4 Times Jon Taffer Walked Out (Compilation) | Bar Rescue

I’m leaving.
I am not rescuing your bar. Jon, my God. How are you? You’re drunk, aren’t you? No, not at all. I can tell by the way
he’s acting. I can smell it from here. My issue is,
I can’t endorse you. You will suck the life
out of everything. Okay. I wanted to acknowledge
a smart businessman. I want to know
how to run 36 bars from a ship in Costa Rica
or something. There’s your bar. Run it.
Take the signs down. Change your name.
Do whatever you want. I’m leaving. Tell him
what you want to do, guys. [crosstalk 00:00:46]. I quit. Good luck. Yeah good, see you later.
You? You’re gone too? So we don’t have
a grand opening? You do. Where’s [Delilah 00:00:59], man?
Where’s Delilah? She’s not here. What about you, [Jess 00:01:05]? Oh, I plan on moving on. Where’s my crew? You guys coming
to the [Dugout 00:01:11]? Free admission. Buy your drinks
all night long. Let’s go. God, don’t give
any money to that man. I’m not a (beep) donkey to smile
for a (beep) carrot. He smells like
a damn distillery. I love the vines, man.
Jon, good job with the vine. The bar looks awesome. A beautiful makeover that you could get
from a interior designer. I don’t quit jobs.
I can’t afford to. But I’m not going to go work
fro someone who’s that drunk. What do I want to say to Jon?
He can go (beep) himself. I felt like I was
jumping through (beep) hoops like a pony
in a (beep) dog show. And he poisoned
my staff against me. So be it for smiling Ed. I tried everything
I could with Ed. Fact of the matter is every
failing bar has a failing owner. I can’t help someone
who won’t help themselves. Tables look nice.
Bar stools look nice. [inaudible 00:02:19]. Look,
Take me out to a ball game. That looks (beep) cool.
Jon, I love you. I wanted to work with you, man.
Just can’t see eye to eye. Here’s the deal. I’m going to put
an additional $100,000 in you bar
on top of what I’ve done, but I will only do it
if you put in $30,000. You write a check for me for
#30,000 and I remodel your bar. If you don’t commit,
then I won’t. That’s the deal. I’ll give you a few minutes
to think about it. In a world of business
when partners work together, asking him to put
a few dollars in is very consistent
with business practices. I want him motivated to keep
the programs in place, and fight for the success
of his business. I do believe if he
doesn’t remodel, we implement everything
he is saying, I’ll be able to do that. I’ve been giving Kerry chance
after chance for the last two days. Really, the past two years.
Now it’s D-Day. He needs to step up
and prove himself or I’m not going
to rescue this bar. I can write you a check,
but it won’t be any good. So, you can’t-
I don’t have the money. If he’s going to do
what he’s doing for me, I’m going to reinvest too. I’m going to make
forth the effort. We’re talking about
how successful this other bar is, right? And the other bars pay
for my bills. That’s what I live on. Now the other bar’s
not so successful, right guy? This guy is so full of (beep)
it’s unbelievable. They are successful. Do you believe that he can’t
come up with this money? No. He just won’t.
Let’s get out of here, guys. It’s over because
I don’t trust you, because you are a slime bucket.
It’s one of the best concept I’ve ever done,
and he totally (beep) it up. If I had the money
I would do it. Let’s go, guys. If you ran your bar right,
you would’ve had the money. Why are you so negative? I just think we’re a little bit
on a little bit different pages. You know? I’m here to help your bar,
and you have been nothing but an (beep)
the whole time I’ve been here.
Why? I want the help.
I mean- I do want the help. You want me to do
what you want me to do. I know you think you know where
you’re at, but the whole … You brought little fruit drinks
and we needed a kitchen, but instead I think it’s just
going to be some fruit loop bar. You can’t manage a cocktail. How are you going
to manage a kitchen, Dave? I was hoping for the best. We do need a kitchen. That’s a huge deal, but we’re
not going that route now, so kind of over it. I would’ve done a little
more paperwork on the block
you’re sitting on. Oh really?
You know better than I? I know those fruit drinks aren’t
going to fly over there. What are you (beep)
