to Book and Bed when I came to Japan and loved it. Plus the bookshelves don’t close after 7pm for people staying there. I plan on staying there when I come back. Plus it was Co-op where I stayed.

  17. Dustin Lance says:

    This is awesome. I recently moved to Japan. Living in Gifu and when I have time I hope to go to Tokyo and stay at this hotel. Thanks for sharing

  18. Cheunwi Daniel Nganeck says:

    Claustrophobic Boomer.

  19. carlos lima says:

    I long to see a Shiba Inu tap it’s feet.

  20. carlos lima says:

    I’ve never read Fruits Basket, but I have seen the anime. This is all I have to say….YAS QUEEN!!! I highly recommend the both of you watch Eden of The East. It’s awesome!

  21. kali buddz says:

    Boomer definitely reminds me of #1 off umbrella academy

  22. Bayta Librae says:

    "sniff"…. "SNEEZE" I love small details hahaha

    Definitely added it to my places to stay during my trip. Single person, trying not to spend too much on lodging. That'll be a good place to spend a night.

  23. hikkipedia says:

    That sneeze sounded exactly like my dad's

  24. TheAndySan says:

    $40 well spent!

  25. Mari says:

    Oh my! I would read all night long hahahaha

  26. Kellie Stimson says:


  27. A Person says:

    My kinda hotel. I love small spaces

  28. Mighty Elf says:

    I was in a heavenly tranz the whole video cause I love anime and manga

  29. KemushiChan ロレッタ says:


  30. Lisa Ruffin says:

    It's so funny, B don't like small spaces. He's big, understanding. L is so cute, she reminds me of my daughter, she loves books by the way but it's the cheeks, when eats they look like chipmunks cheeks. That's so cute. I hope I didn't offend you.☺🤗

  31. Nataliya In Motion says:

    Ahhh, this is gonna become a part of my list of things to do this fall. I want to fill my fall semester with my own trips and I feel like this would be perfect! That craft beer has caught my eye~

  32. Inner_MoonChild says:

    Boomer should do a Japan Craft Beer your 🧐

  33. some guy ok says:

    I saw one of my faves that hasnt finished yet the anime 1st season has i hope they have a second season for Ballroom e Youkoso 10:55

  34. Klash Song says:

    Sound is no good in the street scenes. Boomer, don't wear your slippers into the capsule. Cheers.

  35. BboyCustomz says:

    Loretta, you look like Rukia from Bleach in this video!

  36. Tycy2014 says:

    That sneeze could blow down house

  37. Ave Maria Hackett says:

    Fantastic! Do you have a choice of sleeping in an upper or lower capsule?

  38. Boomlore says:

    They assigned us random capsules but I guess you could ask for one or the other if you prefer and there was availability. It's a hotel after all.

  39. 💙TrinityDreamsYt💙 says:


    BanG dream!
    And mocaaa

    Sorry i just love the game and the animeeee

  40. CharlesMLG says:

    Berserk wooo! I feel like Berserk is hardly brought up in manga/anime videos so I'm glad you mentioned it!

  41. Luke Triton says:

    I'm going to that place in April 8-18th

  42. Dustin Lance says:

    It was because of this video I stayed at the Manga Art Hotel during the summer break! Was a fun experience!
    Thanks for the video.

  43. Yoshi says:

    Do they have my hero academia?
    oh and I love this video,is my favorite video ever 👍
    (by the way,I'm new here 😊👌)

  44. Equinox Deleux says:

    You killed me with the tape measures guys 😂😂😂😂

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