talking about? You are so negative
you can’t see anything positive. It is what it is. You’ve taken investor money
from your friend, Gail. You’re in debt $160,000.
You’re two months from closing, and you’re standing there
telling me what I should do, and you stand there cocky.
I don’t get it, man. Do you understand that that
attitude will make you fail? I’m not trying to fail. You see, punks have an edge,
but they’re not (beep). You know, you can’t come out
here and just talk down on me like I’m some scumbag (beep). Go home.
We don’t want you here anyways. Oh really? Here’s my deal. You think I’m an idiot,
but you’re the idiot. And you know
why you’re the idiot? Because it’s on you, because
your ego will destroy anything. Well, go back to the airport
and fly the (beep) out of here. Good luck on your corner. My business background check
has found police reports that verify the criminal
offenses at O’Face. August 16th, fourth-degree
criminal misconduct. August 20th,
public intoxication, disorderly conduct
and interference with police official acts. And in addition to that,
I found something that completely
changes the game here. Hello?
Can we all get together please? Bring everybody out. You know, guys,
I’ve been working really hard the past two days
to come up with a concept and plan to make
you guys successful. The first day I got here, I never even made it
inside the bar. I got involved in a fight
in the parking lot where your manager
was fighting with you, [Tarissa 00:06:59].
At the end of that fight, you looked at her
and said she had it coming. And why was I on the ground? Tarissa, you ask for it
all the time. And then I saw a video
a few minutes ago that took me over the top,
and I want an answer to this. Matt, Dave, please explain this. You think I’m (beep)
toying with you? [crosstalk 00:07:21].
I never once got in her face. I’m a military mother (beep). I don’t-
I will (beep) take you out. Don’t you ever (beep). [crosstalk 00:07:25] at all. I (beep) talking to you. Whoa, hey.
You understand me? Hey, hey, hey. [crosstalk 00:07:32].
I’ll knock you out. (beep)
[inaudible 00:07:35]. Stop it. (beep) you, Dave. (beep) dude. You ever touch Miranda like
that again, I’ll knock you out. I didn’t [crosstalk 00:07:42].
I respect her. Either you put him
through a window, or I’m going to put him
through a window. I own the bar,
so I prefer it was you. God damn [crosstalk 00:07:49]
fault. You don’t pay me enough man, to put him through
a (beep) window. You get a $10.00 raise an hour. You get a $10.00 raise per hour if you throw your own employee
through a glass window. How do you like
when he slaps you in the face? I didn’t like it at all. Is he a reasonable human
being when he does that? No, not when he does that. Was she reasonable when
she told you, you deserve it? I can give two (beep) about what
they’re talking about right now. Your bar is what’s wrong.
Your character is what’s wrong. I’ve aired out my differences
with all these people. I’ve talked,
I’ve discussed with- Really?
Yeah, I have. How do you [crosstalk 00:08:23]
this? I insist if you’re yelling
at my wife. The problem is you guys think
this is okay. You guys are a mess. I ain’t scared of you, Jon. My tolerance for an owner
hitting an employee is zero. You have no responsibility.
None. You see, I have a reputation, and I have to protect it,
and you will destroy it. Just like you destroyed
your own. We are not those type of people. Then what did I see? Things happened that you saw, but that’s not the normal
that happens around here. The ultimate coup de grâce
is an owner hitting an employee. I am not going to rescue a bar
and then read the newspaper that somebody got hurt here
next week. I won’t have any part of it. Since I have been here,
you guys have proven to me that you don’t have
the fundamentals to begin running
this business and prove to me
how irresponsible you are. So, here’s the deal.
I’m leaving. I am not rescuing your bar. My advice to you is this,
as another human being, you need some help and you need
to pull your lives together, and then maybe you can
save your business. You need a counselor,
not a bar professional. But, I’m done. This is the first bar rescue
I ever walked out of. You blew it. Cool. I’m gone. Good night. You (beep) us in the ass.
That’s (beep) low, man.

100 Replies to “4 Times Jon Taffer Walked Out (Compilation) | Bar Rescue”

  1. Ryan Weaver says:

    That bar fight video for the first one was SO scripted and fake…. this is all BS

  2. Marcella Helene says:

    Bar Owner: HEYYYYYY JOOOOONNNN 🙆🏼‍♂️

    Taffer: ✋🏼You're drunk aren't you

    BO: No not at all😐

    Taffer: I can smell it from here

    BO: shrugs

  3. Marcella Helene says:

    That guy probably has a complex about people yelling at his wife because he yells at her behind closed doors

  4. SatoriSoul says:

    Idk what i just watched, but it was gloriously karmic and appropriately abusive.

  5. Christopher Grim says:

    Jon’s a mob boss

  6. the one who walks the path of darkness says:

    First guy sounds like noogla from vannossgaming at certain points

  7. Lord logbert says:

    Good luck on your corner. What a savage

  8. John Doe says:

    I don't even watch Bar rescue but this was entertaining as shit.

  9. Casey Edwards says:

    #2 they edited what the dude was saying.

  10. 91MoonKnight says:

    The husband from Ant-Man movies saving bars.

  11. West Doe says:

    The ATF can bust you for alcohol, not for food. Take it f***ing serious , that guy is wasted. Liability.

  12. ADamage 17 says:

    That guy thought he was so punk. Being an ass is not punk.

  13. Richard Levesque says:

    Look at these fat rich losers

  14. Mehdi Doublali says:

    Shity gordon ramsay wannabe

  15. photopicker says:

    That's 4 reasons I don't go to bars. Waking up in a puddle of puke is the 5th reason.

  16. John Rowen says:

    I often wonder what it would be like if Jon Taffer . Delt with Amy and Samy from Amy's baking company . Instead of Gordon Ramsey . Because it looks like Jon Taffer doesn't play games .

  17. Keldon McFarland says:

    I liked this show when I saw a couple of episodes. But then I noticed that each episode was the same, only with different actors. Yes, actors.
    I lived in Silver Spring next to the (in)famous Pirate Tavern bar. They told me how much it was faked and set up.
    I started watching these episodes more closely, scrutinizing them and saw the tell-tell clues of fakeness.
    This show sucks just like 99% of "reality" TV.

  18. Lar Kirby says:

    He only had 2 drinks

  19. James Field says:

    Never heard of this but looks good.

  20. CJ Hawaii Trump2020 says:

    I read Gordan Ramsay and Jon Taffer have a show coming out together called Grill and Bar Nightmares

  21. BoxTV says:

    Only in America do you find a character like Jon

  22. Kareem Mander says:

    For some reason I never realized how fake this show is until now

  23. Mathias Sawka says:

    So the second owner is bad because he doesn't have the money ? He just doesn't have it

  24. Johnny Bgood says:

    Lol this dude is a clown and so is that "military" owner lol wankers

  25. daniel taylor says:

    What are the episode titles?

  26. 90W300R 50CW1LX says:

    Where can I reach "BAR RESCUE"?

  27. Voodoo Ray says:

    That first clip was some sad ass shit, man.

  28. Smokeless1167 says:

    06:39 If she flopped out those boobs guys would come in.

  29. Daniel Beach says:

    As a 40 year old roofer who likes whiskey and vodka straight, there’s a time and place for fruity drinks

  30. Shapeless_Abomination says:

    That dude who thinks he's "military motherfucker" is a complete goof. Dude is fat and out of shape, ugly as sin and has a garbage personality. The ONLY reason he got in that dudes face is because hes half his size and he knows he's not a confrontational type. This is the type of guy who gets punched out on a regular basis.

  31. Multi Spaghetti says:

    nice editing around the 6:00 mark, really had to make that guy seem like he was saying that stuff to his face. good job

  32. Smurves says:

    I want Jon Taffer and Gordon Ramsay to team up

  33. Izzi Michaels says:

    the next show is the exact same as the last show. if you like repetition and fake emotional outbursts, this is the show for you.

  34. slimj091 says:

    Jus cant's see eye to eye's.

  35. Mixed Sprite says:

    I can’t take the 3rd one serious. It’s like hooters

  36. New Saga says:

    6:15 Me going into work on Monday

  37. Zombie DPiece says:

    Ed is a complete lush, and totally ungrateful.
    Terry didn't want to front the money, and insisted on being a cheapskate.
    Dave was a total asshole, and his ego and insistence on punk rock is what did him in.
    Overmeyer (I won't say his first name because it's my real name, and people who give my name a bad reputation make me sick) was a total asshole and had no qualms about being abusive or combative with his employees.

  38. jouke van beers says:

    Jon is an asshole

  39. baileytom78 says:

    Fake ass show. Do some simple research and find out just how fake that joker is.

  40. bryanna says:

    the girls 🙁

  41. Consequence No. 62 says:

    Using your military background to threaten someone is the most dishonorable and Anti-American thing a solider can do. That is low

    Really really low and pathetic and disgusting. He swore an oath as a marine to protect the American people, and using that service to threaten the people, in my opinion, should be a crime and should have him arrested. I'd go as far to say he deserves to be forgotten by our military; he deserves to have his uniform destroyed and his military card revoked.

  42. Kal Solo says:

    The 1st one was brutal lmao

  43. Steve Barrera says:

    That last guy who said “ I’m military! I’ll take you out!”…. that’s funny. See what happens when they brain wash you in the military. Picking on the small guy. Pathetic jarhead ego dumb muthfucka!!!

  44. Be Offensive says:

    Felt like I was jumping through hoops like a pony in a fuckin dog show…..that man is obviously an idiot. Everyone knows the dogs jump over the ponies.

  45. SolidBanjo Banjo says:

    Why do American “reality” shows have to be fake and scripted, seriously in the uk ours are real and much more watchable

  46. Dnekar says:

    The number one is unreal. Human trash cans.

  47. Johan Mostert says:

    So Jon Taffer walks out, but his camera crew stay behind? Hahaha

  48. brandon paterson says:

    This is why gay people shouldn't own bars

  49. Michael McKay says:

    Those fights on the last one seem pretty staged.

  50. Arakash says:

    Dafuq am i watching….

  51. Mugly Mae says:

    He never went back to them right?

  52. Marcus _ says:

    I grew up in the pub trade. I worked behind a bar when I was 16 first, collecting glasses. I then pulled pints when I was legal at 18. I also worked on doors for 16 years. I managed a bar…….I would never OWN a bar period, for the amount of work and red tape you have to put up with today. And then there's the constant stress of having to deal with the dregs of society and people threatening you because you refuse them alcohol. Bars are simply not worth it. If you are a wealthy businessman and buy lots of pubs, like JD Wetherspoon, or in this episode Jon Taffer, that's great, but front of house in the bar trade is a nightmare. In fact anything involving the public is a nightmare.

  53. big Daddy says:

    He's make great Liberal senator because he like most can't see eye to eye and it's your fault

  54. Isaiah says:

    Gordon Ramsey of bars.

  55. Demongar says:

    God this is so corny it hurts

  56. John Dunn says:

    He hits one of his employees. YOU FUCKED US IN THE ASS MAN!!!! THATS FUCKING LOW!!!!👌 classic

  57. the thirteenth doctor says:

    Why does he look like the flex tape guy?

  58. wfdix1 says:

    Wait until millennials start trying to run a bar. It truly will be everyone else’s fault.

  59. Bootie Goonie says:

    If you take 160k of your friends investment money and you’re not doing anything to attempt to return that investment, yeah you’re a scumbag

  60. Big Chungus says:

    He and Gordon Ramsay should do a crossover

  61. Robert Carter says:

    jon taffer one of the biggest idiots on t v

  62. Josh Baker says:

    0:28 This first guy sounds like Mr. Plinkett

  63. Mike says:

    This show is completely staged. there is nothing real about it. Why people are commenting on it like anything is real is fucken amazing, absolutely delusional.. complete work of fiction including entire story and show. People are actually commenting here like this guy saves bars lolol.. fucken wow..

  64. Opiate Holidays says:

    5:37 Punks have an edge but they're not ******
    Wait, what did he say?

  65. Opiate Holidays says:

    I really hope that last one was staged or a bit hammed up for TV.

  66. chubby gamer says:

    the last guy is in jail on sexual assault https://www.google.ca/search?rlz=1C2CHBF_enCA838CA838&source=hp&ei=l2rlXbeBCJaJ-gSm64T4Bg&q=what+happened+to+owners+of+o-face&oq=what+happened+to+owners+of+o-face&gs_l=psy-ab.3..33i22i29i30.963.19127..20388…1.0..0.411.4537.9j20j4j0j1……0….1..gws-wiz…….0i131j0j0i3j0i22i30j0i22i10i30j0i10j0i333j33i160.MxLtEZktEUs&ved=0ahUKEwj3qMLt3ZfmAhWWhJ4KHaY1AW8Q4dUDCAg&uact=5

  67. Shayn Nicolaysen says:

    These cops need to be taught not to be jackbout nazzi s

  68. Shayn Nicolaysen says:

    These are uneducated thugs wake up america no more public education only real teachers

  69. Shayn Nicolaysen says:

    Wake up alians are real but God aint think again God is watching

  70. GranTruismo4head says:

    Thank you for rescuing your own reputation from that first bar you walked out on… if I ever and I mean ever ran a bar I would want Jon to help me run it successfully as I would rather take his advice and have it so I had a great staff and looked after them and if they needed time off I would give them that. Just seeing what I saw in that O Face episode was intolerable.

  71. JuanCarlos Reyna says:

    I love Jake Tapper bruh

  72. Matt Miz says:

    The dude who wouldn't sell fruity drinks couldn't even look Jon in the face the entire conversation.

  73. Michael Tobias says:

    I have seen better acting on Sesame Street

  74. Tommy Kavanaugh says:

    Lmfao have fun on your corner

  75. Tommy Kavanaugh says:

    Fruity drinks are more expensive meaning you'll make more money on drinks. Fruity drinks are drank by mostly women. Women buy alot of fruity drinks meaning you'll sell more drinks. Making more money on drinks that are bought more often will make more money…

  76. mike89128 says:

    What happened to that couple who were running a 'pirate' bar. They were living in a parents basement. Jon came in redid the place upscale because the bar was in a business district. He came by a couple of months later, they had reverted back to the pirate bar concept. Woman said its was her idea for the pirate bar and he wasn't telling her what to do, business was down to pre-Jon levels. Wonder if its open.

  77. Pandora G says:

    I need to start watching this show 😂😂😂

  78. Nathaniel Barbian says:

    I’m not durnk im a bibnes man!

  79. JDK_ says:

    The 2nd one shown with the punk rock bar doesnt seem genuine. There are too many cuts and added phrases that dont fit with the tone he's giving off. They may have added it in after Jon left, but something about it doesnt feel real (what a shocker, reality tv isnt real)

  80. Ritchie J says:

    1 episode and i cannot stand this guy.

  81. Edgar Benitez says:

    This story is called … My mother married a murderer .

    – We all have dreams this is the story about a man who felt robbed of one because of his inferior complex , a man with a selfesteem so low being raised by strong woman was always belittled and cradled .his actions along with a mental illness might in a strange world be justified . The story begins with a woman a hardworking woman who was victimized by her own taste in men along with some rough curveballs that life threw her way never really new real happiness sadly just physical abuse and heartbreak. This wanna had 4 kids that didn’t deserve her and 2 men her her life that even less.This woman was the best person you could now although she had a rough exterior she was genuine and had a big heart a heart that would be taken advantage of and ROBBED of all she had . We all have dreams but this woman’s dreams quickly turned into her worsts nightmares this man ROBbed her of her mental sanity, many times playing games with her head even trying to make her kids think that she was a bad person but one of them the one closest to her knew that you couldn’t trust everything you see because even salt looks like sugar .This man ROBbed her of the dream she had to be married happy ,joyous and free, he married her when she came into a bit of money along with her 3rd born her son Ed . This man after conning her for years while she wasn’t looking won over her trust and kept himself at an observant distance from her kids . He married her stole her passwords her son as well who she lived with and and stole his information, male and other personal items . This man was a notorious gangmember a smart,cunning , and EVIL one who took pleasure in other people’s suffering probably taking the frustration he had growing up around strong woman who belittled him out on the world including my mother . The dramatic-irony in this story isn’t measured with a measuring cub but by one as real tangeable as the item infront of you or behind you . This woman cannot be confirmed on her well being weather she is alive or not with us anymore , in today’s modern technology and human trafficking growing as fast as it develops anyone can be a victim to the grimes time crimes of people like this man , This man ROBbed and discredited her third born because he saw him as an obstacle and the one that he could never really convince that he was who he said he was . Death is the only thing that it seems to be in the date for the victims of this man unless he is unmasked , exposed for these and passed crimes , this like a novel will probably be left hanging to dry , also this is only a prefix and the continuity of a chapter in this man”s business or what he made of it .I ask one thing of anyone who takes a glance at this along with other prefaces that will connect with this one be careful who you trust , let into your home even a SECURITY guard the ones who are so suppose to observe and keep you save might be the one with the scissors that cuts the thread of your life or the life of one or more of your loved ones , unless he is stopped exposed and unmasked I will do what I can In my journey to catch a killer .

  82. da real lil shotty duce says:

    Dumb asf he woulda got 100k in work for investing 30k and was too cheap todo it not realizeing the money and over head from his investment would be 10 full he woulda made it back in 3 months and then a lot of pure profit pure revenue coming in for as many months as many years as he kept the bar smh what a stupid sob

  83. ibuprofenPill says:

    OMG, that Ed guy needs to be punched in the face. He is so annoying.

  84. Xterra Modding Community says:

    He smells like a damn distillery

  85. bruceleroy1973 says:

    Terry was like. "I would, but the way my account is setup……."

  86. Kris Wu Yifan says:

    lol the editing from 5:43 – 6:05 is so bad, who produced this shit?

  87. Mr. Perfect Misconstrued says:

    I hope I can get to a point in life where I refer to 30k as "a few dollars."

  88. Cameron Burnett says:

    This shit is so fake😂😂

  89. Brown_and_Curly_ NE_Girly says:

    The last one on here is In a town named council bluffs, it’s about a 30mins away from where I live and the whole town is literally on drugs, like I’m not exaggerating, so idk why he’s a king shocked, just google the town and look at all crime.

  90. orange224 says:

    jersey ramsay

  91. Tony Rosales says:

    Hey bar owners: humble yourself and listen to what this man has to say!!

  92. Cody Peters says:

    When I ran a bar, I sent any employee home if they were drunk. I only had to do it once.

  93. mclarenight says:

    He looks like a much cooler Paul heyman

  94. CYNICAL HITMAN says:

    does taffer think hes an avengers?

  95. HashBrownSelfie says:

    I always feel bad for the bar employees whenever Jon walks out. They are all excited and happy and ready to see a newly remodeled masterpiece of a bar, and want to know that they can enjoy their jobs more. And then, because they work for a moron or slimeball, they have to deal with the fact that they won’t get anything new and they will just have to deal with their sucky conditions even longer and possibly even worse off than before. The O-Face bar deserved to be closed, and I feel bad for the workers who had to put up with being abused and attacked, and then losing their source of income as an end product. Jon is literally their last chance for redemption or improved job conditions, but just because their employer has the IQ of a walnut and managing skills of a subpar janitor, they have to have their hopes up, just to have those hopes crash down around them.

    (Whether this show is fake or real in any regard, this still applies to actual situations like this)

  96. Brittany Honaker says:

    I liked the first new bar Jon did but the owner was an asshole for getting drunk Jon did the right thing by walking away

  97. King Lurch says:

    I miss this show

  98. Robbie O'Neill says:

    I love the way he walks out!! Lol

  99. WaywardTraveler says:

    Those poor doctoral students at Second Base. 🙁

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